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 Designer Inspired Jewelry in Sterling Silver, Vermeil & Rhodium Plated in Red Carpet Oscar Night Styles, Everyday Looks, Antique Vintage inspired, Wedding Day Jewelry - all made with Genuine, Lab Created Gemstones & Top Quality Cubic Zirconia's with some Vintage & Antique collectible pieces as well!

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NO RISK POLICY: Will gladly exchange or issue a merchandise credit for Purchase Price less applicable Shipping & Handling fees if not Completely Satisfied - see my "ME PAGE" for details!


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Carats to Millimeters Stone Weight Conversion Chart

These are all approximate measurements using a standard jewelers "Diamond Weight Estimator" - equivalent to diamond sizes in Brilliant Full Cuts of Emerald, Marquise, Pear Shaped, Round, Princess cut, Trillion & Baguettes.. All my jewelry is measured in Diamond Weight Estimates - so the jewelry you receive is comparable to actual diamond weight sizes....thus making it very easy for you to compare to a ring you already own.

                                               Ct. = stands for CARAT    mm = stands for MILLIMETER

Carat Size Round Shape Pear Shape Marquise Shape Heart Shape Emerald/ Octagon Cut Princess Cut Oval Shape
.02 ct. 1.5 mm
.03 ct. 2 mm
.05 ct. 2.5 mm
.07 ct. 2.7 mm
.10 ct. 3 mm 3x3mm
.12 ct. 3.2 mm 4x2mm
.15 ct. 3.4 mm
.20 ct. 3.8 mm
.25 ct. 4.1 mm 5x3mm 6x3mm 4x4mm 5x3mm 5x3mm
.30 ct. 4.2 mm
.35 ct. 4.5 mm
.40 ct. 4.8 mm 4x4mm
.50 ct. 5.2 mm 8x4mm 5x5mm 6x4mm 6x4mm
.65 ct. 5.6 mm 5.5x5.5mm
.75 ct. 5.9 mm 7x5mm 6x6mm 5x5mm
.85 ct. 6.2 mm
1.00 ct. 6.5 mm 8x6mm 10x5mm 6.5x6.5mm 7x5mm 6x6mm 7x 5mm
1.25 ct. 7 mm 7.5x5.5mm
1.50 ct. 7.4 mm 9x6mm 7x7mm 8x6mm 7x7mm 8x6mm
1.75 ct. 7.8 mm
2.00 ct. 8.2 mm 10x7mm 12x6mm 8x8mm 9x7mm 8x8mm 8.5x6.5mm
2.25 ct. 8.6 mm
2.50 ct. 9 mm 8.5x8.5mm 9x7mm
3.00 ct. 9.3 mm 14x7mm 9x9mm 10x8mm 9x9mm 10x8mm
3.50 ct. 9.5 mm 12x8mm 9.5x9.5mm
4.00 ct. 10.2 mm 10x10mm 11x9mm 11x9mm
4.50 ct. 10.8 mm 10.5x10.5mm
5.00 ct. 11.2 mm 14x9mm 11x11mm 13x8mm 11x11mm 12x10mm
6.00 ct. 11.7 mm
7.00 ct. 12.4 mm
8.00 ct. 13 mm 14x10mm

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