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4EVER JEWELRY offers quality guaranteed, men, woman's, unisex, and women's fashion jewelry: AAA Grade, Russian Lab Created diamonds, cz, gemstones, authentic gems, rhodium plated, gold, platinum, silver, stainless steel, earrings, pendants, necklaces, chains, rings, bands, bracelets, and sets.
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Ring Sizes: Rings with a brass base metal (the vast majority of what we sell) cannot be resized, since it will compromise the integrity of the metal electroplating. We offer ring sizes for women ranging from sixes 5-10. (Men’s largest size is generally a 13). We do not carry half sizes (but the rings have the tendency to run on the larger side). For the perfect fit, please reference the sizing chart through the link below.

With Special size requests- ring will be shipped in 4-5 business days.

Out of stock: We unfortunately run out of stock in certain styles and sizes of rings after high volume times of the year, in such cases, we will call or email you and give you alternative styles that are similar to the ring won in your size, you could also choose another style from my auctions (staring at the same price as the auction item won), or we will issue you a full refund through paypal.

How To Determine Ring Size: Use a ring that fits you to determine your approximate ring size. Simply place your ring over the nearest size circle on the monitor at 1280 x 1024 resolution OR just print the size chart at 100%. Then place your ring over the nearest circle. The inner edge of the ring should align with the outer edge of the circle. If your ring appears to fit between two sizes, buy the larger size.

Please Note: Ring Size Guide is base on the U.S. Ring Sizing System and serves as only an estimate ring size. Weather, time of day, weight, diet and many other factors can significantly affect an individual’s ring size.

You can click the chart below to open a separate window for printing and comparing purposes.

Click to open in a seperate window for printing

Sterling silver rings (unless eternity bands with stones all around the ring can be resized) and so can solid 10K or 14K gold rings (or Vermeil rings- sterling silver base with gold plating), since these are precious metals.

About Our Products

About the metals:

What does "rhodium" have to do with white gold jewelry?
A. Rhodium is also a precious metal. In fact, it's about ten times costlier than gold! But it is generally not considered a feasible material to make solid jewelry from because it is stressed and brittle, is very difficult to "work" properly for jewelry making, and it's price is very volatile (sometimes it's 5x as costly as gold, sometimes 25x) But rhodium is fabulous as a plating for jewelry because it is glitteringly, dazzlingly, white and mirror-like. It's like chrome, only more so, and much whiter.

Rhodium plating makes diamonds look bigger and better because it's so bright that it's hard to see where the stones end and the metal begins. Nothing sets off diamonds like rhodium plating does -- but it is only a plating and therefore it will wear off and require replating.

How long will the rhodium plating last?
A. It depends on whether it's a ring (rings suffer a great deal of wear), or a pin or broach which receives almost no contact. And it depends on whether you wear the ring constantly. To some extent it also depends on that old bugaboo "body chemistry". But it also depends on other very important and controllable factors – (see below).

Retail value: We are often asked.” is this ring really worth the suggested retail price?” This is a catch 22 question since an item is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay for it- even on the suggested retail market place, this is subjective. Brass is a relatively inexpensive metal, but the stones are top quality and the ring has bling, is it worth the ‘make it mine’ price on the retail market then? We’ll let you decide.

Lifetime warranty: Does not cover brass based metal alloy rings from oxidation (tarnishing, flaking of metal), cleaning, tightening prongs. Resizing sterling silver rings. It covers stones falling out, defects in manufacturing, etc.

Care Of Brass Metal Based Jewelry: Do not use hand sanitizer or alcohol based products, liquid jewelry cleaner, hair spray, go into a swimming pool spa, (chlorine and bleach) etc., this will eat away at the rhodium or gold electroplating. Avoid wearing your rings when handling any household chemicals. You should also remove your rings at night and clean them regularly. If these tips aren't enough to prevent your rings from leaving a stain on your finger, consider having the bands coated with rhodium on the inside to prevent a reaction. Your jeweler can coat your rings quickly and affordably.

  • Keep your skin dry when wearing jewelry.
  • Wear offending pieces for only a short time.
  • Keep your jewelry clean and tarnish-free.

Doing dishes, touching chemicals, using hand lotion etc. will wear away at the gold electroplating layers on the ring. The base metal is brass, so skin could be reacting. It is recommend taking the ring off, setting it in a dry place, and resuming wearing on occasion since the plating is starting to wear. Our new line of rings (sterling silver base metal with rhodium or 14k gold plating will never do this and are intended for everyday wear), they cost $10-$20 more per ring, but unless the person's allergic to sterling silver (.925) they can wear it daily, doing everything but immersing their hands in harsh chemicals- even then only the plating would wear but the base metal would still be silver.

.925 Sterling Silver jewelry and solid gold are fine for everyday wear. They are precious metals and much more durable- not so susceptible to oxidation.

Sterling silver is composed of 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent other metals. These other metals work as an alloy to make sterling silver jewelry and flatware more durable and less likely to tarnish. Sterling silver has a beautiful appearance that is similar to pure silver. Copper is a common sterling silver alloy. The numbers "925" are often used to denote sterling silver. To be called "sterling," the silver has to be at least 92.5 percent pure. Choose from a variety of beautiful sterling silver jewelry items to add this precious metal to your collection

Cleaning your jewelry: If the brass is simply dirty or oily, mix a mild detergent with warm water, dip a soft cloth into the soapy water, and wipe the piece down with the cloth. Toothpaste (without whitener) can be used as a mild polish. A mixture of equal parts of water and white vinegar plus a cup of flour will also make a mild polish. Use a toothbrush to get to hard to reach places or inside the lines of delicate engravings. Brush gently to avoid damaging the engraving. DO NOT USE HARSH CHEMICAL LIQUID JEWELRY CLEANERS.

About Russian Lab Created Diamonds: Are they earth mined (genuine diamonds)- no, they look much nicer than most of us could afford and catch more light.

Exquisite Russian Lab Created Diamonds have a lifetime guarantee against clouding, fading, discoloration, or loss of brilliance. Unlike earth mined diamonds, they are flawless, and have no carbon deposits, or inclusions. Each and every stone is perfect, affordable, and elegant. Russian Lab Created Diamonds are the finest stones in the world. They are laboratory created, simulated diamonds, that are hand cut, polished, and faceted so they sparkle when they catch light. They replicate the look of a rare, fine quality natural diamond, with a DE color, and VVS Clarity, at one Carat Total Weight-Retailing at $17,000 in comparison. They are also available in a wide array of other colors, and set in 14 K Yellow or White Gold Layered Electroplated High polish finish.

Russian labs created diamonds are nearly flawless stones they don’t have that ice-cube cloudy, fake appearance of a cubic zirconium do.

We also carry genuine stones and state this in our auction titles and descriptions LC means lab created, Sim – simulant , Genuine and Natural= real. We have no intention of deceiving our buyers; we want you to know what you’re purchasing.

Terms & Conditions / Policies

Payments Accepted: We accept all major credit and debit cards through Paypal and e-checks (we ship your item once payment’s cleared).

Payment is expected within 10 days after auction item has ended, otherwise we’re forced to report you to ebay as a non-paying bidder.

If you’re having trouble with payment, please contact paypal’s toll free # 1-888-221-1161.

Shipping: We ship our items out within 24-48 hours after payment is received via USPS First Class Mail, this includes delivery confirmation. (Expect Delivery within 5-9 business days).

Please note we do typically offer combined shipping discounts, on items purchased within a seven day period ($2 per additional item won, after the greater) and we include a FREE GIFT BOX with each and every one of our jewelry purchases, along with a lifetime warranty. If you end up purchasing more than four items from us, you will receive a FREE COMPLIMENTARY JEWELRY GIFT in addition, as a reward for being a loyal buyer! Shipping is part of the total purchase price. The additional fees associated with shipping include- bubble mailers, jewelry gift boxes, print cartridges, merchant fees, paper, tape, fuel to the post office, paper, labor to handle the products, and of course actual postage costs.

Tracking numbers will be provided with items won, once paid for and shipped. We receive a high volume of emails, so we urge you to please check your email thoroughly (especially your SPAM folder) before emailing us for the tracking information.

We do not ship to APO/AE addresses. International USPS First Class shipping is $7.95

Multiple items won within a 7 day period will ship together; unless a special ring size request is not on hand (this item may ship separately).

*** Please double check your address through Paypal to make sure it’s your current, correct address. Any items returned to us needing to be resent will incur a $2.95 fee to resend them ***

Florida residents are subject to sales tax of 6% on the subtotal (amount less shipping) of the auction item won.

We cannot be held responsible for packages that are lost stolen, damaged or undeliverable while en route or delivery delays due to busy holiday high-volume periods, weather delays, or acts of God. Once a package leaves our possession, it is no longer our responsibility. We cannot be responsible for fees associated with importing our products, such as customs, duties, VAT taxes, etc.


Returns/Exchanges: Email us for an RA# Return authorization #, since we offer a 10 day money back guarantee. Please include auction item # and your ebay user id. You may send the item back first class mail, we do not refund actual shipping costs, or return shipping costs, and the item must be in its unworn resalable condition and in its original packaging. We will issue you a return via Paypal within 24-48 hours after receiving the item back.

Special Requests: We welcome special orders from our serious buyers. Contact us via email with your desired ring size, metal color, type of metal, stone color, and brief description of style we’ll gladly email you back with 6-8 choices that meet your criteria. For example (Rhodium or white gold solitaire ring in a size 6- clear stone)

Phone calls/Showroom: We choose to work from home and take our business seriously. We pride ourselves on treating our buyers like loyalty, but we operate via internet and do not offer a showroom to our clients. You may call us before 5PM EST if en emergency situation arises (please do not call us after this time or on weekends). Thank you.

Contact us via email (cabierman@aol.com) if there’s a problem with your order, if you have a question on size, or size request, or if you have a product related question, we answer all of our email within 24-48 hours. Please check your SPAM folder to make sure our email to you didn’t end up in there, since computers have different security settings. We will leave our buyers a positive rating when they’ve left one for us first.