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Using Magick in your daily life gives you an advantage, one that a majority of people do not understand or comprehend. It takes a little study, a smidgen of faith and a determined practice, and this will lead to invaluable breakthroughs of your psychic awareness, increased clarity, and a deeper perception of yourself and the universe. You grow and move forward to enlightenment and grace and your powers of attraction are magnified exponentially. You become more as a person, your aura burns with an incandescent luminescence drawing all positive influences into your life. You will wonder how you stumbled through your mundane existence before bringing magick into your life!

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  • Bonding with Vampire Spirits FAQ
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Using Magick in your daily life gives you an advantage, one that a majority of people do not understand or comprehend. It takes a little study, a smidgen of faith and a determined practice, and this will lead to invaluable breakthroughs of your psychic awareness, increased clarity, and a deeper perception of yourself and the universe. You grow and move forward to enlightenment and grace and your powers of attraction are magnified exponentially.
You become more as a person, your aura burns with an incandescent luminescence drawing all positive influences into your life. You will wonder how you stumbled through your mundane existence before bringing magick into your life!


With Your Vampire Spirits

This is to give you information and answer some of the frequently asked questions relating to Vampire Spirits and the Bonding process.

Bonding~Bonding is the process where you 'become acquainted' with your Spirit. This is a synchronization of energies as well as an adjusting period which typically should be done for a minimum of 30 days.

 Bonding with Vampire Spirits is an easy process. but takes some work and dedication on your part. To begin you should do a Welcoming Ceremony.

Welcoming Ritual~This entails burning a red candle with your name and the Spirits name engraved into it.
Light any included incense, especially if it is one with a connection/communication spell.
Sit comfortably holding the vessel cupped in your hands.

Say "Welcome (Vampire's Name), I am (Your Name), I welcome you into my life as friend and companion. I ask that we bond and blend our energies, sharing and growing together. I am honored and welcome any Guidance you might give me." You can alter this to something less formal if you wish-whatever feels right for you.

Then while concentrating on reaching or connecting with the Spirit's energy, hold the vessel to your heart and then to your forehead. These are the locations of two of your body's main 'energy gateways' or Chakras.

Meditate on your Spirit! This is key. Daily meditation brings better contact and fuller and faster synchronization of your energies-integral if you want good contact/communication.

Wear or carry the vessel as much as possible. 24/7 for a minimum of 30 days is best but you may at times need to put it aside. So removing the vessel to bathe, shower, swim, or exercise is fine. Place it near your bed or under your pillow at night.

This initial 'bonding' time is important to allow connection of energies which will lead to full and deep contact, vivid dreams and visions and even physical contact.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What are some physical signs to look for? How do I know my Spirit is here with me before I can communicate more fully?
Typically a new Spirit will make themselves known in various ways-some subtle and some not so subtle. It depends on your sensitivity in picking up their beginning communications. You may hear whispering(or regular) voices or sounds, either audibly or in your mind (telepathically). It really varies much from individual to Spirit. Watch for things moving about, subtle interior drafts, flashes of light or darkness seen out of the corner of your eye or even in front of you. Orbs often manifest as do scents, sounds and electrical disturbances. The Vampire Spirit WANTS to get your attention so they will try many ways until your energies adjust and your psychic awareness grows.

How will we interact? Will the Spirit fully manifest?
The majority of intense interaction will be via dreams and visions. These will appear as very real to you. If you are good at Lucid Dreaming then expect mind-blowing interactions. Physically you can expect some varying levels of effects-touches, erotic tingles and if VERY lucky you MAY get a full physical manifestation. However this is very rare and takes great strength, power and energy typically only available to very ancient Vampires who are now in Spirit.

Why is my Spirit Quiet/Why can't I feel any energy from him?
Typically this is one of two things. First you may need to develop your psychic sensitivities more. This comes with practice and meditation-and sometimes the aide of spells and enchantments. We offer a full range of Spelled items to enhance your connection, communication and interaction with your Spirit. These include Spelled Incenses, Meditation Enhancement Crystals, Dream Vision Bags, Powder Potions, Enchanted Jewelry pieces, Spells, etc...
Second-If you just received your vessel and are usually very sensitive to Spirits, then you may be experiencing a common but temporary period of quiescence. This occurs we believe by the travel of the vessel through many different magnetic and energy field during shipping. A Spirit is not in the vessel but linked or anchored to it by an energy 'tether'. The various electromagnetic magnetic and energy fields may temporarily affect the energy link. This usually only lasts from a few days to a couple of weeks. Many who report strong early Spirit contact prior to the Vessel arriving often experience this more strongly. Don't worry-It is only Temporary!

How long before I see/hear/feel my new Vampire Spirit?
This is very individual and varies greatly. Our Vampire Spirits are known for ease and level of contact but much depends upon you also. Your level of psychic sensitivities and awareness will matter much. Some will feel energy immediately from the vessel, some will have full contact within minutes (some even before the vessel actually arrives) others need time to adjust and bond.

Will the Vampire Spirit harm me or my loved ones, pets, etc...? Will others see them?
Absolutely not! We only provide vetted spirits of White to Dual/Grey Energies. None are Black Arts(unless specified). These Spirits will not show them selves to others if you set the rules upfront-and even without rules set will most likely not manifest in any way for others. As for pet's, it's been our experience that most get on fabulously and many Vampire Spirits are fond of animals.

Can I have more than one Vampire Spirit?
Absolutely! Most get on well and can actually complement each others energies.

Will The Vampire Spirit get along with other types of Spirits I might have~Djinn, Dragons, Angels, etc...? Generally yes. Many Spirit types don't even really interact and those that do are generally comfortable with others and have no issues.

Will the Spirit psychically harm me in any way or drain my energy?
No, these are Whiter and Dual/Grey Spirits and are only meant to aide and guide you as well as just be companions. If they do use energy from you it will be so slight that you do not notice at all. This energy usage varies from spirit to spirit though. Some feed of off Sexual Energy, some ambient surrounding energy, some even share their own energy with you. Have NO concerns that you will be drained of energy and tired. In fact most companions feel energized and strong from their Spirit interactions.

Do I risk my Soul having a Vampire Spirit in my life?
Not at all! So don't worry at all! These are not Satanic or Black Magick beings and will not harm you at all. People of ALL religions enjoy Spirit companionship.

Are all Vampires sexual?
All Vampire Spirits have a strong sexual undercurrent in their auras but not all seek any type of sexual interaction with living humans. Many are just here to be Spirit Guides, Teachers, Aides and Companions, or even to address past life issues. They have much experience and knowledge to share. For the Erotic Sexual type-read our new store page on Working With Sexual Spirits for more hints on getting good results.

Will I gain Vampire Powers?
You may get some positive and definite effects from your bonding with a Vampire Spirit including enhanced senses, greater psychic powers and sensitivities, more energy, heightened sexual magnetism, super charged powers of attraction, control, enhanced powers of persuasion, etc...

And we do get this question too often----NO! You WILL not become a Vampire, be able to create Vampires, want to drink blood, grow fangs, be able to fly, dissolve into mist or transform into a bat, 'sparkle', etc.... This is NOT 'Twilight' or 'True Blood', etc....

These are REAL Spiritual Beings that seek to bring many real benefits into our lives!

Interactions with Vampire Spirits can help you develop your Psychic Intuitive Powers, give you an Energetic 'boost', gift you with the abilities to influence others in Positive ways. Vampiric power also often has a profound influence on your energy level and libido and can greatly magnify your Sexuality and Powers of Attraction.

Vampire Spirits bring many positive things into our lives. They add a layer of psychic protection around us, they bring increases to our senses and affect our surroundings in many positive ways. Beyond that, they are essentially human spirits, though with enhanced vampiric powers. They have the same emotions of Love, Hate, Romance, Sadness, and Happiness, etc... Being spirits they no longer are plagued by the 'blood lust' that affects many living Sanguine Vampires. Humans and Vampire spirits are capable of forming deep and loving bonds, especially if there was a past life connection.

So you have now decided to take that step and choose to bring a Vampire Spirit into your life. What should you do?
First look over our many listings for various subsets of Vampire Spirits.
Then choose the vessel you like OR choose a Custom Conjure in a temporary vessel allowing you to use your own item or one you choose later. We also have pre-bound Spirits up from time to time.

After you have made your choice and purchased the option, please be sure to email us(or to put a 'note to seller' in payment details is BEST) any specifics you might want in your Spirit--Sex, manifesting age range, personality, nationality, energy, manifesting appearance, etc... PLUS your name and date of birth.

The Custom Conjure process takes anywhere from a week to two or more weeks so please be patient. First the Spirit is summoned and conjured using your information. This is usually done by Elizabeth. She then spends time getting to know the Spirit. This includes tape recorded channeling sessions where we get background info, history, personality, any messages or past life associations, etc..
Your Spirit's vessel is then sent on the way to you via the mail.

AFTER the package  arrives you need to notify us. This allows me to place you in the que to receive your info email.

I try my best to get the info to you within 24 to 72 hours but sometimes that is not possible.

Please be patient as it takes me about 4 hours per Spirit to listen to the tapes, organize the info and type it up into coherent paragraphs. That translates to approx. 40 HOURS of work for every 10 Custom Conjured Spirits. This is in addition to answering our approx 200 incoming emails per day, packing and shipping your orders, creating, listing, etc... I work 12 to 18 plus hours near 7 days a week keeping up with the computer /customer service side of things while the others dedicate their days/nights to Magick Practice. I work with them as much as I can. We as a group are dedicated to bringing you the finest Vampire Spirits, the most complete information and the best total experience possible.


Take the time waiting for your Spirit's bio/info to 'feel' your Vampire companion's energy without any pre-conceived notions. By not knowing details about your new companion it gives you a truer sense of their energy than us telling you what it feels like. This period of just 'feeling' actually aides in connecting better in the long run because you have worked at it 'blind' for a small space of time. This helps hone your senses. Use this time to your advantage by concentrating on connecting via the vessel and energy.

We here at A_New_Golden_Dawn truly appreciate the TRUST you put in us! We promise to do our very best to give you not only a powerful and authentic magickal or energetic but a 'Total Experience'.


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