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Ace Amusements offers:

~ An industry leading warranty with lifetime email and phone tech support.

~ Great customer service and support - give us a call anytime you have a question - 877-242-7750

~ Over 30 years in the arcade video game business with over 70 years combined employee experience.


Frequently Asked Questions - Buying An Arcade Video Game


Hi!  So, you are thinking about ordering an arcade video game out of my eBay store. 

And for you, the whole process is new or worrisome, or both; and filled with tons of questions.  Indeed, there are many legitimate questions about a game's condition, appearance and operation. 

Plus, there are logistical questions about shipping and receiving. 

And, most importantly, there are concerns about whether or not the seller will actually deliver on all of his representations.   


Having dealt with many buyers, and sold and shipped many games, over the past 30-plus years, I understand these types of concerns.  So, I have tried to bring together as many answers, and links to detailed explanations, in this one place as is possible.

This page is about more than answering your Frequently Asked Questions.  I call this effort my No Surprises Policy.  Of course, hopefully your every question will be answered in detail.  But mainly, my goal is that all of your transactions with me will be smooth, and there will be no (unpleasant) surprises. 

It is my intention, that you will know exactly what to expect, and what you expect is exactly what will be delivered.

Still got questions?  No problem, just send me an email.



Ace Amusements' No Surprises Policy:


1.  About the seller.

This one is easy.  Check out my eBay feedback.  My eBay store has been open since 2006.  Or, read some of my endorsements.  


2.  About the game.

Check this my other Custom Pages for standard details about my game make ready process.  If you have ordered additional or special work, for example, cabinet restoration or multicade upgrade; then, that scope of work will be covered in our written (by email) instructions, understandings, and agreement.

But, the game will not have been restored to its original, brand new appearance.  Such a restoration project is available, but would require special written understandings and consideration.


3.  About time.

There are many factors - like current backlog, having to order parts and artwork, component repairs, etc. - that determine how long a game will take to ship.

Sometimes, a game that is ready to go can ship the same week that it is ordered.  Typically though, a moderate amount of make ready work is required.  So, the time to ship for most games is about 2 to 3 weeks.

Restoration and upgrade projects take longer, 4 to 5 weeks.  And, for those really complex projects, the ones where nothing seems to go right, 6 to 10 weeks.

I can usually give you a reliable time estimate when you order the game.  And, I keep you advised by email along the way.


4.  About shipping.

You and a friend, with a dolly, can move most upright games yourself.  Almost, all upright cabinets can be easily loaded on their back or side into many SUVs or any pickup.  So, you could pick it up at my dock and carry the game to your home.

Check this page for details about how I carefully pack your game for shipment. 

When your game ships, I will send you all the details much like this notification of shipment.  I will also advise you of the days in transit, which (depending on your distance from Texas) usually ranges from 2 to 4 calendar days. 

You will need to furnish me with your daytime phone number, so that the carrier can contact you when the game arrives at the terminal.

In order to furnish you with a shipping quote, I need your city, state, and zip code.


5.  About payment.

Payment is by PayPal only, and required in full at the time of purchase. 


6.  About the warranty. 

If your game arrives with troubles, you can be assured of two things: 

  1. That the game was working perfectly when shipped (see next section, The final test).  And,
  2. That I will help you by email and phone to get the game working properly.

Ours is an industry leading warrant. For a new machine - 5 years game system, 2 years electronic and mechanical components, and lifetime email and phone tech support.

Since, I know all of a game machine's weak points, I inspect, repair, and reinforce all of those points before shipment.


7.  The final test.

The final test before shipment is my stress test.  If there is a component failure waiting to happen, this is when I give it a chance to show itself.  Better that the failure occur in my shop than in your home.


8.  Caring for your game.

Here are a few tips that will help you to significantly extend the life of your arcade video game.  Or, for that matter, the life of almost any electronic component or appliance. 


9.  After the sale.

At this point, you will know all about me - you will have my email address, my website address, and my phone number. 


So, I hope you will stay in contact.  And, visit my eBay store for all of your arcade video game needs.