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1. Why buy used auto parts?            
The three major reasons to choose used parts are availability, price and quality. Used parts are readily available, reasonably priced, and were manufactured to OEM quality standards. Also, recycling through the use of used parts is good for the environment.

2. What is the quality of used parts?            
Sheet metal is OEM quality. Mechanical parts are built to OEM specifications with consideration given to vehicle mileage. We purchase salvage vehicles that were in good to excellent condition prior to casualty loss.  All our vehicles are fully documented with vehicle identification numbers and mileage stored in computer and paper archives.               

3. Do you sell new or rebuilt parts?
Yes.1000's of parts for your vehicle to buy on-line.

4. Where do you get your cars for parts?
Most  of our vehicles are purchased from insurance salvage sources in the Eastern U.S. Some of them are purchased from automotive dealers and from individuals. In all cases, we are looking for vehicles that were in good to excellent condition and low mileage prior to casualty loss. We do not purchase vehicles for scrap.

5. Do you sell damaged parts?
Damaged parts are sometimes requested by customers because  non-damaged parts are unavailable or there is an opportunity for substantial savings. We sometimes do sell damaged parts for those reasons. Often, damage is minor and repairable, such as a minor ding in a door or a scratch on a bumper.

6. Can you locate parts you don't have in inventory?
Absolutely! We have access to inventories from hundreds of yards throughout North America. Though most of other salvage yards do not have nearly the quantity and quality of our inventory, taken as a group there are millions of parts available. We know which dismantlers to purchase from where quality is an issue and can usually have your part to you within a few days.

7. When I buy an engine, what comes with it?
As a rule, engines are complete assemblies including manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor. We Guarantee only the long block. The manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, are not. Starters, and front accessories, such as air compressor, alternator, power steering pump are usually not included.  If additional parts are requested, we will adjust the price accordingly.

8. What if I can't find a particular product I'm looking for?
We are constantly adding new items to our site at the rate of 250 to 1000 a month. If you are looking for something in particular that is not on our site please fill out a request form or e-mail us and let us know. We will try to locate it for you.

Repairable Vehicles
1. Why buy a repairable vehicle?
The major reason for purchasing a repairable vehicle is price and cost of ownership. A repairable car is discounted for much more than the cost of repairs. Repaired cars are often sold two to three years after purchase for near the original investment. Mileage and maintenance will affect normal depreciation in the same manner as with new or used vehicles.

2. How much can I save when I buy a repairable vehicle?
The amount or percentage of savings depends on the type of car and the model year, but is usually substantial. Of course, repair costs and quality must be considered carefully and factored into the total cost prior to the purchase.  The person or company repairing the vehicle should always carefully estimate the repairs prior to the actual purchase. Often, two or three estimates are obtained by customers when they will not be the one to repair a vehicle being purchased.

3. Who buys repairable cars?
Most purchasers are repair shops, brokers, and individuals in the northeastern U.S. Some vehicles are sold in other areas of the U.S. and internationally when the price level of the repaired car will justify shipping costs.

4. Who fixes repairable cars?
Most rebuildable cars can be fixed by body shops and garages. In some cases, individuals fix their own cars, especially if there is no structural damage to consider during the repair process.

5. Where do you get repairable cars?
Most of our repairable cars are purchased from insurance salvage sources in the South-Eastern U.S. Some cars are purchased from automotive dealers, shops, and directly from individuals.  In all cases,  we are looking for vehicles that were in above average  to excellent condition prior to casualty loss and will provide good value for our customers.        

6. How safe are repairable cars after being fixed?
When properly fixed, repairable cars are as safe as other cars on the road which have not been repaired.  

7. What type of title do repairable cars have?
In the U.S., vehicles are titled by the individual states and the type of title a repairable car will have depends on the state the car is titled in.  Some states retitle repairable vehicles, Salvage, while others leave the original title with the vehicle.   Your state motor vehicle department or our title department can assist you with this. 

Please note: All vehicles sold "AS IS, WHERE IS", with no warranty, expressed or implied, except as to ownership of the vehicle. No warranty is made with respect to the accuracy of the information on this sale list.
 Please inspect the vehicles carefully.
click here for Important Info. on N.Y.S. Branding law

1. Where and how do you deliver parts?                      
On our trucks, we deliver to commercial addresses within most of New York Tristate Area.  For residential addresses  within that area and for addresses beyond our immediate delivery area, we ship parts via U.P.S., Federal Express, and other freight companies.   We ship parts throughout the U.S. and internationally. We can ship to APO Addresses.

2. How soon will I receive my parts? ->5-15 business days.                  
Orders received by 3:00 p.m. EST for parts in our warehouses are delivered or shipped the next business day.  Orders received after that  time may also be ready for delivery or shipment the next day, which we will try to do. Most of our parts are already removed  from vehicles and are in warehouse locations. Parts that must  be removed from incoming vehicles are usually ready for delivery or shipment within 24 to 48 hours, as the car is often completely dismantled at that time.  We do everything possible to schedule car processing to meet the earliest possible shipping time.  Parts that must be located may take several days. Shipping time will vary with distance and the physical size and weight of the part.  Overnight delivery is available for parts being shipped via U.P.S. or Federal Express.   Call us for more information! @800-562-8811

3. Are there any parts that you can't ship?                      
We can deliver any part with the exception of catalytic converters which may not be sold as used parts according to U.S. federal law. Most parts can be shipped world-wide. Since air bags contain explosives, they can not be shipped air freight.

4. Where and how do you  deliver repairable cars?
We deliver repairable cars to most of New York Tri State Area. Outside of our immediate delivery area, we ship cars using various shippers to deliver within the U.S. and internationally.               

5. Do you charge for delivery?
We do charge for delivery or for standard ground UPS. 

Prices and Payment
1.  How much do used parts cost?
Used part prices are influenced by age, type of car, availability, and demand.   Generally, used parts cost between 30% to 70% of the amount of a new part.   Used part assemblies offer more  value by including additional parts and preassembly. 

2.  What is a "core" charge?
A core charge is an amount added to the price of a part that will  be fully refunded when the original defective or damaged part is returned for recycling within 30 days of the purchase.  Core charges help keep costs down by encouraging the return of   parts for further recycling.

3.  When do core charges apply?
Core charges apply to some small electric parts such as alternators and starters, and other recyclable parts such as air conditioning compressors, drive axles, steering gear assemblies, engines, and transmissions.  If the exchange part is turned in at the time of purchase, a core charge will not apply.                

4.  What types of payment do you accept?
We accept U.S. currency or funds, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.

5. Can I place my order on-line?
Yes through our on-line catalog, and product links where you find 1000's of parts.

6. Is it safe to use my credit card?
Absolutely! In fact, it's statistically safer to use your credit card over the Internet than in a restaurant or department store. Action Auto Wreckers uses secure servers that utilize encryption technology, so that only Action Auto Wreckers can read a buyer's personal information.

1.  What is your return policy?
We warranty all parts for a period of 90 days from date received. Parts not defective may be returned for within 30 days of purchase, subject to acceptance and a 20% handling charge. A Return Authorization Number (RAN) must be obtained from sales or customer service. To be returnable, parts must be in the same condition as when sold, return freight prepaid. Orders that are cancelled before delivered, are subject to 20% handling plus freight charges.

2.  What does your warranty cover?   
As a rule, engines are complete assemblies including manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, We Guarantee only the long block. (Block and Heads) The manifolds, oil pan, timing belts and covers, fuel injection or carburetor, wiring harnesses, oil leaks, are not. We guarantee, no knocks, cracks, excessive oil burning, Our warranty covers the replacement of a defective  part within the original warranty period.  We warranty all parts for a period of 90 days from date received by purchaser or installer, Extended Warrantees, lengthen that time period. Engines, Transmissions, Cylinder Heads, Transfer Cases, Rear Ends,
  must be installed by a certified mechanic, Overheating voids guarantee, Make sure the heat tab is not melted or missing. Flow-check the radiator and repair it if necessary. Timing belts/chains must be changed on overhead cam engines. We are not responsible for zero clearance valve on engines with timing belts/chains. Responsibly falls back on the installer of such timing belts/chains. Warranties only apply to parts replacement. if a replacement part cannot be obtained a full refund will be issued to the original purchaser. Any refunds or exchanger must be accompanied by the original sales invoice. Any cancel of said defected part standard return policy apply. Warranties are limited to the original parts purchaser and are non-transferable. All used parts purchases are subject to terms and conditions of the Standard engine and Parts Warranty

5. Labor, sorry we do not guarantee any labor what so ever.

Privacy Policy Statement
We respect the privacy of our visitors & customers, those who enter our contests and forums, and those who fill out our questionnaires, and do Not sell or rent our lists to third parties for e-mail marketing
For each visitor to our Web page, our Web server doesn't automatically recognize information regarding your domain or e-mail address.
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Does Action Auto Wreckers offer a catalog?
We do not have a printed catalog available. Given that we have 34,000 items available, a printed catalog would not be practical. It would be 2,000 pages thick, and would not be cost effective to ship to our customers.
One of the reasons we're able to keep our pricing so low is that we're online, and don't have the expense of creating and reissuing printed catalogs. This is especially so since items change as rapidly as they do in the auto industry.
We can assist you in finding whatever it is you're looking for - even if you yourself aren't sure what it is. Please E-mail or call us at 1.800.562.8811. We're familiar with every item we carry, and not only can we help you find what you're looking for, we can recommend products to best suit you and your auto needs.

1. Which  is the left side and which is the right side of a car?
The left side is the driver side in the U.S. In other words, if you're sitting in a car looking forward, the left side is on your left and the right side is on your right.

2. Do you buy privately owned vehicles?
Yes. We do buy privately owned vehicles that have proper documentation and meet our product quality criteria.

3. Why do you need to provide the VIN number?
Because the VIN number tells us all the necessary information we need to know to find the correct part for your vehicle (make, model, year, engine, brake system etc...). Actually most of other information is irrelevant.

4. What do you do to protect the environment?
It is our business! We have the state-of-the-art equipment for handling batteries, tires, oil, gasoline, freon and other vehicle liquids so that they will be properly recycled or sent to the facilities which will properly handle disposing.

Take our word; WE CARE!