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  • Our OSI Rock Stars ROCK

I am so very proud of what our Rock Stars do with the information on the site – they are Choosing Success. Check out just a few of the amazing accomplishments they have done…

It is truly ALL about them and their hard work…


Best-selling author, speaker and Success educator
Visionaire of OSI Rock Stars


I subscribe to a lot of websites and nobody gives you more usable information to succeed on eBay and online business like Janelle Elms and OSI Rock Stars. Since joining Janelle my business has tripled in monthly sales, my feedback has increased to over 4000, and my newsletter subscribers are growing daily. If I were going to cancel my membership to every website but one, I would choose success, I would choose OSI Rock Stars.

Jamie Skinner – our resident Pirate and Motivational Expert!
Dream Builder CDs - Wealth Building DVDs, CDs, and Books!

August 2008

Coming soon...

July 2008

"We were SHOCKED to find that we qualified for the 20% discount from eBay this month! WHOOPEE! We had 15% the past two months, with 5% when it first began. Must credit Janelle's fast thinking when eBay came out with their announcement in January and attribute our 20% discount this month to the great advice we have received here on Rockstars. Could never have thought of all the creative tips on our own! We began IMMEDIATELY to implement all the suggestions and has surely paid off now! It was ALWAYS the shipping DSR that "got" us and began at a 4.5. Obviously was 4.9 when they calculated the 20%... so VERY cool and we owe it to Janelle and this great site!

Some of the things we implemented, (like most of you), included...(can't give away ALL their secrets!)

Sent out a newsletter on Monday.... (it has been a LONG time.... sorry Janelle) but you know we've been under much stress lately from outside forces.... Anyway, tried to make it "exciting" headline as our fearless leader teaches us and called the sale, "Red, White and Blue "SECRET CODE SALE" offering an additional 5% off the standard (for everyone) to our newsletter subscribers if they used the "secret code" in their paypal payment "comment" area. We are having great success with the sale during what is usually a very slow sales week, so are pleased! 

We hope to get back on top of our lives soon and become the active Rockstars we previously were prior to being hit with so many issues in May. 

LOVE reading success stories of Rockstars, so will be looking for everyone else's posts! 

Jim & Barbara Nelson - Grandpa's Trading Company


June 2008

I need to share - had my Best month on eBay $3,476.66 (MAY) Beat April by almost $1,000.00 Plus my DSRS are increased as well (WHOO HOO) and have also received wonderful feedback comments.

When I joined OSI Rock Stars in January 2008 - My Total sales were $909.00. Need I say more ?? The knowledge and information at this website is well worth the price of admission !!! 

I am driven and committed to my goals - I know this is silly - but I make it "my business" to be the 1st one logged onto the teleconferences as well as gotomeeting sessions and as soon as Janelle's email is sent out - the dates and times are on my Outlook Calendar - I don't want to listen after the class - I want to learn and grow first hand as soon as the speakers start talking - reminds me of the "Aerosmith" song:

"I don't want to close my eyes - cuz I don't want to miss a thing"

I am also getting educated on blogging - please check out my posts on wordpress.com -
my username is - of course "onecrazyredhead" I would appreciate your comments.

My heartfelt thanks to Janelle + all the OSI Rockstars !!

Maryann of Good Buys All The Time


May 2008

Ok...I wanted to originally wait until the end of June when they had June's monthly report out but I am impatient and can't wait any longer!!!

When I first subscribed to being a Rockstar and bought Janelle's 1% program I have to say I was a total skeptic. I figured I was throwing away, again, my hard earned money. There are so many people out there that have their get rich quick schemes, their "wholesale lists" and their super duper guide to making money on Ebay. Of course we ALL know that none of them work!!!

I was giving myself SIX months as a Rockstar. I've been following directions to everything that I have been taught in the past five months. Couldn't wait any longer to share the results!!! 

Ok here is what I have determined. Since purchasing the 1% club and becoming a Rockstar my sales compared to the first 5 months in 2007. My sales are UP 170% .....yup you read that right ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY PERCENT HIGHER than last years sales!!! Right now at 5 months I have made what I made the FIRST entire year I was in business!!! Last year I tripled the sales compared to my first year....so now I am really excited to see where my sales will be at the end of the year!!! My next goal is to hit Gold Power Seller, I have a ways to go for that one but hey, I hit silver and I have come this far!!

I just want to say thanks to Janelle for being out there and putting all of this together. I doubt I would have come this far without her or the Rockstars!!!

Christina – Bela's Boutique


April 2008

I Rock because...

I rarely get to meet any of my buyers. I got an email from a prospective buyer Friday night driving from Vegas to Scottsdale to attend a wedding on Saturday. They wanted one of my Day of the Dead Wedding Couple Retablos. I told them I'd gladly wrap their purchase and hand deliver (no extra charge) to them once they got into town and we could determine a mutually agreeable place to meet. I found a cute card, wrapped the item in wedding wrap, put it in a wedding gift bag---even had matching color ink for him to sign the card. Sorry but guys don't think about little things like this!:-)

He thanked me profusely, saying he'd never received such service from any previous eBay purchase and he'd be back. Turns out his source for Day of the Dead items in Vegas has stopped selling in that niche and he collects Mexican Day of the Dead Folk Art.

For little effort on my part I made a home run with a new buyer!

Diane Bell - worldwide-traders-online

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