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Frequently Asked Questions

How does NOOK work?

NOOK lets you access over one million e-books, newspapers, and magazines in two different ways, depending on where you are. It uses the same 3G wireless technology that your cell phone uses. But, with the appropriate device settings, it also automatically detects Wi-Fi hotspots — either the free Wi-Fi in all Barnes & Noble stores or any pre-configured hotspots — and will switch to use Wi-Fi's faster connection. With either connection, you'll be able to download e-books wirelessly in seconds.

Where can I get e-books for my NOOK? How do I purchase e-books?

You can access e-books — including more than half a million free titles and bestsellers for $9.99 — by tapping shop on your NOOK. Several NOOK features apply only to e-books acquired through Barnes & Noble.com. These are stored in your online digital library, and include: lending, bookmarks, highlighting, notes, rating, recommending, and cross-platform reading. You can also manually transfer your existing e-books to enjoy on NOOK.

Enter the BN eBookstore by tapping shop on the Home menu. Your NOOK's wireless connectivity lets you shop for BN.com content from your NOOK. There is no need to visit a Web site. What you buy is delivered to your online digital library immediately and downloaded to your NOOK within about a minute. For a subscription, the current issue is delivered and downloaded.

Do I have to buy e-books for my NOOK through BN.com?

No; but there are advantages to doing so. One advantage is the large selection: over 1 million e-books and periodicals. Several NOOK features apply only to e-books you purchase through Barnes & Noble and that are stored in your online digital library: lending, bookmarks, highlighting, notes, rating, recommending, and cross-platform reading. You can read other e-books on your NOOK by placing them in the my documents folder using the USB connection to your computer. See the NOOK features for a list of NOOK-supported file formats.

What about newspapers and magazines?

The BN eBookstore has some of the top magazines and newspapers — all with free 14-day trials. Newspapers and magazines download automatically right to NOOK. They display one page at a time, just like a book on NOOK. There are links that take you to other articles and all embedded images are displayed.

Computer screens give me a headache. Does NOOK use the same kind of screen? No! The NOOK's state-of-the-art E Ink® Vizplex™ Electronic Paper Display reads like a printed page, by reflected light. This provides a more natural reading experience and is easier on the eyes. The E Ink® display has a high-resolution 600 x 800 pixel screen and can display 16 shades of gray.

Can I lend e-books from my NOOK?

Yes. With our new LendMe™ technology, you can now share from NOOK to NOOK. All you need to know is your friend's e-mail address. You can lend many of your e-books one time for 14 days. When you use our LendMe technology, you will not be able to read your e-book while it is on loan, but you always get it back.

Can I read my NOOK's e-books on other devices like my mobile phone?

Yes; you can read your e-books across a wide range of devices in addition to your NOOK. To do this, simply download the free Barnes & Noble eReader app on your iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry smartphone, PC or Mac computer. All of your Barnes & Noble content will be available on those devices, too.

What is the storage capacity of my NOOK? How can I add storage?

NOOK has 2GB storage (capacity for about 1,500 books). You can add up to 16GB on your NOOK. The device supports supplemental microSD or microSDHC cards. Class 2, 4, and 6 cards are also supported.

Can I use my NOOK while on a plane and/or traveling abroad?

Yes; but in order to use it on a plane, you'll need to turn off the wireless feature. To do this, simply turn on Airplane mode in Settings. When you reach your destination, turn off Airplane mode.

When you travel abroad, you can read any files that are already on your NOOK. You can connect to Wi-Fi hotspots that do not use proxy security settings, such as those commonly used in hotels, and download e-books and subscriptions already in your online digital library and get updates to periodicals to which you previously subscribed. You cannot, however, make new e-books and subscriptions purchases outside of the U.S. or Canada.

Will I be charged wireless fees? Do I need any sort of contract?

No. There is no charge for your NOOK's wireless features. You do not need a contract.

Does the NOOK wireless work everywhere?

Your NOOK can connect to B&N Fast & Free Wireless networks in the United States. These networks are cellular data networks that are widely available. Your NOOK cannot connect to other cellular data networks in the United States. It cannot connect to any international cellular data networks, including those in Canada and Mexico.

However, Wi-Fi connectivity is possible globally. In areas without B&N Fast & Free Wireless coverage, you can rely on Wi-Fi to access network services. Wi-Fi access is available in all Barnes & Noble Bookstores.