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The Battic Door Attic Stair Cover - The Attic Stair, Stairway and Ladder Cover That Puts The Lid On Air Leaks!

The Battic Door Whole House Attic Fan Cover - The Whole House Attic Fan Cover That Puts The Lid On Air Leaks!

The Fireplace Draftstopper - The Reusable Fireplace Weather Seal!

Clothes Dryer Vent Seals!

Bath Fan Draft Blockers!  

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The Battic© Door Attic Stair Insulator Cover is an energy-saving insulating cover for folding attic pull-down stairs. It reduces air-leakage through the attic stairway door saving the homeowner heating and cooling loss and energy costs, and provides a surface to add the desired amount of insulation to.


By reducing the amount of heat and moisture leaking into your attic, the severity of ice dams and attic mold is greatly reduced!



The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover is quickly and easily installed in minutes with no tools required! 


Included in the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover kit is the attic stairway cover, a supply of weatherstripping and a set of installation instructions.


Also included is a FREE Insulation Kit to cover your Battic© Door. The kit consists of a 5' long x 24" wide piece of Reflective Aluminum Foil Insulation and attaches to the top of the Battic© Door with double sided tape (included). The Relective Aluminum Foil Insulation blocks up to 97% of radiant heat!).


The attic stairway cover is self-locking - just fold it into shape! Self-locking tabs securely lock the ends of the cover into place - it just takes a minute to assemble!!


Test fit the Battic© Door on the folding attic stairway frame. Then apply the weatherstripping to the top of the folding attic stairway frame. Simply peel back the backing paper on the weatherstripping, and apply it.


Then simply lower the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover onto the attic stairway frame as you leave the attic. The Battic© Door will rest on the weatherstripping that has been placed on your attic door frame. There is no need to position the Battic© Door carefully as the weatherstripping is as wide as the attic door frame - just let it fall into place and embed itself into the weatherstripping!


That's it - you're done!


The Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover is designed to reduce drafts and save energy costs by reducing the transfer of air (drafts) between the conditioned house and the unconditioned attic. Insulation alone cannot do this - you need to prevent unwanted air leakage. And the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover does this quite well!!


However - to maximize the benefits of the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover, if desired, the insulating value of the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover can be increased by adding insulation to the outside of the cover.


We offer an R-50 Optional Insulation Kit to cover your Battic© Door. The kit provides an insulating value of R-50 on the top and R-25 on the sides - the highest insulating value of any attic stair cover available! The kit consists of a 8.25" thick "quilted" cover of encapsulated fiberglass insulation which fits either size Battic© Door. Takes just seconds to install - just slip over the top of your Battic© Door - it is an easy way to restore your insulation and maximize the benefits of your Battic© Door.


If you prefer to add your own insulation, we suggest gluing on faced fiberglass batts with a spray or liquid adhesive. Add the desired thickness (R-Value) of insulation depending on the suggested requirements in your area of the country. Be sure to follow the insulation manufacturer's installation requirements. 


A supply of fiberglass batts is all you will need. You may wish to use thicker insulation on the top and thinner insulation on the sides in accordance with your local building codes.


Other insulation products, such as rigid foam boards, can also be used to increase the insulating value of the Battic© Door Attic Stair Cover. These can be adhered to the outside of the Battic© Door (be sure to select an adhesive compatible with the insulation material).