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 Beedo Safety: Premium safety, shooting & welding glasses & goggles, high visibility clothing, work & nitrile disposable gloves, personal protection products, coveralls, hardhats, shoe covers, N95 masks, rainwear, boots, beanies, ballcaps, ski & snowboard gloves, bath exfoliating gloves, etc.
  • We will ship your items as quickly as we can after receiving your payment.
  • No shipping on weekends or holidays.
  • Combined shipping & handling is available for some items (items in self-contained shipping cases or shipped via different carriers are excluded), but ONLY if all items are paid for with a single payment and can be shipped in the same box. See listings for further information.
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Beedo Safety - Ebay Policies - Frequently Asked Questions
Detailed answers to our most commonly asked questions
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Auctions, Pricing, Bundles & Choices
All of the items we sell on EBay can be found in our EBay store.  To facilitate finding what you need, items are grouped in major categories in the store.  Of course, some categories have large numbers of items listed, and a quick browse may not pinpoint an item for you.  But there is an easy solution for this.  If you go into our EBay store, and type what you are looking for in the left search box, a list of the items available will be presented.  The more specific you are in your search words, the more filtered the results will be.

When you carry as many item as we do, it would be prohibitively expensive to list them all in the Ebay auction we don't. Instead, we select different items from time to time and list them at special prices in the auction area. The items we list in the auction area are the only ones we are selling at those prices. We don't offer substitutions, and we don't honor special requests to list items already listed in our Ebay Store in the auction area or for specified quantities.

Our prices on EBay are always very competitive.  We are an ongoing business and sell all of the items available on EBay for even higher prices through other channels everyday.  We do not use EBay to “dump” merchandise.  SO PLEASE do not contact us and offer to purchase an item for less than the Ebay listed price.   We NEVER sell any merchandise for less than the EBay listed price.  If you are interested in the item, bid on it or buy it.  If our price is higher than you want to pay, look for the item elsewhere.

We offer a wide assortment of merchandise through EBay.   Sometimes, we sell items individually, and other times we sell them in sets of 2, 3, a dozen or more.  Whenever we sell multiple quantities of an item in a single listing, we will specify what you get and whether you have any color choices.  If the listing specifies that you get XYZ, that is what you get; we will not substitute something else instead.   Our price for an auction is based on the item(s) in the listing, and the price could be much different if other items were included.  Also, the item you may want to substitute in may not be available to include.  

We set aside specific items for EBay sales.  When we mix items in filling an order, it complicates inventory-control.  It can also cause the number of available items in other EBay auctions to be out of whack when we have to pull items set aside for a different auction for a current sale. 

EBAY DOES NOT PERMIT STYLE CHOICES IN AN SINGLE LISTING.  We are required to maintain separate listings for each separate style of an item we sell.  If you want different styles, you need to purchase them from the different listings.


Sales Tax & Payments
We must receive payment within 7 days after you place your order via one of the following payment methods: 

  • PayPal – If you purchase multiple items from us on EBay during the same “buying session”, please submit your payment for all of the items in a single transaction.   
  • VISA or Mastercard  - You can call us offline at 661-295-9674 to pay with a credit card on weekdays, from Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm PST.  Do not email us your phone number to call you; you must contact us.

California residents, please add 8.25% sales tax on the total (including shipping & handling). Contrary to popular belief, internet transactions are NOT fully exempt from sales tax.   We are a regular business, and we are required to charge sales tax on California sales, whether the items are purchased across the internet, telephone or locally.  If we are shipping to a destination in the state of California, we are required by the California Board of Equalization to charge sales tax on the total amount due, INCLUDING SHIPPING & HANDLING, at our local rate of 8.25%.   The state of California requires sales tax on the total amount due if the shipping & handling charge includes more than just the 3rd party freight cost (which is applicable to all of our shipments). If you submit a payment that is short the required sales tax, your payment will be refunded and you will be requested to resubmit your payment in the correct amount.


  • Personal checks, business checks, Cashiers Checks, or Money Orders-- NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Western Union wires, Bidpay or Moneygram payments or similar payment methods that either require us to open an account to collect our funds or go to a different business to pick up your payment.

We will consolidate shipping only if the two (or more) purchases are made within 48 hours of one another (between the earliest and latest), and all items are paid for in a single transaction.

If you send a payment that is short, we will refund it to you and require payment be resubmitted in the correct amount.   If you submit an unacceptable form of payment, it will be refused (if we know it is coming) or destroyed (if, for example, we receive a personal check in the mail).   If you submit a PayPal e-check payment that is subsequently rejected due to a stop payment or insufficient funds, we will cancel any further attempt made to make payment with a PayPal e-check and will accept immediate payment methods only (credit card or PayPal direct transfer from a credit card or bank balance).

If you make multiple Ebay purchases form us, your 7-day payment window for the first item you purchased commences at the time that earlier item closes…NOT starting from the time of a subsequent purchase.  For example, if you purchase item A on July 1, and win an auction for item B on July 4, payment for item A is due by July 8, and payment for item B is due by July 11.  Also, we will not consolidate shipping & handling charges for auction closing times that are more than 48 hours apart.


Billing & Payment Reminders
The Ebay system will automatically provide you and invoice with the total due if your purchase is from a single Ebay listing. If you purchase items from multiple listings, we will need to manually send you an invoice through the Ebay system. The Ebay system is not capable of correctly calculating combined shipping and handling when purchases are made across multiple listings.

If we have not received payment within 3 days after the auction closes, we will send you a payment reminder invoice through EBay.  If we have not received payment within 7 days after your purchase, we will file an “Unpaid Item Dispute” with EBay, and block you from making any further purchases from us.   Subsequently, we will send one final payment reminder to you.  If payment has not been received within the standard designated time by EBay or earlier date that we may establish for certain Ebay items, we will cancel the hold on the item for you and notify EBay of non-payment.  You will then lose permanently your opportunity to purchase the item from us.


PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR SHIPPING ADDRESS IS CORRECT. If UPS or the US Postal Service address matching system advises us that the address you have provided is invalid, or if you are requesting shipment to an unconfirmed PayPal address, we may request confirmation that the provided address is correct before we ship. In any event, we will not ship items via UPS to addresses that are deemed invalid because of the special UPS surcharges per package for address corrections; you will need to provide us with a valid address before we can ship.

Some items are shipped directly by us from southern California, and some items are shipped from regional distribution centers we use around the US.

For items we ship from our southern California warehouse, we use USPS first class or Priority Mail or UPS Ground, depending on the item being shipped, its weight and destination.    We almost always ship the same day for payments received by 3pm PST on a weekday.   

Items shipped from our distribution centers are shipped via UPS Ground only.  They usually can ship the same day for payments received by 11:30am PST. 

If your item is designated as being shipped by UPS Ground to physical addresses only in the continental US, and you provide a PO Box, we will be unable to ship the item until you provide a physical street address.  If your item is designated as being shipped by UPS Ground to physical addresses only in the continental US, and you provide an address in Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc. without additional shipping and handling fees required for such destinations, your payment will be refunded to you and you will be requested to provide payment in the correct amount or a domestic shipping address. If your item is being designated for shipping via UPS Ground, we do not ship to APO/FPO addresses.

In some cases, we may be able to ship items the same day when payments are received after the above cut-offs.  We endeavor to ship all items the same day when possible; no special request on your part is needed to expedite shipping.

We sometimes ship via US mail on Saturdays if we happen to be in the office in the morning and orders are available to fill.  However, you should expect weekday shipments only.    In any event, we do not ship on Sundays, holidays and days that the US Postal Service or UPS are closed, and when our office is closed for special events.

For all domestic US Mail shipments (not APO/FPO addresses), we will provide a delivery confirmation tracking # with your shipment.  Unfortunately, this tracking number has limited value because USPS policy is not to scan in packages with e-tracking at the point of origin or intervening locations while in transit.  Therefore, if you look up a tracking # online, you may see that we advised the Post Office of a shipment, with no subsequent activity…until AFTER the package has been delivered to you.

Although we ship right away, we can’t control how long it will take for the carrier to deliver the item to you. 

  • USPS Priority Mail shipments generally take 1 to 3 business days or less to reach their destination. 
  • USPS first class mail shipments may take 1 to 2 days or up to a week, depending on your location and seasonality factors.
  • UPS Ground transit time between California and the east coast is 5 business days.  If you are located closer to California, or if we are able to ship your item from one of our regional distribution centers, your item will probably be delivered sooner.

If you want an expedited shipping service (e.g., Priority Mail or Express Mail instead of First Class Mail, UPS 3-Day Select instead of UPS Ground, etc.), please let us know and we will quote you the applicable rate for your zipcode and the item being shipped.

Some items are easier (and less costly) to ship out of the United States than other items.  If you are interested in an item we have listed, and you are located outside of the United States, please contact us BEFORE you bid so we can advise you whether we can ship to you and what the approximate cost will be.   Global Priority Mail and International Airmail shipments can be expensive.  If the item is heavy, do not be surprised if the shipping & handling cost is much more than the price of the item.  We will not ship any item via a method that is estimated to take more than 10 days.


Shipping & Handling Charges
For simplicity on many items we sell through Ebay, we charge flat shipping rates for shipments within the continental US, based on the item purchased.   The flat shipping and handling charge keeps things easier for us and helps minimize shipping charges for buyers no matter where you are in the US.  The shipping & handling charge for the geographic area covered by the listing is always provided at the bottom of the auction listing, and is not negotiable.    In some cases, the shipping handling charge will not cover our expenses to ship the item to you, and in other cases, there is a surplus…but it all balances out for us over a number of transactions.   

The shipping & handling charge includes more than the amount of the mailing cost paid to the US Postal Service or UPS; it also includes our costs for packaging, labels, equipment rental and 3rd party shipment processing fees, our labor, and other costs associated with handling online sales transactions. For UPS, it also includes the fuel surcharge that has been in place since gas prices increased sharply.

The shipping & handling charge for UPS Ground shipments includes insurance for purchases up to $100.  The shipping & handling charge for US Mail shipments does NOT include insurance; if you want insurance on such shipments, you will need to pay extra for it.  The specific listing will identify shipments for which insurance is not included. However, based on our ongoing experience, the purchase of insurance for domestic mail shipments of items costing less than $20 is not a good investment. It is very, very rare for the US Postal Service to lose a package.

We do not allow local pick-ups, no matter how close you may live or work to our warehouse.

As much as possible, we do consolidate shipments of many of the items we sell in order to reduce shipping charges for you.  Items that are shipped from different locations or which come packaged in self-contained shipping cases cannot be consolidated to reduce freight charges.  Exceptions, where we cannot consolidate multiple items in a single shipment, are usually noted in the auction listings.  To be eligible for shipping discounts, you must submit payment for all of the items being purchased in a single payment transaction.

We will consolidate shipping only if the two (or more) auctions close within 48 hours of one another (between the earliest and latest ending time).

For most items that are identified in the listing for shipping via US Mail, the shipping rate is the same, no matter the state, US territory. However, the shipment of items via US Mail to APO addresses costs $2 more.

If the item has been identified for shipping via UPS Ground, the quoted shipping rate is only applicable for PHYSICAL addresses in the continental USA.  Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, PO boxes, US territories, etc. WILL be higher.  If you purchase an item that is noted as being shipped via UPS Ground, and you need shipping to other than a physical address in the continental US, please advise us your non-UPS shipping address before you submit your payment so we can quote the applicable shipping & handling charge to you. UPS Ground shipments cannot be made to APO/FPO addresses.

Although we generally can ship via USPS those items that are identified in the auction listing as only available for shipping via UPS Ground, shipping & handling charges will often be SUBSTANTIALLY higher.  There are two reasons for this.  First, those items are often heavier than permitted for first class mail (14 ounces or more) and must therefore be shipped by Priority Mail.    Priority Mail shipments for heavier items can be extremely expensive.   Second, some items are shipped by a 3rd party distribution center which ONLY ships via UPS Ground.  To ship such an item to a PO Box or an address outside of the continental US (48 states), it must first be shipped to our office via UPS Ground, and then we would need to turn around and ship it out to you via US mail.    This increases the shipping & handling charge substantially.


Returns & Exchanges
Because of the small profit margin we make on EBay items, we will not accept returns without special authorization. Refunds are not available.  Exchanges are considered only in certain situations and only if you make such a request within 3 days of receipt of merchandise and the item is returned immediately upon authorization from us.   Damaged and used merchandise cannot be returned.   If you order the wrong size of an item, we will consider an exchange for limited items, but never for disposable gloves or any of the items that are shipped from our distribution centers.

Except in the case of an item shipped incorrectly, buyer is responsible for all exchange shipping expenses.  Please read the item description and ask questions if you have any before you bid to make sure the item is what you need. Shipping & handling is not refundable.


Customer Service
Our regular office hours are Monday - Friday, 9am to 4pm Pacific Time. You can reach us at 661-295-9674. We are closed on holidays.

Even when our office is closed for the day, we check our email and try to respond to all inquiries as quickly as we can.  If we send you an email and it is returned due to an invalid address by your email server, we may contact EBay to advise them of an invalid email address on file for you, and will make no further attempts to contact you at that email address.

If you do not pay for your item immediately after your Ebay purchase, we will send you an invoice through EBay.  If you have purchased multiple items, we will send you a consolidated invoice with total shipping charges.

After we have received your payment, we will send you an email to advise you when you item will be shipped and the tracking number for items shipped from our warehouse in southern California.   If your item is being shipped from a distribution center instead, we will send you a confirmation email after they have advised us that your item has been shipped.

If you pay via PayPal, we also load the USPS or UPS tracking # into your payment transaction when available.

If you do not receive an email from us, it is very likely that your email software or server is filtering out the email as “spam”.  If you have a “spam folder”, you may want to periodically check it for email that is not spam.   AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, and several other email services commonly flag EBay related emails as spam and never pass them directly onto the intended recipients.


We are not an advocate of the current Ebay feedback system. Feedback is now left for buyers only on request. 


International Bidders / Bidder Eligibility
Generally, if you are an interested and serious buyer, we welcome you to purchase from us on EBay.  There are a few exceptions to this, however.
  • We do not mind if you are new to EBay, but if you have a negative feedback score, a feedback rating of less than 90%, or more than two unpaid items in the past 6 months, we may cancel your purchase or require immediate payment via PayPal..
  • If you have been blocked for failing to complete a prior sales transaction with us in a timely manner, we will not sell EBay items to you.
  • Currently, we block all international bidders.
  • For items that are specified for shipping via UPS Ground, we do NOT ship to APO/FPO addresses. UPS cannot deliver to such addresses, and it costs us considerably more in time and effort to ship these items via US Mail to an APO/FPO address because of the higher shipping costs and the required US Customs paperwork and the need for us to visit the post office to personally present your package to a postal employee for review. . If you do not have an address in the US to which we can ship your item, do not bid.


Product Specifications & Samples / Donations
Unless otherwise noted in the auction listing, all of the items we sell are new and not factory seconds.  We try to put as much information about the items in the listings as we can, but from time to time, questions may come up that are not answered in the listings.  If you email us with your question about an item, we will respond as quickly as we can.  Please be as specific as you can be about what you want to know and the item you are inquiring about. 

For information on glove selection, check here.

For information on safety eyewear standards and lens selection, check here.

We receive literally dozens of requests each day for free samples or donations of our products to one cause or another.  It is our policy not to honor such requests for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • We make regular unsolicited, charitable contributions of merchandise that we select and to local organizations that we identify on our own, and do not intend to expand our targeted organization list at this time.
  •  We make a very small profit margin on all of the items we sell on EBay and do not have a margin for giveaways included in the pricing.
  • Requests for free samples can be made very easily across the internet and it is impossible to filter out which are genuine and might turn into sales.
  • The costs on our part to fulfill all of the requests we receive would be significant.
  • Some of the items we sell are BY THE CASE ONLY, and we do not have broken cases of those items available from which we could extract samples. This means that we would have to spoil a case or more to fulfill a specific request.