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I definitely give you 5 stars all the way across the board not only for the past purchases I made but also for your outstanding customer service that you continue to display! You can definitely tell that you care about your customers and take great care of them to assure they are satisfied! That is what makes people like me save you as one of my TOP favorite sellers and continue to do business with you! Thanks again!
Jennifer - New Jersey

You guys have the best customer service I've experienced yet on eBay. You also have the best store! I will be back to shop, and I will leave you 5 star feedback (I'd leave better if I could!). Thanks for everything!

Hello,I've made multiple purchases from Better Domain via eBay and I'd like to thank you for all the great service. My family has been shocked at the amount I was able to get on a limited budget, and everything has been in perfect condition. You've made a loyal customer, that's for sure. All the best to you for your continued success,
Adele- New Jersey
Thank you so much and I will look for the email. Better Domain is my favorite site to shop for clothes and your excellent customer service has definitely proved why it will remain my favorite and get a lot more business from me. I have spread the word around to my friends about your store and will continue to do so. You guys are the best.
Susan- Indiana
I just received shipment of my three pair of shorts I bought from you. Sometimes positive feedback doesn't convey how much I appreciate the bargains you offer to the public. I just wanted to say thank you for placing quality, affordable merchandise in your listings. I don't always have the time to bid, but even your buy it now option gives me the satisfaction of knowing I still got a good deal. You are offering a wonderful service. Keep up the good work. Thanks to dealers/sellers like you I can dress my children in nice clothing and not go broke doing it. Thank you again.
Erin - Illinois
Thanks, What great customer service … I am conducting a focus group next week on exceptional CS experiences, and Better Domain has just become my example!
Bonnie - Kansas
Hello, I just returned home from a trip over the weekend, thank you for your patience, and allowing me to combine All of my purchases again, I appreciate it, I left feedback for every item purchased on my last invoice, and will do so again upon receiving my next order, I left you 5 star feedback. Your company deserves it, BEST SELLER ON EBAY HANDS DOWN. Thank you again, and again.
Verlin- Arizona
I have made a payment through PayPal. You gals are terrific. I needed help and you all jumped in. Can't ask for a better eBay transaction! Considering I almost forgot to pay for the outfit, I appreciate the extra time and patience to make it easy on me. I'd give Better Domain 20 stars if the feedback would let me. Instead, accept my thanks and know that I'll be back as often as I can to check out your beautiful clothing. (I have my eye on a couple of things!)
Lynn- California
Here are few things that I would like you to know:
1.    You have a great customer service team; professional
       and friendly; the best!
2.    Your items (listings) are well described
3.    Great promotion to your customer
4.    I wish that I found your store a long time ago, so I could
       have begun purchasing great products at a great price
       a long time ago.
5.    Your customers need eBay sellers like you; great
       customer service team; superb!

I think I have told you this but anyway, I must tell you again. Dealing with your team is headache free, no migraines. Once I make a payment, I know that I will receive my orders in the mail. Thanks again, will continue doing business with you guys!
Kamarul- British Columbia, Repeat Customer
I had a great time- you made it so easy, were very helpful and offered great buys and terrific shipping. Can't wait and hope that all items are good as they appear to be. If so, I can save the gas.... and shop at home with you. Had a blast! Thank you
Sam - Arizona
I don't have a question, just a comment. I follow your clothing on a daily basis and I am amazed at the quality of clothing you sell at your price and the efficiency. The majority of people on eBay are out for a quick buck but this seems like an actual business. I am impressed, and wish you all the best.
Josh- Kansas
Dear Better Domain Folks,
Thanks so much for the personal attention and care you gave me with my order. All items came well packaged and in good shape. I like all the shirts, and they came at a very good deal. I appreciate the communication your company representatives afforded me. They were all very helpful and answered all my questions and emails, Stacie and Lori always got back to me within a day- that is something that is starting to be missed by me and friends that use eBay.
I know that from this experience I will be back to your store for future business and I will let everyone I know that are in the market for very nice shirts at a good price to check out your store and auctions. I can't Thank You All enough for getting my order together and getting it shipped, after I informed Lori that I had to leave town in a few days. Lori was so understanding and got information to the warehouse folks and had my order pulled and ready to ship in one day. Kudos to all involved!!
Thank You one last time to all the folks at Better Domain for the Best Service I have had on eBay in a long time!!!
Dave -Tennessee
With more than a few purchases I can honestly say that I am thrilled with your company...really thrilled! I must say that I especially like that you give the client 7 days to complete their shopping...this really helps and let me tell you for really adds to my order! Seriously are a high quality more ways than one and I appreciate your professionalism! You really take care of the customer...and let me tell shows! The merchandise is A+ , customer service A+, shipping A+, the whole experience is a A+ or 5 stars!!! Every single day (several times a day) I'm checking your eBay site to look through your merchandise...I'm hooked!! I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that this woman out here in Los Angeles appreciates you and your company! Give your CREW my thanks and I'll be ordering soon.
Rose Marie- California
I just wanted to say that I love your company! This item was one of 9 items in my 2nd order from you. My 3rd order is in process. I can't say enough good things. Although I tried in my feedback! Awesome in every category! Big Asset to eBay! Just wanted you to know I appreciate you and it's a pleasure doing business with you! Keep up the good work!!!
Mellody- Arkansas
Just wanted to say i love your shop it is really fantastic especially since i live in a small town in Alaska there really are no shops here so your shop makes shopping for my family easy and affordable thanks again
Kathleen- Alaska
Fact of the matter is that I have worked in customer service, product support, technical support as well as other positions for over 35 years. Customer Service has, in the past decades, taken a turn to the worst. Your help, fast responses, etc, have put my faith back into customer service and how some companies (including the one I work for) have bought back GREAT customer service.
Elaine- Colorado
I can't stress enough how please I am with your service. You are by far at the top of my list of sellers. I order from you before anyone else. Your clothes are as described and 'if' there is an error? It's on my part as far as sizing. Thank you so much for being honest, fair and selling quality merchandise. I work in 'Corporate America' and you should be proud knowing I am by far one of the best dressed in my office!! You have helped me to mix and match and utilize my wardrobe wonderfully. Hey, I even look good on casual Friday. You'd be amazed how I can dress up a pair of jeans, all thanks to you and your awesome prices - THANK YOU!!
Kathy P.