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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does GSM unlocked mean?
A: It means the phone, which would be GSM service like AT&T or T-Mobile, was once only usable by a specific carrier can now be used by any GSM carrier.

Q: What is Bulk packaging?
A: Bulk means it does not come in original retail package, mainly due to the item being over-produced by the manufacturer, or it originally came as a combo or kit with another item.

Q: What is included in the package?
A: Scroll down below the image of the item, after a brief description there will be a detailed list of what is included.

Warranty Information

We do not advertise most of our items with factory warranty because:

  • We sell (through the Global Shipping Program) and buy internationally, and most brands only honor warranty for the initial country the product was intended for.
  • Some items we sell are very old or discontinued models.
  • Many manufacturers void warranties for items sold in online marketplaces, like eBay.
  • If the item is advertised as new, please do not assume it comes with a factory warranty. If it comes with a factory warranty we will state it clearly in the listing.
  • For additional warranty coverage, companies like SquareTrade and GeekSquad provide excellent warranties for many of our products.