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How to Make a Tulle Pom-Pom

(the super, mega, ultra easy way)

So, I had a bride ask me today how to make a tulle pom-pom.  And I had tutorials posted that I found online.  However, I recently came up with a "Super, Mega, Ultra" easy way to make a tulle pom-pom based on a yarn pom-pom tool.  So, I spent about two hours this afternoon creating this tutorial because this is soooooo much easier than the ones I posted from the internet.


Let me know how it goes for you.  You'll see that I don't have a "formula" yet for how many times you should wrap the tulle around the circle, so let me hear from you.


1 roll 6"x25yard tulle



Ribbon, Tulle, or String to tie the tulle together



  1. Take a piece of cardboard and draw a circle the width of the size of pom-pom you want.  For instance, if you want a 9” pom-pom, make a 9” circle.

  1. Cut out the circle, find the center, and fold it in half.  If you are using cardboard, note it has a “grain.”  The layer between the outside pieces is wave-pattern cardboard.  Find the wave and fold parallel to it rather than perpendicular.  It will be so much easier.

  1. While the cardboard is folded, again find the middle and cut out a 1” circle

  1. Cut small slits into the cardboard along the folded edge (only about ½”).  This is so that you can tuck away your ribbon or string.

  1. Thread your ribbon (I used 3/8” grosgrain, but it is easier to use satin--because it is not as thick as grosgrain—or ribbon that is less wide, or even tulle) through the slits …

  1. … making a loop on the inside of the folded circle.

  1. I also use this slit to tuck the very first part of the tulle to hold it snugly as I wrap.

  1. Wrap the tulle around the form going from one end to the other.  There is probably some formula, but because I’ve only done this twice now, I don’t know what it is.  I did this one (10” pom-pom) 60 times (20 wraps for each pass and there were three passes).  So six times the width of the pom-pom might be a good formula.  Try it, I really don’t know right now.

  1. After you have done all the passes you think you need, begin to tie the ribbon and pull as tightly as you can.  Hold it between your fingers as you follow the next step.

  1. Cut along the fold of the circle, holding the ribbon tightly in your fingers so that it doesn’t loosen.  After you cut the entire length, tie the ribbon as tightly as you can without breaking it and pull your perfect pom-pom off the cardboard template.

  1. It may require a little fluffing, especially where you have knotted the ribbon.  You may also need to cut a piece here and there, especially the beginning piece or the ending piece.  Otherwise, it pretty much pops (and after you make one you'll understand why I say "pop") off the template in a perfect circle.


Enjoy!  --Heather, (the_bownut)