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Brave Used Books offers used and rare books in the fields of Political Science, Law and Economics, Religion, Theology, and Judaica, History, Eastern and Western Philosophy, Science and Nature, Psychology, Alternative Medicine and Health, Sociology and Pop Culture, Art, Architecture and Photography, and Metaphysics, Conspiracy and the Occult. We offer a laid back, no hassle shopping experience where you, the buyer, get the benefit of the doubt because we realize that you are the ones taking a chance with your money on a complete stranger, our own excellent feedback notwithstanding. Please read our FAQ's (just below our Store Category section) if you have any general questions about our seller philosophy or policies.

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  • Brave Used Books FAQ
Shipping & Payment
Thanks for shopping with us! For complete shipping/payment/return details please check the Item Description section of the book(s) you are interested in. This will let you know what your obligations are and what we are responsible for. International buyers please contact us first.
Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Do you offer discounts for multiple items
  A: Yes we do! Just because we offer free shipping on everything doesn't mean you still can't save even more on multiple orders :) Contact us for details.
 Q: What is your return/refund policy?
  A: We are ALWAYS willing to accept returns and have a 100+% satisfaction guarantee that includes YOUR costs for returning the order. If you want to keep the item, but want a partial refund, we can do that too
 Q: What kind of shipping services do you offer?
  A: For Domestic buyers we offer Media Mail and Priority Mail. For International buyers we offer both 1st Class International and Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope to Canada and either Flat Rate Global Priority Mail envelope or Flat Rate Global Priority Mail Box to everywhere else. We try to offer the cheapest method in each and every case.
 Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
  A: Media Mail usually arrives in about 7-10 days while Priority Mail takes 2-4 days. Shipping times for international orders vary from country to country but usually arrive in about 2 weeks.
 Q: How much is the Shipping and Handling Charge for Domestic orders?
  A: UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, shipping by Media Mail for Domestic orders is free. Priority Mail generally costs $8.50 while Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope costs $4.95, unless otherwise stated. We do not currently charge any type of handling fee.
 Q: Do you ship internationally?
  A: We ship worldwide.
 Q: How much do you charge for International shipping?
  A: We prefer that International buyers contact us first to determine what the cost of shipping would be for any book(s) they are interested in buying, especially for multiple orders. For listings that have a specified international shipping cost contacting us is not necessary, but still encouraged due to periodic price changes.
 Q: What if I cannot pay immediately by PayPal or otherwise?
  A: Although we technically require immediate payment, if you contact us to request more time to pay, we will gladly edit the listing to allow you as much time as you need, within reason, to pay.
 Q: Do I have to pay by PayPal?
  A: eBay prefers payment be by PayPal.
 Q: How do I use PayPal?
  A: To use PayPal, which is free, You simply register your email address, mailing address, and bank account information and you can then send money to our e-mail address, We strongly encourage International buyers pay by PayPal.
 Q: What materials would you use to ship my order?
  A: Keeping your order protected is very important to us so for the most part we use sturdy boxes plus packing material. In some cases, especially for international orders, this is too expensive, so we would use a Flat Rate Priority Mail Envelope. Please note that while this method is less expensive it does not offer the protection that a box would.
 Q: What is your feedback policy?
  A: We have decided to not leave feedback as a seller unless buyers specifically contact us to request it. As sellers, we offer a 100+% satisfaction guarantee that supercedes the need for feedback. If you are unhappy with your purchase we will give you a refund and pay for your return shipping, no questions asked.
 Q: What is your feedback policy (continued)
  A: PLEASE NOTE: We do NOT require buyers to leave feedback first before we leave them some. We do ask that once your order arrives, and you are certain that you are satisfied with its condition, and our performance as a seller, that you please let us know via e-mail or feedback
 Q: When would you leave negative feedback?
  A: eBay does not allow sellers to give buyers negative feedback, and, to be certain we do not receive any, Brave Used Books tries to communicate with buyers as much as possible, giving them the benefit of the doubt, realizing that they are the ones taking a chance with their money on a complete stranger, our own excellent feedback notwithstanding.
 Q: Why don't you leave feedback immediately after buyers pay?
  A: Positive feedback is nice but is not our immediate goal. In our opinion, Our obligations as a seller do not end when we have shipped your order, and we do not regard prompt payment as the end to the buyer's obligations. We think that until the entire process is completed, no public feedback of any kind from seller or buyer is appropriate.
 Q: What if I do not receive my order?
  A: In the rare cases where your order gets lost or takes more than 30 days, we refund your money. In fact, We have a 30 day arrival policy, which states that if your order fails to arrive within 30 days, we offer a 100% refund.