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There are many ways that different stores label their shoe sizes for children. It can become a bit confusing trying to decipher weather a size is for a toddler or an older child.

When you shop at Bubblegum Express, you will have a clear idea of what size shoe you are seeing. We have a rule of sizing shoes as follows:

In Bubblegum Express newborn size 0 up to size 13.5 will be shown as toddler sizes. (i.e. a 5 year old wears approximately size 13; in our store it will be labeled as 13 Toddler).

After size 13.5 it rolls over to size 1. Typically you will see a child around the age of 7 wearing this size. In Bubblegum Express, size 1 up to size 6 will be shown as youth sizes.

If you still have questions as to the size of shoe you are looking at, please feel free to contact us using the Ask The Seller A Question link.