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 At Burcham's Surplus, our goal is to provide you with a superior eBay buying experience. We offer new and used industrial surplus items at below wholesale prices. We appreciate your business and we want you to come back!
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Warranty and Returns

We hope you’ll be so satisfied with your buying experience at Burcham’s Surplus you’ll recommend our eBay store to others.  We offer a warranty on selected items to enhance buyer confidence but we hope you’ll never need to file a warranty claim.  We discuss our warranty policies in very strict terms out of necessity but please understand that customer satisfaction is our highest priority.  We believe when it comes to warranties that a happy customer is an informed customer.  You have our promise that items will be represented accurately, you will be treated fairly and ultimately we want you to be happy.   

Return Policy

Satisfaction Return

We’re happy to accept a return if it turns out an item doesn’t suit your needs.  We’re not a corporate giant with an inexhaustible budget, so we cannot afford to absorb all the costs of a return, but we do want our customers to have the liberty to take reasonable risks on quality products.  We prefer to think of our return policy as a happy medium between the completely risk-free returns of high-end, high-cost retailers and the rigid “As-Is-No-Return” policies of the typical small time eBay seller.

Our Satisfaction Return policy is only for items you might return because of they don’t serve your purposes or meet your needs.  If your item is a Damaged Shipment or your item is Dead On Arrival (DOA) the following information does not apply.  In these cases we provide a full refund, so contact us right away and we’ll get your problem resolved quickly.

How do I return an item because I’m not satisfied?  

It’s actually pretty simple.  It’s just four easy steps:

1.      Contact us within 15 days.

2.      Return the item.

3.      Get your refund (minus original shipping and 10% restocking fee).

4.      Help us cancel the sale.

But what are the details?

1.      Contact us. 

·         Please arrange your return within 15 days of receiving your item.  The clock starts when the shipper posts back you package as delivered.  Just contact us by email or phone within the first 15 days to get the process started.  Please don’t ship the item back without contacting us first.

2.      Return the item.

·         You’ll need to arrange the return shipping.  We recommend you use a credible carrier with the appropriate amount of insurance to cover the cost of the item.  The party who ships the package is always the one insured, not the receiver.  We leave it to you to make your own decisions about carriers and insurance, but please understand an uninsured item damaged or lost while being returned to us can severely complicate the return process.

·         Please make sure the package you return contains everything sent in the original shipment in the original condition, including power cables, manuals and other accessories.  Yes, we will attempt to resell your returned item, so we’re hoping to list it again in the same condition which you purchased it.

3.      Get your refund.

·         We’ll process your refund when we’ve had sufficient time to inspect the item – usually within one business day of receiving your return.

·         Your refund will be for the original purchase price minus the original shipping and minus a 10% restocking fee.  For example, if you originally paid $59.99 for an item plus $9.55 for shipping (a total of $69.54), then your total refund would be $53.99.


$69.54 original purchase price

-$9.55 original shipping

-$6.00 restocking fee (10% of $59.99)

$53.99 total refund

·         Some items of lesser value will not be worth your cost to return, but we hope you understand this is the only way we can offer satisfaction returns and still stay in business.  Please take this into consideration when purchasing items of lesser value.

·         We’ll process your refund back to you by the same means with which you paid.  Payments methods other than PayPal, such as credit card, may be subject to a delayed refund, but we’ll make it happen as quickly as possible. 

4.      Help us cancel the sale.

·         Finally, we need your cooperation to cancel the original eBay transaction.  You’ll only need to confirm the cancellation when eBay sends you an email.  This is the only way we can be refunded for the 10 to 12% final value fees we paid to eBay when you paid for your item.

To sum it up…

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, return it for a refund.  There are some fees, but they’re minimal.  If you need to make a return we’ll work with you to make it as quick and trouble free as possible.

DOA Return


All items are sold “as is” unless explicitly stated otherwise in the item description of the listing. 

“As is” means the item is for sale as it is physically depicted and verbally described in the listing with no guarantees about the functionality of the item.  We do our best to disclose obvious defects that will impede the function of an item by using pictures and/or a verbal description.  Some defects may go unnoticed therefore, Burcham’s Surplus cannot be held responsible for unstated defects on items sold “as is.”  Please review items for sale “as is” carefully and contact us with any questions you may have before bidding or purchasing.

Statements within a listing that indicate the functionality of the item such as “This item powers on” are meant to aid in describing the current condition of the item.  They are not meant to be statements of warranty nor are they meant to indicate that the item has been tested and certified as fully functional.  No item carries any warranty unless is explicitly stated in the item description; even if statements are made regarding functionality of the item.  Please review item descriptions carefully before bidding or purchasing.   

We offer a Dead On Arrival (DOA) warranty on many items that we sell. 

“Dead On Arrival” means that upon receiving and testing an item, you discover it does not function as the manufacturer intended it to function.  DOA warranty does not cover any cosmetic defects unless they can be demonstrated to directly impact the function of the item so that it does not function as the manufacturer intended it to function.  DOA warranty does not cover instances where you discover the item will not work for your specific application; DOA warranty is not a satisfaction guarantee.  

We are firm on the period of a Dead On Arrival (DOA) warranty.  Our DOA warranty is for 30 days.   

The Dead On Arrival (DOA) warranty period begins on the day that delivery is confirmed by the postal carrier.  We request that the postal carrier provide you (the customer) with a tracking number and special notices to confirm shipment and delivery; these notices will be sent to the email contact address you provide to eBay.  In the case of DOA warranties, please pay careful attention to the delivery confirmation you receive in your email, especially if you represent a business or you believe there is a possibility that your shipment may be received by someone else at your shipping address.  The DOA warranty period will not be extended in any case where the carrier’s delivery confirmation has gone undisputed by the recipient.        

If you feel that you have a Dead On Arrival (DOA) claim you must contact us within the allotted time period of the warranty.  We are never obligated to extend the DOA warranty longer than what is stated in the original listing.  Any extensions we may offer will be solely at the discretion of Burcham’s Surplus.  We will never consider extensions in the case that we are not contacted during the prescribed warranty period.        

Burcham’s Surplus is not liable when items are lost or damaged during shipping.  Shipping insurance is available.  Insurance is optional but strongly recommended.


If you believe that a warranted item is Dead On Arrival (DOA) please follow these instructions to process a claim.

Returning a Dead On Arrival (DOA) Item

1.   Contact Burcham’s Surplus within the designated warranty period with an explanation of the product defect.

2.   If Burcham’s Surplus and the customer agree the item is DOA, please ship the item back to Burcham’s Surplus.  Please do not ship the item back before contacting us.  The buyer is responsible to provide adequate packing and packaging equal to quality with which the item was received.  The buyer is responsible to ship with a carrier that will provide the buyer and seller with adequate means of tracking a shipment. 

3.   Once the item is received by Burcham’s Surplus and the condition is verified we will process a refund.  Funds will be credited back to the PayPal account or credit card that you used to make the original purchase.

Shipping address:

Burcham’s Metals

3407 Pacific Blvd.

Albany, OR 97321

(541) 926-4616

All sales are final.  Burcham’s Surplus is never obligated to allow returns on a non-warranted item, however, exceptions may be granted in rare cases.  Any exceptions we may make to this policy will be solely at the discretion of Burcham’s Surplus.   Please follow these instructions to process a claim.


We appreciate your business and we also appreciate your feedback.  Please take the time to provide feedback about your buying experience with Burcham’s Surplus and we will do the same for you.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!  If you have had any problems during your buying experience we would like to know about it and we want the opportunity to make things right. 

Adverse feedback can be extremely detrimental to an eBay business so please contact us before making your final decision to leave negative or neutral feedback.

We make every effort to respond to concerns within one business day.  If you haven’t heard back from us within two business days you may want to check your spam mail folder.