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Learn About Dobby


"Many of you in the past years have sent notes and comments admiring my dear little companion;

And you shared similar stories about your own companion animals with me. I have loved each and everyone one of them, thank you!"





Dobby was a Dachshund/Beagle mix, commonly called a Doxle.

Dobby contracted a dreadful disease, Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia (IMHA) and overnight she went from perfectly healthy to dying. Literally, her immune system attacked and destroyed her own red-blood cells and the valiant doctors at Ohio State University Veterinarian Hospital tried to stop the process and save her, but were unsuccessful. Dobby pasted away on May 23rd of 2013.


I met Dobby in a pet store. When our kids were young our family visited the pet store to see all the cats, dogs, birds, fish and other critters. They love to visit with them all – even the less than cuddly ones. I normally would tag along and look at this or that but did not get too involved. I was just too busy for a pet. One September afternoon in 2004 during one of our pet store visits, my daughter said, “Mom, look at the puppy holding the water dish in its mouth” – I stopped. My childhood beagle used to get and hold her water dish when she wanted it filled. I turned and there was Dobby, a tiny little girl with gentle eyes, wagging tail, and long floppy ears that were turned inside out. We looked at each other and I was picked. From that moment, she was ever at my side. We did a lot of traveling finding treasures and special items for the store together.


It has been very hard to update this page for me. It has been eight months now and her loss is still so painful. Dobby was my constant companion, four-legged best friend, and brought such joy to my life. I have said many times, she picked me and having done so took such good care of me. She fought very hard and wanted to stay, but it wasn’t to be. In the end, her heart may have given out, but never her beautiful spirit. It has been difficult dealing with her loss and I look forward to seeing her again at the Rainbow Bridge where I know she is waiting for me.

But life must and does go on….


While nothing can ever fill that void in my life, I decided to honor that incredible bond by looking for a Doxle from a rescue. After a few months, we found Poppy at “Best-Buddy Rescue” in Michigan. She was there with her mother and eight litter-mates. Since her mother was named Daisy, we chose another flower name for her.

Poppy is a playful little girl with same soft eyes and a very exuberant tail. Her ears not only turn inside out, but seem to fold in half when she is listening to a sound. She also is able to move one ear in front of her face – kind of a peek-a-boo look making it hard to be angry for the occasional wet spot on the floor. She isn’t as keen on car travel but is working on it. She does however love the water and took to swimming with me from day one.

Such a curious little one and is quite the talker. Not a barker, just full of an array of funny sounds for each occasion. It is fun (and comforting) watching her explore her world and figure out her place in it. We feel very blessed to have her with us and I look forward to getting back on the road this spring with her at my side with the knowledge that Dobby is with us in spirit. What good dogs…

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Our About Me page will provide more detail on our family-owned business.

Last Updated: February 5, 2014

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