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Cappojim's Coffee Names & Descriptions

Besto Mexo
Nice chocolate flavor with a touch of spice, this coffee has great balance, medium-light body with wonderful flavor from the moderate acidity through to the aftertaste which is slightly pungent.

Columbo Yumbo
This cup has great body, lush, soft cup character, with a malty roast taste. The acidity is mild and provides balance, and there is a touch of pungency…a “Classic Cup”.

Decaf  Blend  (formerly Uncaf but nobody could find it)
You will find it hard to believe it is not a caffeinated, period.

Guata Lotta
The cup is moderately bright with a grape-raisin fruitiness that is not overbearing. The finish is not heavy-handed but the aftertaste definitely returns as you work your way through a cup or two. It’s spicy and develops a good milk chocolate roast taste.

Kupa Kenee
It's almost effervescent and very lively with great character in the cup. This coffee is known for its high acidity and average body like the dryness and flavor of some wines. It has a very distinctive aroma that can almost be described fruity.

Mosta Costa
A simple sweet cup on the first sip when it is still very hot and as the cup cools there is a really neat nutty almond flavor that emerges, a light, buttery body, and a sweet, delicate acidity with a pleasant aftertaste.

Personal Flavorite
It is a deep-toned coffee with syrupy body and intensely chocolaty taste. No sweetness in the low tones ...instead it is pungent and very pleasant.

Secret Espresso Blend
This is our signature dark roast blend for espresso with seven different dry processed Arabica coffees roasted to perfection. It’s reminiscent of Southern Italian espressos but without the normal bite associated with Robusta coffees. It has a smooth sweetness and rich full body in the espresso that will definitely cut thru in cappuccinos and lattes.

Yirgee Yugo
Yirgacheffe should mean "highest quality, most fruity acidity", the acme of the coffee spectrum defined as bright, lighter-body, clean, and citrusy! It exemplifies the taste term "honeyed"; a rich cup with a pleasant finish and lingering aftertaste. This coffee is “tea like”, very distinctive and unique.

Yumi Yemi
This coffee has rich acidy, with solid straightforwardness. It distinguished itself less by its fruity nuance than by its general dimension and boldness with great intensity & depth; a great complex cup.