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 Tommy Hilfiger Levi's Ralph Lauren Nike department store advertising visuals + vintage & collectible gifts: Stuffed toys Puzzles Games Electronics Kitchen items Ceramics Cincinnati & Ohio related Sports Books Lamps Housewares VHS & Beta movies Record sets Cameras... Most of my items are in EXC CND!!
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Hi! Thank you for visiting our store, CincinnatiGifts. Here you will find a vast assortment of high-quality vintage and collectible items. Scan the category list down the left side of this page. Or, type in a few words in the store search bar, below and to the left (spelling is important!) We only select the highest grade items that we can find... we know buyers demand it! 

Read our ebay "Me" page as well...  it has a lot of information in it as well (click on 'About the Seller', above). You WILL be satisfied with the way we operate and do business! All we ask is that you read the descriptions closely, and check out our store policy page and our FAQs page (both of the links are above)-- it's all there! If you have any questions at all about operations or policies, most likely they can be answered quickly from one of those info store pages. If you can't find the answer on one of those pages, feel free to contact us: !     

Also, lately, we have begun running some new free shipping promotions. If you see an item with a free shipping option (US buyers ONLY), keep in mind that we will decide the method of shipment. Usually it will be the most economical rate. If you order a book or CD, for example, the free shipping we provide will be media mail. If you need the item faster, and need it expedited by a faster delivery option, please tell us. We will be happy to honor such requests, IF YOU PAY THE DIFFERENCE IN COST. That's not too much to ask, is it? We generally try to ship most items by UPS Ground, since it is often more economical than the post office, just as quick, or quicker, and offers insurance automatically.

Also, please note that a TurboLister glitch has cause some erroneous duplicate listings in our store. We think we've caught most of them, but there's still the possibility that one or two may still be lurking in our system, unbekownst to us (we have so MANY listings!). If an item you purchase happens to have been one of those duplicate listings, obviously we will not have the item if the first listing already sold. We would appreciate your understanding as we try to recover from this minor faux pas.

Dennis / CincinnatiGifts  

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Used (vintage) items are sold as-is, and are non-returnable, unless it was completely misrepresented in the listing. I make every attempt to be very precise and specific in my descriptions. Acceptable forms of payment: Paypal (preferred), money orders and SOME checks. See our ebay policy page for more info. Most item(s) ship within 48 hours AFTER checks clear or other funds are verified. Please read my ebay 'me' page for more about me and the way I do business; it is VERY detailed!

    Hi! Thank you for visiting our store, CincinnatiGifts. In here you will find quite an ecclectic group of items. This store originally began as solely vintage items. As you can see, many of the store categories are set aside specifically for vintage and/ or collectible items. I have been dealing in vintage items for quite some time. I try to select only premium items for my store. I look for things with little or minimal wear, with all the accompanying attachments, literature, and the original box in which the item came. Some times I am successful. Other times I am not. And my descriptions.... are they DESCRIPTIVE or what? I like them to be as precise as possible. Keep in mind that some items I list may be outside my general scope of expertise... so I may inadvertently miss a detail here and there. It's not intentional.  If you happen to see an error in one of my listing, let me know! Or, if you happen to see an outrageous accidental shipping estimate, or anything else out of the ordinary, let me know as well! If you think a shipping charge is too excessive on any particular listing, you may be right! I may have made an error while writing the listing and goofed up. I'll work with buyers to make shipping as affordable as I can!

     Unless we've made an error, you'll find that our shipping rates are relatively low. We generally try to offer the most economical rates we can, (i.e. Media mail, when applicable), USPS Parcel Post & Priority, and UPS Ground). We NEVER add an outrageous S&H fee... don't you hate it when sellers do that? Also, we are big believers in recycling. Don't be surprised if your item arrives in a Krogers ice cream box. :) We use free and / or recycled boxes and shipping supplies whenever possible. Anything that costs US less also ends up costing YOU less (we don't have to charge you for it to cover our cost because there was no cost!) We encourage buyers to re-use any boxes and packaging material that they receive. Why not? It's free, and good for the environment to re-use! With respect to packaging and shipping, we ship the same day whenever possible. About 80% of our orders go out within 24 hours. While browsing our feedback, take note of how many buyers are impressed with our FAST delivery, attention to detail, and VERY careful packaging, particularly with delicate & fragile items!!! Sure, some things WILL get broken in the mail. It is a fact of life. However, we try to combat the perils of delivery services by using industrial-grade packing foam and related packing materials. Most times we are successful, and the result is an item delivered in the same condition as stated in the listing. If you are one of the unfortunate few whose item was not delivered successfully, please note our attentiveness when packing up the item before leaving feedback. Did we do an adequate job in packing the item to combat most things that the evil shipping companies could possibly have done to the box or package while in transit? Aside from the box or package falling out of the back of the delivery truck, then subsequently run over, we think we have pretty much covered just about anything else that your package could experience while in transit! :)

      We have a lot of pride in the way we do business. We believe in being firm and fair. Check our feedback... We strive for 100% positive. Although we've gotten a couple negatives, they're from buyers who either a) failed to read, comprehend or follow the policies stated here and in our listings, b) said they would pay by check or money order, never did, and we filed a non-paying bidder report or c) tried to return an item to us that was NOT the item we sent the buyer. It's happened to us. We don't accept such returns, and the buyer gets upset when we figure out what he's up to, and gives us a negative. ** SHURG** It happens. Now, we document and take identifying pictures of EVERY item we ship. If something we sell is returned that has scratches and dents that don't match the pristine item we shipped, obviously we won't issue a refund or credit of any sort, and get a negative. As of March 2009, we have a 99.3% positive!

     We have tried online auctions on other sites before and have learned a few things. With that experience, we generally don't allow returns on items UNLESS the item was not as described [this case will be extremely rare!] Please be 100% sure about what it is you are bidding on, and ask any pertinent question before bidding or buying. You have the open opportunity to send us questions about our products (or ask us to email additional pictures) before ordering. If you fail to do so, the responsibility is then lifted off our shoulders, and we aren't going to be too excited to hear you want a refund because the buyer doesn't "like" the item. Or he decides he doesn't want it. These are decisions one needs to make BEFORE making an online purchase, and we believe we give enough details and opportunities to allow one to make such an informed decision. 

     We state beforehand ANY known missing parts, broken parts, defects or imperfections prior to shipment. All this information is in the descriptions. We will NOT knowingly ship defective items unless the listing specifically states as such. We are hopeful buyers would gather from our presentation here and listing descriptions that we are very honest, thorough, articulate, professional and business-like, and worthy of your trust. Plus, since we seek out ONLY high quality items to add to our inventory, cases of broken, dirty, damaged, or otherwise less-than-desirable products will be minimal.

    Finally, if you do have an issue or qualm with us, keep in mind that a MAJORITY of complaints or hard feeling arise from miscommunication. We value our standing here in ebay, and on the internet, and we do not take complaints lightly. If you find you have a disagreement with us or the way we operate, we suggest that civility reign and solve our dispute professionally. I, personally would not like to have negative feedback without first having been given the opportunity to solve the dispute outside of ebay. We STRONGLY suggest that anyone with a problem with anything they perceive as an injustice to FIRST try to resolve the issue through direct contact (email). If you are then STILL not satisfied with our resolution, then seek a dispute resolution with ebay. If you are then STILL not satisfied, then leave us a negative feedback score. But, negative feedback should NEVER, in our opinion, be an easy first choice way out of a dispute. We hope you've gained some insight as to the way we do business here. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT WHEN YOU SEND US A COMMENT OR COMPLAINT THROUGH EMAIL, THAT WE WILL REPLY VIA EMAIL, UNLESS YOU STATE OTHERWISE IN YOUR EMAIL. ALSO KEEP IN MIND THAT YOUR EMAIL'S SPAM FILTERS MIGHT, FOR WHATEVER REASON, REJECT OUR EMAIL REPLY. IT HAPPENS. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A REPLY FROM US IN YOUR REGULAR EMAIL INBOX WITHIN 48 HOURS, PLEASE CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOLDER. THIS SEEMS TO ACCOUNT FOR ABOUT 80% OF THE MISSED EMAILS THAT BUYERS SAY THEY DID NOT RECEIVE.

     Now for some other legal jargon: The information and terms listed in this store policy page supercedes any information and terms in any listing (for example, returns policy information). Placing an order from our ebay store or ANY of our current auctions constitutes your understanding of and agreement to the terms listed in the listings and in our ebay "me" page. You understand that items are sold "as is", with no warranties (implied, written or otherwise), unless specified otherwise in the listing. We expect payment via paypal within three (3) business days after your purchase from our store or auction listing, unless prior arrangements are made. Non-paying ebay members are frowned upon. Please don't become one. IF YOU BUY AN ITEM AND FAIL TO PAY, WE WILL FILE A NON-PAYING BIDDER REPORT!!! WE DO NOT PUT UP WITH NON-PAYING BIDDERS!!! Most items ship within 24 - 48 hours after the funds have been verified as deposited. Due to circumstances beyond our control, there may be a slight delay in the shipment of your item(s). We will inform you via email if such is the case with your item(s). CincinnatiGifts will not be responsibile for any claim of loss of any package, whether the result of loss, damage, delay, non-delivery, misdelivery or misinformation. Tracking and/ or delivery confirmtion is added to EVERY shipment, and shipping insurance is mandatory on all items priced at $9.99 or higher. When in doubt, PLEASE ASK before bidding or buying. US buyers, please use the included shipping tracking number to track your package in transit from my warehouse to your destination. If returning an item, please be sure to email us here at to explain your dissatisfaction, and to alert us that a return is coming our way. 

     Buyers in countries outside the US can expect to pay an addition $3.50 fee for insurance and/or registered mail. This is to ensure that you actually receive the item, and is to satisfy paypal requirements. This is also to prevent fraudulent paypal claims of non-receipt of items shipped.

    We accept Paypal, money orders and cashiers checks. As of January '09, ebay rules prohibit sellers from mentioning the term 'checks' and 'money orders' in the listings, but, make no mistake about it, if a seller still agrees to accept these alternate forms of payment, then they are perfectly legit. Post office money orders are preferred, but we will accept money orders from places other than the post office as well. We call the issuing company on ALL money orders to verify their validity before depositing them. Paying with an invalid money order is the same thing as a NON-PAYING BIDDER. So, please, make sure you are sending us a real money order. We are going to verify the validity of each money order before any item is shipped, so there is absolutely nothing to be gained by sending fraudulent money orders. Fraudulent money orders will be turned over to the appropriate authorities. Money orders that cannot be verified will not be accepted. If paying by check or money order, make payable to Dennis Day, and email us for a current address to which you should send your payment. 

      Thank you for taking the time to read our ebay "me" page!


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