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 Est. 2000' - Serving the International eBay community with Premium New & Used Golf Equipment - Authenticity Guaranteed or your money back!
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    International Information

(Costs, Delivery time & what to Expect)

 What is the Normal Procedure of an International Shipment?

 First you make your purchase thru PayPal. Currency is automatically converted and your purchase is packaged and shipped within 1-business day. Next, the package reaches your countries Customs Dept. (3-5 business days for Overseas international destinations).

 Once it arrives at the "Customs" dept. your package will be processed as an imported good, checked for illegal imports & Taxed (if applicable) for their service.

 After "Customs" dept. the package is turned over to a "Local Courier" for delivery since USPS does not have offices in other countries.

At Delivery - your local courrier will bring the package to the address you have designated. Since this is an international Package, someone will be required to be present, sign and pay any taxes (if applicable) at time of delivery.

If you are not present, cannot sign, or cannot pay any minimal taxes at time of delivery than the package will be sent to a local office to await your pickup at a time convenient for you. Unfortunately, many times the courrier will NOT leave notice that you missed your delivery. Please keep watch on your tracking information for a missed "Attempt to deliver" status which means you will have to pick the package up at local office.

Your package will NOT be returned to the U.S. because you missed your delivery. It will be held for you.



Why is International shipping so Expensive?  

Just Compare - Clubs4Cash has a Discounted Commercial Account with USPS because of our Volume.  We can offer our customers the Fastest Economical method of Transit available to the Global Community Period. 

Freight Charges are Calculated by Weight & Distance. Our shipping Charges are an Average of 200% LESS than UPS, Fed-Ex or DHL!  That's correct! UPS is Triple the cost of our Freight charges and in most countries UPS,Fed-Ex & DHL will collect Brokerage Fees that are charged to you at delivery. Our USPS shipments are EXEMPT from Brokerage Fees!!!!


 How Can I be assured that I am getting the best price for Freight? 

    The proof is in the writing! On each International package (outside of Box) is a "Customs Declaration" Invoice. On this invoice (Under Postage & Fees) will be the actual "Cost" Clubs4Cash has paid in postage Just to cover transit only for your package. This published amount is our Discounted Rate that we pay.

Simply compare your Freight Charge you paid to the printed "Postage & Fees" charge that Clubs4Cash actuallly paid.

 In Most Cases there is less than a $6 USD difference And this amount does NOT include the hidden extra costs that Clubs4Cash has paid for you for the following additional expenses listed below:

- New Corrugated Boxes with Approved Seal for international shipments   -- $1.75 ea. Avg.

- New Recyclable 1/2" bubble wrap for ensured protection (paper only on small boxes) -$0.60

- Insurance! Clubs4Cash pays Insurance thru third party company to save you money!  The Insurance charge for your package is NOT shown on the "Postage & Fees" Invoice.   Clubs4Cash Pays an additional $0.89 Cents Per Hundred Dollars to protect your Purchase.

 In short, Clubs4Cash will put your full Freight charge to work.  Your purchase will be protected, Insured and Reach you Faster than our competitors offer...



Is there a Freight Discount for Purchasing more than one item?

Yes, this is our "combined shipping" discount and is advertised at the bottom of any eBay listing.

 Full freight charge for 1st item. 50% off each additional(equal or lesser)items freight charge.

 How to get Discount? PrePay for each Item Separately. Your discount will be given in the form of a REFUND to your PayPal account. Freight refunds are automatically issued prior to shipment. You will receive an email once your REFUND has been issued.


Will I have to Pay Fees, Taxes or Additional Charges?

 Most countries will impose a Brokerage Fee, V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) or Duty for importing. Clubs4Cash is an experienced International Shipper and will do the following automatically for you....

- Lower the "Declared Value" (undervalue) as much as possible to minimize any V.A.T taxes or duties

- Label your purchase as a "Used Golf Club" (even New products). This will exempt you from New product import levies and taxes.

- USPS will handle your paperwork at customs so that you will NOT be charged a Brokerage Fee.

   In short, taxes (if any) will be minimal.



What is the "Declared Value"?  How Does it Affect Taxes?  Where Can I Find the "Declared Value" of my Purchase?

- The "Declared Value" the value of the Product is your purchase price. (The amount of money you paid for item.)   Some countries Customs Dept's will total your Purchase Price + Freight charge to calculate a total "Declared Value". 

- V.A.T. Taxes (Value Added Tax) are taxes that are based on (a percentage of) the "Declared Value".   The Higher the "Declared Value" the higher the tax.   Clubs4Cash will automatically lower this "Declared Value" to lower the taxes to a minimum.   In most cases, V.A.T. taxes (if applicable) will be a third (1/3) less or lower than what they should have been.

 - Your "Declared Value" for your purchase can be found on the outside of Box on the "Customs Declaration" Form under  -"Value (US $)-    If you were charged any tax at all upon pickup, than this is the value your tax was based on. (compare to the $ amount you actually paid for item+shipping! much lower)



 Why have I Received a "Customs Duty Form" from the Border Agency or Customs Dept.? They require that I fill it out...

  Though very rare, sometimes Customers can be chosen at random to be required to fill out a "Customs Duty Form".  This form is requested information about your imported package to make sure that your information matches that of the package being shipped.

   Information details requested will be the Contents, weight, Label, item description and declared Value.  It is important that your information given matches the information submitted by Clubs4Cash when the shipment was processed.

  Discrepancies in Package Information will prompt investigation, cause delay in delivery and may cause the recipient to incur higher Taxes and Fees than necessary.

 Clubs4Cash keeps record of all International Customs/Duty Forms.  We will Furnish you with any information requested regarding your package immediately.  Normally these requests are responded to within 24 hours or less.


   What Information details should I state on this Customs Duty Form?

    Contact Clubs4Cash via email at Sales@Clubs4Cash.Net and let us know that you have been required to fill out a "Customs Duty Form".   In this email, please give the following information.

1 - your eBay item #    (12-digit number found on the eBay page where  you bought item. # is located towards top/right of page in box titled "other item info")


2- Give a List of the package details that they are requesting. Be sure to include all requested information so that Clubs4Cash can properly notify you with answers.  (example - Contents, weight, detailed description, "declared value", etc...)

   Clubs4Cash will reply to your email (usually 24 hours or less) with the information you need to accurately fill out your "Customs Duty Form".


When Can I expect Delivery?

International shipments are processed and shipped the same day as purchase when possible & guaranteed to ship by the next business day at the latest! (excludes weekends,Holidays or when office is closed. Any events will be posted)

USPS Priority Mail - This Service is 7-10 Business days to your Countries Customs Dept.

USPS Express Mail - This Service is 3-5 Business days to your Countries Customs Dept.

 (Many Customers have reported deliveries in as little as one full week from from date of purchase.)



What About Tracking Information?

Tracking information will be sent within 1-business day of payment and sent to your PayPal registered email address via automated notification systems. (eBay notifications & "marked as shipped" will NOT apply). Email addresses containing characters that are NOT numbers or letters (i.e. jason_*&49@hotmail.com) will NOT receive tracking information from these automated systems.

CHECK YOUR PROPER EMAIL ADDRESS & JUNK/SPAM FOLDERS. If you cannot find your Tracking Notification we will be happy to retrieve it for you.


To Request your tracking information please email directly to: Sales@Clubs4Cash.Com and be sure to reference your purchase by your eBay item #.  Your Tracking information will than be sent to your eBay messages.





Can I Track my Parcels Status daily?

 NO for -USPS Priority Mail Tracking information does NOT provide Day-to-day Scanning or Real time Shipment Status. Your Tracking number (example CJ111222333US) will provide Proof of shipment and confirm delivery only.

YES for-USPS EXPRESS MAIL: includes detailed  tracking information and Guarantees delivery to your countries Customs Dept. within 3-5 Business days.



Why is my package not delivered yet? Taking longer than expected?

 If you have not received your package in the advertised time, than it is due to one of the following three reasons.

1- Unavailable for delivery.-  If your tracking information shows a status of "Attempt to Deliver" than this means you have missed the attempted delivery. Your local courier will ONLY attempt to deliver international packages one-time. If you are not available in person during this "attempted delivery" than you will be required to pick the package up in person at this local courriers nearest office.  Unfortunately, many times these courriers will NOT leave notice that they "attempted delivery". It is important that you keep daily watch over your Tracking information.

2- Delays in Customs Dept.-  USPS guarantees delivery time ONLY to your countries Customs Dept.  If your Tracking seems to have stopped for a long period of time and the last update says "arrived abroad" or Customs Dept." than your package is being "Delayed" or held up in Customs.   USPS is NOT responsible nor do they have control of delivery once the package has Reached your Countries "Customs Dept.". In example a package may be shipped on Monday from the U.S. & arrive to your countries "Customs Dept" by Wednesday. However, if there is a delay in "Customs Dept" your package may sit there for another week. Though Rare (mostly during christmas or heavy shipping times) this delay is due to your Native "Customs Dept." is out of our Control. Your package may be delayed in Customs Dept. because your Customs has been closed due to Holidays, weekends or any non-normal event such as high volume in imported goods.

3- Postal Strikes or "Acts of God".   On a Global Scale there is almost always circumstances that will delay the delivery of shipments somewhere.   Examples are of such circumstances are Postal Strikes or Natural disasters (i.e. Hurricanes,volcano's, earthquakes, Tsunami's etc...).

   USPS updates their website daily with important information regarding the Global Happenings that may delay services in your Country. "Clubs4Cash" will automatically notify customers of such events (once we are made aware) by including this information inside your automated Tracking information email.

     To View a list of Current Global events affecting USPS Services (& to see if your Country is affected) please click HERE or Visit   www.USPS.com (scroll to the bottom of page) and click on "Mail Service Updates".



How Can I Find information about my package?

First contact "Clubs4Cash" via email Sales@Clubs4Cash.Net or Call us Direct at 011 1 865 898 1534 with concerns.

We will Start by contacting USPS and following the package to it's last Scan. If the package is in "Customs Dept". than you will have to contact them.  If the package has been turned over to a local courrier, we will find out to whom and try to obtain contact information for you on who to call? and where to pick up?

If your tracking information states "Attempt to deliver", than you have missed your pickup and will be required to pick up in person. To find out where to pick up your package you may call

For Australia -  The Australian Postal Corp.

Australia: 13 POST (13 7678)

International: +61 3 8847 9045

For the United Kingdom - Parcel Force

Phone our customer UK Parcel Service team on 0844 800 4466.
Our customer service advisors are available 0800-1900 Monday-Friday, 0830-1730 Saturdays and 0900-1700 Sundays, excluding UK Public and Bank Holidays. 


  Visit:                                          www.Clubs4Cash.Com