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About Us
We've been collectors of the paranormal and metaphysical since we were both children... each with different interests. We grew up in drastically different households... mine extremely religious of the non-demoninational Christian faith and my husband's slightly religious of the Catholic faith. However my home was much more restrictive and my husband's more free to exercise personal desire. We share the passion of the paranormal and his propensity to darkness is harnessed by my draw to the light. We complement each other well and have no doubt that we were meant to be together.

He was already well-versed on the ways of the world, a student of the population, while I was quite sheltered from the secular lifestyle and was innocent to many of the mainstream practices. His wild life was immediately tamed by my vintage approach and we found a balance within each other. His dark tendencies found limits within my light. We were able to offer each other a completion to each other's lacking qualities and immediately found a bond.

We have spent more than a decade together having a larger than normal family. We have laid any and all knowledge requested to our children and they are left to make their own decisions in life as we believe their true paths will be revealed to them. We do not believe in forcing our chosen lifestyles upon them and those interested in pursuing the excitement of spirits have expressed that desire.

Having found someone else who shares our passion we consider ourselves lucky to be able to be open and free with one another about our chosen lifestyle. Being from different aspects of the paranormal spectrum investigations, research and conjuring lends itself to true adventure as a spirit or ghost is detected both by my light art and Ash's dark art.

We both are always working on strengthening our knowledge of the paranormal. We work extensively with the drawing, conjuration and binding of spirits and we have personally discovered more than 10 different previously unknown spirits and have connected with more than 100 different extinct entities and species.

The jewelry and vessels you see on eBay and our website are hand-chosen by us and we cast the spirits and/or enchantments on them ourselves (unless otherwise noted). We do the work ourselves and we take great pride in our attention to detail.

We have eBay, our website, forum, magazine, NE Paranormal Community, FindAGrave volunteer photographers, go on ghost hunts and expeditions, give spiritual counseling, perform 15-20 castings and conjurations daily... not to mention our day-to-day lives!

We started selling on eBay in 2005 and since have become the most watched and copied seller on eBay. Any time you see us offer something new or interesting it isn't long before it is copied or rewritten by other sellers. We were the first to offer Recharging Boxes in 2005, the first to offer Spirit Stones, the first to tell collectors secrets like Dragons loving Sea Glass, the first to offer Immortals (Greek, Egyptian & Chinese), the first to offer Dragons, the first to Gargoyles, the first to offer Psy Vampires... and all of this is quite easily proven through eBay and Turbo Lister. We were among the first to offer djinn in July of 2006 as we offered wishes from my husband's genie inside of an oil lamp resuced from shipwrecked treasure.

In order to be able to offer you such Creepy Hollows exclusives as the ones listed above we have to give the collector all the information which then opens it to the vulnerability of being copied. In order for collectors to benefit from our knowledge that has taken us years, thousands of dollars, and sometimes great hardship to learn we have to be mentally prepared for someone to take our hard-earned work, copy it and profit from it. We've weighed these consequences as you can imagine it troubles us and bothers us to see others gain from what took us a great deal of time and personal dedication to learn... but in the end the collector's ability to properly and adequately care for these great treasures is more important.
A Closer Look

I've always had that draw to the wild side of life. The adventurous spirit that sometimes leads you to dangerous situations but I've always made it out a stronger and wiser person. I love to be scared and do things that may not be considered safe. I consider it to be the heartbeat of life, what makes it interesting and exciting. It was this thirst that led me to find a path in the paranormal.

It started with my wanting to see a ghost. I really wanted to see a ghost and I love the adrenaline rush when something scares you and I went seeking the things that go bump in the night. I was always the first to try Bloody Mary, or go into an abandoned home, or try and invocation in the graveyard. I coudn't wait to see something grisly or scary come out of the mist and after the first time it did it became a life-long pursuit.

One ghost led to two ghosts and it became a natural transition to wanting to learn how to do it myself, at will on my terms. I wanted to be in control of what appeared to me and when and I wanted to make contact with the Grim Reaper, the Boogeyman and the monsters that prey in the shadows. There is no greater rush than encountering a Harpy, Werewolf, Cikavac, Basilisk, terrifying ghost or others like them.

I've always been the thrill-seeker, I like horror movies, going to condemned locations or houses, working with the conjurations to bring powerful and incredible beasts, using astral travel to seek out the times some of the most terrifying monsters walked the earth, researching how to resurrect the spirits of some of Egypt's most influential spiritual monsters, walks in the pitch black of the woods when there is an entity to be discovered, spelunking in caves in search of dwelling entities, you name it and I'm up for it. I'm not easily frightened but I love that jolt of natural electricity when you encounter something greater than yourself.

I've spent my life doing this, seeking out the next greatest thrill and it led to my becoming a Master of the Dark Arts. People tend to confuse a Master meaning some evil, maniacal villan when really it isn't that at all. There are entities and energies alive and around you right now that can only be dispelled by an entity of equal or greater power. It's called fighting fire with fire. True power comes from having at least knowledge of all sides of the world you are living in, and I chose to further my power by mastering the dark side. But I'm not lurking in dark corners or shadowed alleys, like Magnolia I work out of our home and I have a special room in the house that is all mine for obvious reasons. You wouldn't want a Harpy loose in the house.

I am a fan of rock (psych, hard, classic) and I use the adrenaline of the music a great deal of the time when I'm working. The heartbeat of the music pulsates straight through me and the spirits and it helps to set the proper atmosphere. I have an affinity for the outdoors, I do as much work as I can outside, some require an indoor atmosphere, but if I can do it in the great, wide open I do.

When I'm not conjuring I take a break by taking a cruise on my motorcycle, having an adventure through the woods on my ATV, play my drums or just taking solice listening to my music cranked in my room. Different spirits like different activities and I include my spirits in everything I do. With some of my African tribal spirits I will treat them to some native tunes and they get a charge out of drum beats.

I seek out and get a kick out of the tribal spirits. I worked a few years back with the spirits of shrunken heads. Magnolia wasn't too crazy knowing the heads were real but they had an interesting energy and their stories were incredible. I enjoy working with the spirits of medicine men, shaman, embalmers, soothsayers and other spiritual advisors. They have a sightline into a world that is pure mystic energy. Tribal magic is an artform all its own that has no equal or rival in the world of Western magic.


My life in the paranormal began when I was five years old and my first spirit was a Unicorn. That was it, I was hooked and I started to train myself through books as a child which lead me to greater strides of making contacts, gaining more valuable resources and ultimately training under some of the world's best conjurers in my early adulthood. I didn't spend money on movies, clothes or having my nails done... to me enjoyment was derived from textbooks, invocations, tools for conjuring, paying for memberships to exclusive communities and building relationships with those most sought after.

I have made contacts in Egypt, Greece, Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, China, Thailand and Africa finding contacts in some of the most coveted Orders, Alliances, Organizations and Covens in the world. Some of the contacts took more than 10 years of my life to establish as the waiting list to even be granted the opportunity to converse with someone within these secret or exclusive communities can span more than a decade.

This is my life and has been my life since I can remember. I was always the child with her "head in the clouds" though my head was really just always trying to find a way to learn more and more and more. The world experienced once you realize the level of spirits, mysticism and magic is such a powerful experience you would never consider ever seeing it another way. As long as I can remember my passion has existed for the paranormal and every day I work towards living that life to the fullest extent possible. I am always in search of new magic, powerful connections, greater spirits and increasing my wealth of knowledge. It is a labor love and one I've had since I was little.

I was not born a young spirit, in fact, I don't think I was ever truly a child. I was born mature, and from a very young age was immediately attracted to the lifestyle of those in the 1930s and 1940s. I loved to wear flowing dresses, listen to Cole Porter, Gershwin, Gus Kahn, the Dorsey Brothers and lest I forget the immortal Glenn Miller. I found a sanctuary in the films. I fell in love with leading men like Lesley Howard (Scarlet Pimpernel), William Powell (the Thin Man movies), Laurence Olivier (Pride & Prejudice), James Cagney, Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Richard Harris (in Camelot)... and wanted to be Rita Hayworth, Myrna Loy, Jean Harlow, Norma Shearer (The Women), Katherine Hepburn... it was my one connection to the secular world that grounded me though it was a life lived by those people decades before.

My interest in history was fueled by my own family's historical ties. I am fortunate to have a very colorful family tree with a founding father of America as one of the branches. I am a direct descendant of Patrick Henry, he and his second wife Dorothea Dandridge. Dorothea was the granddaughter of famous Virginia Governor Alexander Spotswood who is responsible for the defeat of infamous pirate Blackbeard, also known as Edward Teach and he issued a proclamation at the Assembly in Williamsburg offering rewards to anyone who brought pirates to face justice.

So I have two very historically famous great-grandfathers. I grew up with stories of Patrick Henry though, little was said about great-grandfather Alexander except that he was a man who knew how to get what he wanted and he was respected as much as he was feared. But, it was the stories of Patrick Henry that warmed my heart and gave me inspiration and hope to keep faith in not only myself but that there is a better world. I cherish the personal stories of my great-grandfather with fervor and they are personal treasure for me.

He is most well known for his "Give me Liberty, or give me Death!" speech and I can't tell you how many times when I was a child I wanted to meet him

As I grew older and was able to check books out from the library and decide how to spend my own time I found the Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien's masterpieces, historical references of Arthurian Legend, the fascinating stories of English royalty like Elizabeth I, Henry VIII, Richard the Lionheart, and other royal figures like Napoleon, Nicholas II and his family with whom I found a special attachment to Alexei. From there I launched myself into a world of history, desperately wanting to find connection with these spirits and gleen even one ounce of their true person.

Over the years I have made contact with very interesting figures of historical reference. Since I was able to contact spirits at my will I have spent a great deal of time conversing and learning from them.

I have found that living a life of spirits and magic doesn't mean you have to forgo any of the other aspects in life you love. As far as religion is concerned I am a Christian, I do not attend a church because in my personal opinion they are money-makers. My personal belief is that a church edifice should be as bare and simplistic as possible and the money tithed should go to those in the congregation who need it most. I am not one who believes it is the government's job to do everything for us. I think if people gave back to one another once in awhile the ripple effect would have massive positive rewards. If churches did without gyms, rosewood pews, mega-soundsystems and LCD monitors on the wall for sermons then perhaps they could contribute to a congregation members hospital bills, or help someone recently unemployed pay their bills until they could get back on their feet. For me the last straw was when we attended a church and rather than Sunday school they were turning the small children into door-to-door salespeople with chocolate bars so they could add an addition onto an already enormous building. I walked straight out and never went back. But, that is me and that does not mean that it is the right thing for someone else. I think tithing means giving back to the people and not giving money, doing something out of selfless kindness means more to someone than giving money in a plate.

With music I have a wide pallete... I enjoy Dean Martin (oh I love him), Judy Garland, Andrew Sisters, Nat King Cole and Louis Armstrong just as much as I enjoy opera (especially Michael Crawford), classical music (especially Tchaikovsky), as well as a wide variety of other sounds and genres. My spirits enjoy the variety of sounds and music and you would be very surprised sometimes at what a spirit will respond to! Who knew a Gargoyle goes crazy for a tune by Bing Crosby? LOL

For entertainment there is one show I saw that made an everlasting mark on me and that was the Addams Family, not for the show's cheeky humor, but for the relationship betwen Gomez and Morticia... their relationship set the bar for me and I was completely bound by their truly hot marriage. They are enraptured with each other... their complete and utter adoration for each other is so brimming with sexuality it jumps straight through the screen and grabs you both by the heart and the root chakra! I felt the same way a few years later when I saw the movie Camelot for the first time. Richard Harris in that film is such a vulnerable, generous man you can hardly help yourself from falling in love with King Arthur. He is handsome, his eyes pierce straight into your soul and to top it all off he has the intellect too. Even though Lancelot is a stallion of testosterone and under any other circumstances would be appealing you hate him for contributing to the demise of Richard Harris's impeccable portrayl of King Arthur.

It is safe to assume that if I am taking a few hours of break from conjuring, binding or other work in the paranormal that you will find me lost in a black and white film or vintage Technicolor spectacular.

I make my spirits part of all aspects of my life from breakfast to grocery shopping to my work and sleep. I do not compartmentalize my life into "this is me when I am a Spiritualist" and "this is me when I go to the store to buy a shirt". I think sometimes this is an issue some people find hinders them from truly achieving a great connection. Don't leave your Masheba at home when you go to pick up your kids at school, bring them with you and make it part of the experience. You will find that sharing your life just as though nothing were out of the ordinary actually makes the paranormal ordinary for you and therefore you naturally become more open to paranormal experiences. Share a coffee and th newspaper with your Hellhound, make toast with your Unicorn, get groceries with your Djinn and take a bubble bath with your Immortal. The time of stereotypes and visions of creaky old haunted houses, garbed gypsies, warted witches and seedy psychic booths to visualize the paranormal is over.

Those who participate and lead an active Spiritualist lifestyle are not the people who look the Hollywood part they look and act just like you, live in average homes, live "normal" lives and have professions in every industry in the world. Though you may encounter Spiritualists here and there who remind you of Bela Lugosi there are just as many who look like June Cleaver or Henry Fonda.

I have found peace and a wonderful balance to my life with my spirits and enchantments. They are a tremendous addition to my life and my person physically, spiritually and astrally. I find that I am well-rounded and feel that I live a full life, busy and crazy though it may be at times, because I am able to view the world in a way most do not. I can appreciate and experience life on a higher level and that makes me happy. The mystic connection that brings us paranormal experiences is something I find my home in and it makes this world right for me. Spiritualism isn't for everyone, people have to choose their own paths, and for me it was just what I needed and there wasn't any other path I could have gone.

This collection belongs to me and my husband. It is part of our personal collection.

Late 18th Century Mexican ring. This is an extraordinarily stunning ring with some kind of green carnelian stone in the center which has a very unusual cut. It was a dowry gift of a certain, lovely young maiden who remains for eternity in the ring.

Early 19th Century Mexican ring. There is ornate scroll work done around the stone (which we have brought to many jewelers and has yet to be identified) and braid work done throughout the band. It belonged to a Mexican noble's daughter who still haunts the ring.

This ring once belonged to a young lover. The opal was her birthstone and her fiance's was sapphire. The young girl befell tragedy and has not left the ring.

This beautiful very rare opal ring once belonged to a gangster's girlfriend who lived in Chicago in the early 20s. Due to her unsavory choice for a lover the girl was later found dead though her boyfriend was never found. There are strands of light that show through the rare opal and she haunts the only piece of jewelry she had on her at the time of her death.

This breathtaking onyx and marcasite ring once belonged to a woman in London in the 1930s. This ring is unusually heavy and it is difficult to tell if it is because of the intricate craftmanship or her spirit that remains with it. The ring has decorative work all over including the underside of the ring, which is craftmanship you don't see today.

A late 18th Century Peruvian poison ring used to poison a cheating husband. The red stones have never been identified, but the poison that was once used in the chamber of this ring poisoned the wife who wore it and her cheating husband. Sometimes I'm not sure if it is just the wife who haunts it or if her infidelitous husband joined her.

This sponge jade ring was a souvenir of a WWII soldier who was stationed in China. It once had glowing gold accents of Chinese decorative work on either side of the jade. But due to the horrific manner of this soldiers death the gold was rubbed off and the ring's band twisted and broke part of it off. Despite his untimely death he is a very sweet and gentle spirit.

These ink stamps were used day in and day out by a Chinese nobleman. It wasn't that the stamps were a treasured belonging of his, but he was beaten over the head with the stamp on the right (which accounts for the back corner having a large chip taken from it). These stamps have moved all over our house. Sometimes he is gentle and other times he is out of control and has to be moved to the mischievous room of the house.

The blade of this jimbaya was used to slay an man who had less than honorable intentions towards a man's daughter. The man who's life was ripped away remains with the sword and like the spirit in the stamps can be hard to handle sometimes.

These burial ornaments are more than 1600 years old. They have multiple spirits with them due to the fact that the king who was buried with them had his slaves buried alive along with his dead body.

This ritual jar was used by a shaman to make his last potion. It was the potion that took his life and the lives of several others. It was never made clear why he killed himself and his companions but their spirits have haunted this jar for the last 800 years.

The king and queen statues which are modeled after chess pieces were in the study of a famous actor who has long since died. His love of chess prompted him to have these statues made and he designed the pieces himself. The polished and ogled over these statues for years and bragged about his acheivement to whoever would listen. He is a favorite friend of ours and we couldn't be happier to have him.

This tiny, little devil was a Christmas decoration of an old meiser. It was his favorite piece of holiday decor because Christmas time held too many painful memories for him. I've always likened him to Scrooge and sometimes that is what I call him, though he doesn't appreciate it.

Cleopatra's slipper was once a piece of imported decor in the home of a showgirl in the 20s. Having enough money to buy such a piece she bragged and showed it off to all her house guests. She truly loved this piece and was proud she owned it. She eventually became involved with a politician whose backers in his election campaign disagreed with his decision to go against their ideals. Needless to say she is still with the ornament and we're glad to have her.

This miniature elephant is encrusted with jewels. We bought him in Lahore some years ago and the story behind the elephant's spirit is not known. We've identified it is a young man in his 20-30s, but we do not know how he came to be with the elephant.

This 1 1/2 inch doll was a favorite toy of a very young girl who lived in a beautiful mansion. It is made of porcelain and has the sweetest face. The toddler had a tragic accident that took her at much too young an age, but she is a beguiling and tender spirit who has the most extraordinary power.

These magnificent miniature dolls were a gift from a father to his daughter after his return trip to China in the 1910s. They were a special gift that she loved, enjoyed and appreciated well into her old age. As a treasured gift and the only link to her father she kept them until her death. Even though she is an old woman she is full of warm wisdom and sweet thoughts.

The dolls on either side of this photograph, including the decorative bowl in the middle were wedding presents to the daughter of an extremely wealthy and powerful man in China. The gifts were exceptionally special because they were gifted by someone in greater power than her father. She guarded them with her life and took extra, special care of them, tending and maintaining them every day which accounts for their flawless look despite their decrepit age. The faces and hands of the dolls are made from extremely rare ivory. Their clothes are made of the finest silk worm silks and the embroidery work would amaze you. The bride haunts these things and it is a most treasured part of our collection because it is extremely rare to see one spirit haunt multiple things. We found we cannot separate the three things more than a few inches from each other or she becomes restless and disheartened.