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Creepy Hollows
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    We always ship Priority mail within the United States and Global Priority outside of the United States. We ship once a week now due to the large number of commitments we have with eBay, the Elite Collectors, multiple paranormal communities & now expeditions. We ship on Mondays.

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    General Interest

    Welcome to Creepy Hollows!

    We are eBay's only source for Custom conjurations of spirits and we spirit our vessels ourselves, unless otherwise noted. We have spent more than 10 years in practice and 6 years in heavy dedication to conjurations, research and perfecting the art of binding within the class levels. We pull the spirits from the spiritual and astral realms and bind them to vessels. You can read more about on our ME page, click here. We do deal in estates and other collections but Creepy Hollows members know they are going to get superior spirits meant expressly and specifically for them.

    Our Listings

    Let the Adventure Begin!

    Everyone's journey with the paranormal is different and that is what makes it special. Ten separate people can visit the same haunted place or interact with the same paranormal object and each will come away with a different experience.

    We truly love our life's work and are very passionate about the other collectors we meet, the treasures we find and the places we go. We work very hard to be able to share with you the rare and beautiful treasures from all over the world, to share our experience and expertise and to make collectors excited whether they be seasoned or novice to the paranormal.

    We enjoy all things paranormal and metaphysical and through the years have made some very important contacts in the field. The paranormal is our life... whether it be on eBay, on the internet, in the paranormal communities or on our own adventures to explore the haunts we live and breathe our work and that is what makes us so good at what we do!

    Whatever you'd like to collect we can find it for you whether it be from our own collection or through are many friends in the field. We have the most diverse paranormal store on ebay offering: Creatures, Djinn, Dragons, Immortals, Spirits... and Magic Spells, Seeds, Stones, Jewelry... we were the first to offer Charging Boxes on ebay in 2005 for your Faeries, Dragons, Spirits, Immortals and now Djinn.

    We love what we do and every free moment of our lives is spent either on the computer in service to eBay, the Elite Collectors, Yahoo 360, or own site... and it is also in service to our commitments in local Paranormal Communities and going on expeditions to the haunts.

    Our passion and commitment to the paranormal is what makes it possible for us to offer such rarities and grants us the opportunity to make friends across the United States and other countries to offer the MOST POWERFUL treasures in private collection!

    We are required by law to state that anything we sell if for entertainment purposes only and we are not responsible for anything that happens once the buyer takes ownership of any of our things. You must be at least 18 years old to transact on this site. Purchases made of products and/or services is done so at your own risk. We are not responsible for misuse of any of the items from our collection and should not be used in lieu of professional, legal, medical, financial or psychiatric advice or care.

    Creepy Hollows written text, photographs of Creepy Hollows logo, Creepy Hollows Tree, photographs of Creepy Hollows treasures and all listing descriptions, Creepy Hollows written experiences, and Creepy Hollows testimonials, and tagline "Let the Adventure Begin" including similar wording as obvious plagiarism of tagline are all Copyright© material.

    Use of any photographs, written text, descriptions, listing wording, or any copywritten material in regards to Creepy Hollows is copyright infringement. Use of any of the aforementioned copywritten items without expressed permission from a Creepy Hollows official represtentative is prohibited by law.

    Please report any abuse to us or ebay and we will be happy to reward you with a free spell!


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