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 Hi. My name is Bruce. Welcome to my eBay store, featuring postcards and covers (envelopes) postmarked aboard ships of the United States Navy and Coast Guard.

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-- Ship Classes
-- 1907-1909 Great White Fleet
-- 1930-1934 Coast Guard Destroyers
-- 1934 Fleet Review
-- 1936-1939 Spanish Civil War
-- 1940 Famous Fifty
-- 1941 Pearl Harbor Attack

-- Bibliography (reference books)

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Ship Classes 1908-1941

As a general rule all ships in a class were named to a common theme: battleships for states, cruisers for cities, destroyers for admirals, minesweepers for birds, submarines for fish, etc. There were many exceptions however, especially among ships converted from one class to another and vessels acquired from previous owners.

Click on the ship class to search my eBay store.

ACR ... Armored cruiser (before 1920), named for states of the Union

AC ... Collier (coal refueling ship), named for figures of mythology
AD ... Destroyer tender
AE ... Ammunition ship, named for volcanos and explosive materials
AF ... Refrigerated store ship, named for cold regions or qualities

AG ... Miscellaneous auxiliary
AH ... Hospital ship, named for healing qualities
AK ... Cargo ship, named for stars and constellations
AKS ... General stores issue ship, constellations

AM ... Minesweeper, named for birds
AO ... Fleet oiler (refueling ship), named for American rivers
AP ... Transport (troops and passengers)
APD ... High-speed transport (former destroyer DD)

AR ... Repair ship, named for figures of mythology
AS ... Submarine tender
ASR ... Submarine rescue ship (former minesweeper AM)
AT ... Fleet tug (ocean-going), named for American Indian tribes

AV ... Seaplane tender, named for aviation pioneers
AVD ... Destroyer seaplane tender (former destroyer DD)
AVP ... Small seaplane tender (former AM, former DD, and purpose-built)

BB ... Battleship, named for states of the Union
BM ... Battleship monitor

C ... Protected cruiser (before 1920), named for cities
CA ... Heavy cruiser (8-inch guns), cities
CL ... Light cruiser (6-inch guns), cities
CM ... Minelayer

CV ... Aircraft carrier, named for historic USN warships

DD ... Destroyer, named for admirals and heroes
DM ... Destroyer minelayer (former DD)
DMS ... Destroyer minesweeper (former DD)

IX ... Unclassified miscellaneous (pronounced Eye-Ex or Item-Xray)

PC ... Submarine chaser patrol boat
PE ... Eagle patrol boat, named Eagle No. 1 to Eagle No. 60
PG ... Gunboat
PR ... River gunboat (Yangtze River and South China)
PY ... Patrol yacht

SS ... Submarine, named for fish and sea creatures
SC ... Cruiser submarine (6-inch guns)
SF ... Fleet submarine
SM ... Submarine minelayer

SP ... Section patrol (before 1920)
TT ... Troop transport (before 1920)

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Ships of the Great White Fleet

Click on the ship name to search my eBay store.

Alabama BB-8
Arethusa AO-7
Birmingham CL-2
Mississippi BB-23
Missouri BB-11
Montana ACR-13
California ACR-6
Chester CL-1
Colorado ACR-7
Nebraska BB-14
New Hampshire BB-25
New Jersey BB-16
Connecticut BB-18
Culgoa AF-3
Dolphin PG-24
North Carolina ACR-12
Ohio BB-12
Panther AD-6
Georgia BB-15
Glacier AF-4
Idaho BB-24
Pennsylvania ACR-4
Rhode Island BB-17
Salem CL-3
Illinois BB-7
Kansas BB-21
Kearsarge BB-5
South Dakota ACR-9
Tennessee ACR-10
Vermont BB-20
Kentucky BB-6
Louisiana BB-19
Maine BB-10
Virginia BB-13
Washington ACR-11
West Virginia ACR-5
Maryland ACR-8
Mayflower PY-1
Minnesota BB-22
Wisconsin BB-9
Yankton PY
Yorktown PG-1

Includes only ships that later had onboard Post Offices.

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U.S. Coast Guard Destroyers

Transferred to the USCG in 1930 and 1932 for enforcement of the Volstead Act (Prohibition of intoxicating liquor) and returned to the USN in 1934 after the law's repeal.

Click on the ship name to search my eBay store.

Abel P. Upshur DD-193, USCG hull number CG-15
George E. Badger DD-196 CG-16
Herndon DD-198 CG-17
Hunt DD-194 CG-18
Semmes DD-189 CG-20
Welborn C. Wood DD-195 CG-19

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1934 Fleet Review

Ships participating in the final Review of the United States Fleet, held 31-May-1934 at Ambrose Lightship near New York City before President Franklin D. Roosevelt. The U.S. Fleet never again assembled as a single unit.

Search my eBay store for all covers postmarked during the Fleet Review or click on the ship name below.

Arctic AF-7
Argonne AS-10
Bainbridge DD-246
McFarland DD-237
Medusa AR-1
Melville AD-2
Barry DD-248
Boggs AG-19 ex DD-136
Brazos AO-4
Memphis CL-13
Milwaukee CL-5
Mississippi BB-41
Bridge AF-1
California BB-44
Chandler DD-206
Neches AO-5
New Mexico BB-40
New York BB-34
Chester CA-27
Chicago CA-29
Childs DD-241
Noa DD-343
Northampton CA-26
Omaha CL-4
Cincinnati CL-6
Colorado BB-45
Concord CL-10
Overton DD-239
Pennsylvania BB-38
Pensacola CA-24
Cuyama AO-3
Dahlgren DD-187
Dallas DD-199
Perry DD-340
Portland CA-33
Preble DD-345
Decatur DD-341
Dent DD-116
Detroit CL-8
Raleigh CL-7
Rathburne DD-113
Relief AH-1
Dickerson DD-157
Dorsey DD-117
Elliot DD-146
Reuben James DD-245
Roper DD-147
Salinas AO-19
Fairfax DD-93
Fox DD-234
Gilmer DD-233
Salt Lake City CA-25
Sands DD-243
Saratoga CV-3
Goff DD-247
Greer DD-145
Herbert DD-160
Schenck DD-159
Simpson DD-221
Southard DD-207
Hopkins DD-249
Houston CA-30
Hovey DD-208
Sturtevant DD-240
Talbot DD-114
Tarbell DD-142
Hulbert DD-342
Humphreys DD-236
Indianapolis CA-35 President Roosevelt aboard
Tennessee BB-43
Texas BB-35
Tracy DD-214
Langley CV-1
Lawrence DD-250
Lea DD-118
Trever DD-339
Truxtun DD-229
Upshur DD-144
Leary DD-158
Lexington CV-2
Litchfield DD-336
Vestal AR-4
Wasmuth DD-338
Waters DD-115
Long DD-209
Louisville CA-28
MacLeish DD-220
West Virginia BB-48
Whitney AD-4
William B. Preston DD-344
Marblehead CL-12
Maryland BB-46
McCormick DD-223
Williamson DD-244
Yarnall DD-143
Zane DD-337
Includes only ships with onboard Post Offices.

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Spanish Civil War

Ships assigned to the Spanish Service Squadron, renamed Squadron 40-T (40-Temporary, pronounced Forty-Tare), assisting refugees fleeing the Spanish Civil War.

Search my eBay store for all covers postmarked on Spanish service or click on the ship name below.

Badger DD-126
Barry DD-248
Case DD-370
Jacob Jones DD-130
Kane DD-235
Manley DD-74
Charleston PG-51
Claxton DD-140
Dickerson DD-157
McDougal DD-358
Oklahoma BB-37
Omaha CL-4
Drayton DD-366
Erie PG-50
Flusser DD-368
Quincy CA-39
Raleigh CL-7
Reid DD-369
Goff DD-247
Hatfield DD-231
Herbert DD-160
Selfridge DD-357
Trenton CL-11
Vincennes CA-44
Wyoming BB-32

Includes only ships with onboard Post Offices.

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Famous Fifty

Fifty USN destroyers traded to the United Kingdom in 1940, in exchange for long-term leases on British bases in the Caribbean and Western Atlantic.

Search my eBay store for all Famous Fifty ships or click on the ship name below.

Aaron Ward DD-132
Abbot DD-184
Abel P. Upshur DD-193
HMS Castleton (I-23)
HMS Charlestown (I-21)
HMS Clare (I-14)
Aulick DD-258
Bailey DD-269
Bancroft DD-256
HMS Burnham (H-82)
HMS Reading (G-71)
HMCS St. Francis (I-93)
Branch DD-197
Buchanan DD-131
Claxton DD-140,
HMS Beverley (H-64)
HMS Campbeltown (I-42)
HMS Salisbury (I-52)
Connor DD-72
Conway DD-70
Cowell DD-167
HMS Leeds (G-27)
HMS Lewes (G-58)
HMS Brighton (I-08)
Crowninshield DD-134
Doran (ex Bagley) DD-185
Edwards DD-265
HMS Chelsea (I-35)
HMS St. Marys (I-12)
HMS Buxton (H-96)
Evans DD-78
Fairfax DD-93
Foote DD-169
HMS Mansfield (G-76)
HMS Richmond (G-88)
HMS Roxborough (I-07)
Hale DD-133
Haraden DD-183
Herndon DD-198
HMS Caldwell (I-20)
HMCS Columbia (I-49)
HMS Churchill (I-45)
Hopewell DD-181
Hunt DD-194
Kalk DD-170
HMS Bath (I-17)
HMS Broadway (H-90)
HMS Hamilton (I-24)
Laub DD-263
Mackenzie DD-175
Maddox DD-168
HMS Burwell (H-94)
HMCS Annapolis (I-04
HMS Georgetown (I-40)
Mason DD-191
McCalla DD-253
McCook DD-252
HMS Broadwater (H-81)
HMS Stanley (I-73)
HMCS St. Croix (I-81)
McLanahan DD-264
Meade DD-274
Philip DD-76
HMS Bradford (H-72)
HMS Ramsey (G-60)
HMS Lancaster (G-05)
Ringgold DD-89
Robinson DD-88
Rodgers DD-254
HMS Newark (G-08)
HMS Newmarket (G-47)
HMS Sherwood (I-80)
Satterlee DD-190
Shubrick DD-268
Sigourney DD-81
HMS Belmont (H-46)
HMS Ripley (G-79)
HMS Newport (G-54)
Stockton DD-73
Swasey DD-273
Thatcher DD-162
HMS Ludlow (G-57)
HMS Rockingham (G-58)
HMCS Niagara (I-57)
Thomas DD-182
Tillman DD-135
Twiggs DD-127
HMS St. Albans (I-15)
HMS Wells (I-95)
HMS Leamington (G-19)
Welborn C. Wood DD-195
Welles DD-257
Wickes DD-75
HMS Chesterfield (I-28)
HMS Cameron (I-05)
HMS Montgomery (G-95)
Williams DD-108
Yarnall DD-143
HMCS St. Clair (I-65)
HMS Lincoln (G-42)
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Pearl Harbor Attack

Ships at Pearl Harbor during the Imperial Japanese attack 07-December-1941.

Search my eBay store for all ships that survived the attack, all ships sunk in the attack, or click on the ship name below.

Allen DD-66
Antares AKS-3 ex AG-10
Argonne AG-31 ex AS-10
Patterson DD-392
Pelias AS-14
Pennsylvania BB-38
Arizona BB-39 Sunk
Avocet AVP-4 ex AM-19
Aylwin DD-355
Perry DMS-17 ex DD-340
Phelps DD-360
Phoenix CL-46
Bagley DD-386
Blue DD-387
Bobolink AM-20
Preble DM-20 ex DD-345
Pruitt DM-22 ex DD-347
Pyro AE-1
Breese DM-18 ex DD-122
Cachalot SS-170
California BB-44 Sunk
Rail AM-26
Raleigh CL-7
Ralph Talbot DD-390
Case DD-370
Cassin DD-372 Sunk
Castor AKS-1
Ramapo AO-12
Ramsay DM-16 ex DD-124
Reid DD-369
Chew DD-106
Conyngham DD-371
Cummings DD-365
Rigel AR-11 ex AD-13
Sacramento PG-19
Saint Louis CL-49
Curtiss AV-4
Dale DD-353
Detroit CL-8
San Francisco CA-38
Schley DD-103
Selfridge DD-357
Dewey DD-349
Dobbin AD-3
Dolphin SS-169
Shaw DD-373 Sunk
Sicard DM-31 ex DD-346
Solace AH-5
Downes DD-375 Sunk
Farragut DD-348
Gamble DM-15 ex DD-123
Sumner (former Bushnell) AG-32
Sunnadin AT-28
Swan AVP-7 ex AM-34
Grebe AM-43
Helena CL-50
Helm DD-388
Tangier AV-8
Tautog SS-199
Tennessee BB-43
Henley DD-391
Honolulu CL-48
Hulbert AVD-6 ex DD-342
Tern AM-31
Thornton AVD-11 ex DD-270
Tracy DM-19 ex DD-214
Hull DD-350
Jarvis DD-393
MacDonough DD-351
Trever DMS-16 ex DD-339
Tucker DD-374
Turkey AM-13
Maryland BB-46
Medusa AR-1
Monaghan DD-354
Utah AG-16 ex BB-31 Sunk
Vega AK-17
Vestal AR-4
Montgomery DM-17 ex DD-121
Mugford DD-389
Narwhal SS-167
Vireo AM-52
Ward DD-139
Wasmuth DMS-15 ex DD-338
Neosho AO-23
Nevada BB-36
New Orleans CA-32
West Virginia BB-48 Sunk
Whitney AD-4
Widgeon ASR-1 ex AM-22
Oglala (ex Shawmut) CM-4 Sunk
Oklahoma BB-37 Sunk
Ontario AT-13
Worden DD-352
Zane DMS-14 ex DD-337

Includes only ships with onboard Post Offices.

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