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A diamond is an element made up of carbon. It is the most precious mineral of all the earth's gem minerals. A diamond is formed under intense pressure and heat 75-120 miles below the earths surface. 250 tons of rock have to be sifted through to produce one gem quality 1ct diamond. Diamonds are recovered by alluvial deposits where a volcanic eruption occurs and sifting the rubble from the eruption occurs and sifting the ruble from the eruption along water beds is one way we find diamonds. Another way is diamond pipes drilled below the earths surface and dug up Kimberlite which contains the precious beauty, rarity, and durability of the mineral we know as diamond. Diamond is the hardest substance known to man, and has exceptional toughness. Diamonds are cut from the rough rock to the polished diamond through many facets to produce the most brilliance, light dispertion, and fire a diamond reviels to become one of the most enduring symbols of love, purity, and perfection.