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Where did you get your herbal training?

        I have loved and studied herbs for over 30 years. I formally studied herbs for 3 1/2  years, My first year was with a British Herbalist.  The course of study was David Hoffman's, B Sc, M.N.I.M.H., Therapeutic Herbalism.  I studied an additional year and a half with a Medical Doctor/Herbalist whose course of study was her own Foundations in Herbal Medicine by Tieraonia Low Dog MD, AHG. I also studied a year with Rosemary Gladstar AHG. Her course of study was The Science and Art of Herbalism.  I have a passion for herbs and through experience know the positive benefits they can have on people. In 2007 I was honored to be chosen as a lifttime VIP in Cambridge Who's Who.  The Cambridge Who's Who Registry is a compilation of men and women of distinction who are influential within their organization or industry. The Cambridge Who's Who Registry is also availabe on the World Wide Web.

Why do extracts and essential oils have to be shipped UPS Ground?

After September 11th the government has become much more careful about using air transportation to transport flammable items.  Therefore, the ONLY way to ship a flammable item is by UPS Ground.  If you have a large order and it contains any flammable items then UPS Ground will be your only choice.  Please note that we do not ship flammable items to Canada. 

Why is shipping so expensive? 

Unfortunately shipping is directly related to the cost of gas.  As I'm sure you are aware, gas prices have sky rocketed.  It costs more to operate a truck, car or plane to ship packages and that increase is reflected in the increased cost of shipping. My shipping fees are exactly what is quoted to me from UPS or USPS and nothing more.  I do not charge a handling fee or even for the box and packaging, only the cost of the shipping.  I do not discount my shipping because I have a small but fair markup over wholesale on the cost of my products and so I cannot afford to subsidize my shipping.

Can I combine shipping?

Absolutely!  Order what you want and the items should be combined automatically at the end of the transaction.  If for some reason this does not happen just send me a quick note and I will rectify the problem. If you purchase an item and finalize the sale and then decide to add more to your order later then it will be necessary to contact me so that I can manually combine your order.  I am happy to accomodate any requests as long as the first item(s) have not already shipped.

Do you ship USPS?

Yes, I do offer USPS Priority Mail as well as UPS Ground and UPS 3 day select.  My preference for shipping is UPS because they include insurance with their shipping at no extra charge and if a problem arises it is easier to track and fix.   I feel UPS is the most reliable shipper, however, that is your choice.  USPS also offers tracking but only that it was shipped and was delivered, nothing inbetween.

When will my item(s) ship?

Typically, they will ship the day the order is  recieved if the order comes in before noon. At the latest, it will ship the day following the order.  I ship Monday thru Friday and orders received on the weekend ship out first thing Monday.  Also, both UPS and USPS do not pick up at our warehouse or deliver on holidays.

Can you ship to my P.O. Box?

Yes, if you choose USPS Priority you can have your item shipped to a PO Box.  However, if you choose UPS Ground I need a physical address.

When should I expect my item(s) to arrive?

Please allow 1 to 6 business days for UPS Ground.  Please note the UPS does not count the day of shipping, weekends or holidays in their delivery time estimates.  USPS Priority states a 2 day arrival, however, please know that this is not always the case.

When do I need to pay for my item(s)?

Payment is excepted within 7 days after purchase. However, if there is a problem I simply request that you let me know about it and we will work something out.

Are your products guaranteed?

Yes! They are 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our products are of superior quality and probably the best on the market.  The turnover is great which in turn means fresher products. 

What if I don't see what I'm looking for?

E-mail me and tell me what you are looking for.  I'm still in the process of building my store and may not have listed the item you are looking for yet.  If you don't see it, don't hesitate to ask. Also, when doing a search, be sure to use the least amount of words as possible.  For example:  If you're looking for Echinacea Root, just type in Echinacea.  Otherwise any other product that has "root" in the title will come up as well.  Try typing your search several different ways before giving up.

Can I order larger amounts of bulk herb & spice?

Yes, you can.  Just send me an e-mail and I can give you a price quote.  There is a price break at 5 pounds of the same item and again at 25 pounds.  Also, you can combine shipping and save there as well.  Also, if you require large amounts of bulk herbs that are not packaged in 1 lb. bags I can quote you an even lower price for those.

Why is your store different than other Ebay stores?

First and foremost, I pride myself on SUPERIOR customer service.  I will go above and beyond to have satisfied customers.  If possible, I ship immediately, always immediately leave positive feedback after the item is paid for and quickly answer any and all questions.  I try to make the buying experience a postive one.

Why aren't all herbs organic or wildcrafted?

Herbs grown in the United States are usually available as Certified Organic or Ethically Wildcrafted.  However, herbs that come from other countries are sometimes not availabe in these forms.  Herbs are chosen for the best quality available.  When herbs are Certified Organic you are guaranteed that they were grown without chemicals or pesticides and that they have not been irradiated.  Ethically Wildcrafted herbs are herbs that grow in nature in the wild and they are found  and harvested.  Because they are in the wild, they will not contain chemicals or pesticides and will not have been irradiated.  We search the world over for our suppliers and feel that we have probably the best products out there.  Because of our extremely high standards I feel that our non-organic products are as close as you can get to organic without actually being organic. I have no worries using them in my custom blended formulas from my Apothecary when I cannot get Organic or Wildcrafted.   

What is a tincture or extract?

     A tincture or extract is an liquid herb made by placing a measured amount of dry herbs into a container with a measured amount of water and a specific percentage of alcohol.  They are then left to sit in a cool dark place for at least two months while the liquid pulls all of the active constituents out of the herb.  After two months the herb (marc) is now inert and the liquid (menstrum) is now your tincture. Extracts can be either alcohol based or glycerine based. 

What is a glycerite?

     A glycerite is an herbal tincture or extract made with glycerine instead of alcohol.  Glycerites are made with 20% ionized alkalinized filtered water and 80% glycerine.  This process cannot be used on all herbs like roots or gums and their shelf life if not as long. However, they taste better and are a great alternative for young kiddos and people who, for whatever reason, cannot have alcohol.