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Before ordering a part from us please check the part number is compatible with your car. Parts ordered incorrectly by buyers that have been fitted will not be accepted for return. We are able to check compatibility on some parts with chassis number.

VWG chassis Numbers Explained

Volkswagen, Audi, Seat and Skoda chassis/VIN (Vehicle identification number) numbers consist of 17 digits which contain information about the specific car.

A typical VWG chassis number looks like this:


This can be broken down into segments:

WAU ZZZ 8K 8 9 A 055900

Let’s begin with the first three digits which in our example are WAU, this means that it is an Audi which all begin with WAU except for the TT which begins with TRU and RS models which begin WUA.

A Volkswagen chassis number begins with WVW.

A Seat chassis number begins with WSS.

A Skoda chassis number begins with TMB.

The next three digits are three Zs (ZZZ) and these are random filler digits.

The seventh and eights indicate the specific model. In our example 8K is an Audi A4 (B8).

See our MODEL CODES GUIDE which details various different VWG chassis model codes.

The ninth digit (8 in our example) is another random filler and can be either a number or letter.

The tenth digit (9 in our example) is the model year. In this case it is a 2009 model year car.

VWG model years don’t run January to December so this can be slightly confusing. Many ’59 number plated cars will already be ‘A’ which is model year 2010! It is important when searching for parts that you know the model year for your car. Your car may have be an ’04 number plate but it could in fact be a VWG ’05 or even ‘03 model year!  See our MODEL YEARS GUIDE for more information.

The next digit (A in this example) indicates the factory location where the car was built. In our example ‘A’ signifies the car was built at Audi’s main factory in Ingolstadt, Germany.

The remaining six digits are the car’s unique chassis number and they run in sequence of production.

We hope this helps you de-code your chassis number!