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Window film and window scenes are applied using the wet method, which allows for easier installation. Milky white patches may occur in using the wet method, but these will disappear in a few days to a week.

Tools: Scissors, Tape Measure, Razor Knife or Straight Edge Razor, Ruler, Squeegee, Credit Card, approx. 32 oz. Spray Bottle, Mild Dishwashing Detergent (we recommend Joy) OR Baby Shampoo (we recommend Johnson's), and Paper Towels

1. Clean the window making sure to remove all dirt, grease, etc.

2. Measure the height and width of the glass surface. Allow approx. 1/2" extra material on each side of the film and cut the film to size.

3. Create a wetting solution by adding 1-2 drops of the liquid soap into a 32 oz. Spray bottle filled with water.

4. Lay the cut decorative film on a clean flat surface with the release liner up, or have someone hold the piece to be applied for you. Remove the liner, spraying the wetting solution on the now exposed adhesive surface thoroughly, as the liner is removed.

5. Apply a GENEROUS amount of wetting solution to the glass. Cover the entire glass surface with the solution. The wetting solution prevents the film from sticking to the surface immediately, thereby allowing more time in which to properly position the film.

6. Place the now wet film onto the glass surface. Spray a small amount of the solution on the face of the film also. Remove the wetting solution and any air bubbles with the squeegee, working from the middle of the film to the outside edges.

7. If any air bubbles or solution remain, use a credit card or similar material as a squeegee as described above. Be careful not to push too hard and tear the film. (Note: you will want to wrap a thin, soft piece of cloth around the edge of the item to prevent any scratching of the film.)

8. Cut off the excess film from the edges using a sharp knife or razor and a ruler. Place the ruler along the inside edge of the window frame where you need to trim, and cut between the ruler and the frame of the window. It is ideal to cut in one continuous movement.

9. Use the paper towels to clean up any excess wetting solution.

The film may take a few days to dry in order for it to completely adhere to the glass.

If you have bubbles that have not been worked out with the squeegee or credit card, you may use a straight pin to pop the bubble and work the air out.

Make sure there are no dry spots on the film prior to placing it on the glass.

Take care when removing the release liner that the film does not roll over onto itself. It will stick together and is difficult to pull apart!

If the weather is extremely cold outside and your wetting solution is freezing on the window, windshield washer fluid may be substituted for the wetting solution.

All of the films have a liner applied to the back of them. If you are having trouble removing the liner, apply a piece of tape on the front, and one on the back of one of the corners of the film. As you peel the two pieces of tape apart, the liner should peel away from the film along with the tape.

Film Removal

The static cling films and decals simply peel off of the window. You should save the original backing to store them for use the next time. The removable adhesive films can also be peeled off of the window when you are ready to remove them. Warming the film with a blow dryer may be helpful. If any adhesive residue remains on the window it can be sprayed with warm soapy water or windex, let it set for a few seconds, and then wipe clean. A scraper (razor blade) may also be helpful but is not necessarily needed.