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Price match guarantee:

We at GC eyewear promise that you are buying your glasses at the lowest price online.


Please note that the following conditions apply:


  1. You must provide us with sufficient evidence of the alternative price which should be via a webpage/item number, email, fax, or a written quote [letter headed].
  2. The total price must include the cost of the frames, case, cloth, delivery, VAT,  or any other additional costs incurred.
  3. The lower price must include the same warranty and guarantee terms.
  4. The price elsewhere can not be part of a special promotion/offer.
  5. The frame model, colour and size must be exactly the same.
  6. The website offering the lower price must be a Practising Optician based in the UK, otherwise there is no guarantee whether the product on offer is a replica or authentic.
  7. Please note that Price Match can not be combined with any other offers available at gc_eyewear.