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To all of our loyal customers, due to an emergency within our company, we will not be able to accept any new orders at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience.
-The GearXS Team


Product Condition & Packaging


New - The product is new and unused. We sell many products that are in a new unused condition. These products are 'A Grade' condition with no signs of usage.
'New Retail Boxed' products will show no marks or scratches. These products may come in a factory sealed blister pack or in a manufacturer branded retail box. All contents found inside are brand new and unused and complete as specified by the manufacturer.

New Pull are parts that were originally used to assemble a new line of computer systems ready to be sold to computer and electronic stores that may not have sold and were later discontinued for reasons such as; lack of sales, a newer model was released to the market, the older system was then returned back to the manufacturer. To reduce loss in profit the parts inside the systems are disassembled and 'pulled' which are then resold in Bulk as 'New - Pull'. Although the part may not have been used by a customer or buyer it would have been used initially at the time of the systems construction and operating system installation. These parts may have some minor marks or scratches most commonly around the screw holes from initial installation and removal of the part. New Pull products are mainly sold as bulk and may not include software or accessories unless specified.

Like New - The product may have been used. It has been recertified / inspected by our technicians. These products are 'A Grade' condition with light to no signs of usage. They may be new or bulk items that were never sold by the original manufacturer for reason such as box damage. The items are then repacked in plain boxes and resold by the manufacturer. These products may come in a factory sealed blister packs, manufacturer branded plain boxes, or unmarked plain boxes. Items may be missing software or other original accessories, exact package contents will be listed on each posting. In the case of Logitech products, typically, the only way to distinguish these from brand new is that Logitech blacks out the tiny serial numbers on the bottoms of the products, or removes the UPC code. Our technicians or in some cases, the manufacturer, have checked each product to make sure they are in fully working condition, and then carefully repackage them for sale.

New Open Box are products that may have been returned by a customer but was never used, most returns do not pass our New Retail Boxed inspections test and so are resold as a New Opened Box product at a slightly reduced price. New Open Box products may also have been a demo unit used in a Retail Store for sales and marketing purposes. These products were never sold to the public but may have been used for demonstration purposes in store. These products may have some minor marks and scratches either through return transit or have have suffered some minor scuffs or scratches through public demonstrations and testing. New Open Box products may not include accessories or may be missing some of the original software or accessories unless specified otherwise.

Pull - A Pull product is similar to a New Pull product as explained above but may have been a part that was disassembled from a slightly used system or a Computer System that was purchased by a customer from a Retail Store but the product was returned due it being an unwanted gift, returned for exchange or was returned due to a minor defect which was then returned back to the manufacturer. Seeing that these products have been used they can no longer be sold as a New Pull. These products may have some marks and scratches especially around the screw holes areas. Pulls are normally sold as Bulk and may not include any accessories or software unless stated otherwise.

Refurbished - also known as 'Recertified' is a product that was originally sold to the public as a brand new product but was returned to the store from where it was purchased either because the customer did not want it or a minor defect was found. The product was then returned to the manufacturer. The product is then either repaired on site by the manufacturer or released to a contracted reseller for retesting and reselling. These products may have marks and scratches from previous owner usage but are tested for full functionality. Most 'Refurbished' products sold by GearXS are covered by a 30 day in-store returns exchange warranty only unless specified otherwise. Refurbished products are normally sold as Bulk and may not include any software or accessories unless stated otherwise. THESE ITEMS MAY HAVE BLACKED OUT SERIAL NUMBERS (please see FAQ below for detailed reason as to why the manufacturer may do this)

Used - A product that may have been sold to a customer but was returned as an unwanted gift or the product is not compatible with their system. The product may been returned in a condition that we are unable to resell as New and may be in a used condition with marks and scratches. These products are sold at a reduced price sometimes up to 90% in discount for clearance purposes. Used products may not include any software or accessories unless stated otherwise.

AS-IS - These products may be tested or untested. They are sold AS-IS with no warranty. Items may be defective customer returns or unwanted product returns. The product may been returned in a condition that we are unable to resell as Refurbished or Used and will be in a used condition with marks and scratches. AS-IS PRODUCTS MAY NOT FUNCTION IN PART OR IN FULL! These products are sold at a greatly reduced price for clearance purposes. AS-IS products may not include any software or accessories unless stated otherwise.



Retail Box - A product that is sold in its original packaging from the original manufacturer. If the product is sold as a 'New Retail Box' product then it should include all required accessories and software unless stated otherwise on the product page. If the product is sold as Open Boxed, Refurbished or Used then the original Accessories or Software may be missing from the contents.

Plain Box - A product that is sold as Manufacturer Refurbished product is normally resold and shipped to resellers in a plain box. If the refurbished product came from a major Brand manufacturer then the plain box may be stamped with the manufacturer logo. Some other manufacturers may just have the products shipped in a plain unmarked box.

Bulk - A product that is sold as Bulk is shipped out to us in large quantities. These products may be brand new OEM parts that were originally designed for system builders for custom built computers, they may also be Pulls from discontinued or used computers or even refurbished/used products. The product will be shipped out in a similar condition as they were received. The product is generally shipped in a clear plastic packaging that will be placed in a plain box covered in protective packaging protection.  



Frequently Asked Questions



Q. I just recently purchased a product from GearXS, it arrived very quickly to my home but the item is defective... what do I do next?
Not a problem, simply visit our eBay Store or go any of our Product Pages and click on the 'Returns' link which will direct you to our Returns Request page. Simply submit a returns request and you should receive an approval or an email reply within 48 hours. Please allow extra time if submitting on a Friday or Weekend. GearXS is only open during normal business hours from Monday to Friday. You may also contact us at 1-800-438-7516 Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm CST if you need immediate attention to your case and one of our trained Customer Service Specialist will be happy to assist you. 

Q. I ordered a product from GearXS and it did not come with all the accessories.
A. If the product that was purchased from us is Open Boxed, Refurbished or Used it may not include all the software and accessories. Our product pages will state what accessories are included.

Q. I ordered a product from GearXS and it is not New as advertised.
A. All of our product pages will state the condition of the product and what is included with that product. A lot of the products that we sell are Refurbished. The Condition details of the product is located directly above the Product Description and parallel to the product image.

Q. My credit card was declined but there is a pending charge showing on my credit card account.
A. When a credit card transaction is attempted through our Checkout System and is declined the system will automatically create a pending charge. This charge will not be captured or completed by us and should disappear from your account within 2-3 business days. Unfortunately we do not have any control over this process otherwise we would cancel/void the charge.

Q. I have a hard to time getting through to Customer Service over the phone.
Although our team of highly trained Customer Service Representatives are ready to answer all phones in a timely manner, due to our company popularity the high volume of calls that we experience especially during our peak hours customers may experience wait times between 15 - 30 minutes sometimes under rare occasions up to 45 minutes to an hour during our ongoing promotions and sales offer events.

Q. I submitted an RMA return request but never received a response or an RMA Approval confirmation.
As explained on our RMA Returns page it may take up to 48 business hours before you receive an RMA approval confirmation. All RMA return requests are processed in the order that they are received. We will always try our best to review and approve your RMA Return Request in a timely manner. Our company is closed from Friday 3pm till Monday 10am (Central Standard Time). Any RMA return requests submitted on a Friday or on a weekend will not be reviewed and processed until the next commencing business day which will be the following Monday or Tuesday.

Q. I purchased a product from your store and paid directly via PayPal, why has my product not been shipped out?
Due to our agreements and abiding policies with eBay we are unable to accept payment outside of eBay Stores. All purchases must be processed and completed via our Checkout System. We accept PayPal and all major credit cards inc. Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If a payment has been made via PayPal outside of our Checkout System we would not be able to detect this payment or confirm the order therefore we would not be able to ship out your order.

Q. My RMA was approved and I have already returned my defective product, why is it taking so long for my refund request to be processed?
All returns are processed in the order that they are received. It may take an average of 2-7 business days for your return to be received at our Shipping and Receiving depending on the Postal Carrier service that you have purchased. Once the item has been physically received by the RMA Department, your return product should be processed within 1-7 business days but during our high sales seasons and holidays the wait time may take as long as 30 days. Once the return has been processed by the RMA Department your refund request will be forwarded to the Accounts Department. The processing time for refunds at this point is 24-48 hours. If you need your return process expedited then please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

Q. I just received my refund for an item that I had just returned. Why did I not receive a full refund?
Any products that are purchased from GearXS that are received defective may be returned for a working exchange only. Under certain circumstances we may allow the request for refund but there will be a 15% restocking that covers transaction, administration and handling fees. Original Shipping & Handling Costs are also non-refundable.

Q. I purchased a product from GearXS by clicking on Buy-It-Now but the Shipping Options in Checkout does not show Hawaii? (also applies to Puerto Rico, Alaska, Virgin Islands, Guan, APO and FPO).
As stated in our Terms and Policies we only ship to the 48 main continental states, we do not ship to the States listed above. However if you see something that you like from our store please call us at 1-800-438-7516 Monday - Friday from 10am - 4pm CST and one of our Sales Specialists will review your order. In certain situations we may approve your order. Some additional charges may apply to ship to the above listed States.

Q. I submitted a question via the eBay Messages System but did not receive a response.
Our customer service specialist team are trained to answer your questions in a timely manner. Due to the high volume of questions and inquiries received it may take us up to 48 hours to answer your question. Our company is closed on weekends. If you submit a question on Friday or on the weekend your question will not be answered until the next business day which is the following Monday or Tuesday.

Q. I purchased a product from GearXS, the tracking number shows that it was delivered but I did not receive the package.
If there is a tracking confirmation sent by GearXS then the package was picked up by the Postal or Courier Service. Once a package has been picked up from our warehouse the courier service accepts all liability from this point to the delivery of the package. However if the package is lost contact us and we will assist you in opening a claim with the courier service. Please advise that although we are not liable for shipping courier mistakes we will assist you in every way that we can. The time taken to process your lost claims with the courier service is completely under the courier services discretion and is out of our control. The average lost claims time from past experience is 7-10 business days before we receive a response from the courier service.

Q. I purchased a Refurbished product from GearXS, why did you black out the serial number?
The serial numbers on many refurbished products that we sell are in fact blacked out by the Manufacturer or the direct contracted reseller. When a product is returned back to the store by a customer either because they did not want it or a minor defect was found, the product is sent back to the Manufacturer for repairs. The product may have used up its manufacturer warranty by the original buyer. After the product has been repaired or released to contracted resellers the product can no longer be sold as new and all warranty with the product is voided. We receive the products in this condition. Although they are sold AS-IS without manufacturer warranty, we at GearXS will honor a 30 day return exchange for any products received that is not to your satisfaction.