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    IDEX Online, Gem Stone King Launch Joint eBay Direct Sales Channel

  • (May 27, '09, 2:00 IDEX Online)

  • New York, NY – May, 26, 2009 – IDEX Online, leading provider of diamond trading services, and Gem Stone King, one of the largest fine-jewelry retailers on eBay, announced the launch of a joint eBay direct diamond sales channel.
  • The ground-breaking e-commerce platform seamlessly integrates IDEX Online’s diamond trading systems with Gem Stone King’s and eBay’s e-commerce systems. The platform revolutionizes the retail marketplace for certified diamonds by automatically synchronizing the offering process from initial listing of certified diamonds on IDEX Online, through the packaging of ready-to-sell diamond listings for retail consumers on eBay. All IDEX Online diamond suppliers are eligible to participate in this unique eBay channel.
  • "This new channel – an extension of our Guaranteed Diamond TransactionsTM platform – will turbo-charge our suppliers into the forefront of e-commerce," said Abraham Stern, CEO of IDEX Online. "Think of this as a ‘30-seconds from polishing your diamond to showcasing it mounted on pieces of fine jewelry on the world’s largest e-commerce platform at no effort to you’ service. There is no doubt that our suppliers will make the most of this opportunity by supplying the highest-quality listings possible."
  • The new system automatically screens IDEX Online’s entire inventory of more than 350,000 certified diamonds – valued at over $3 Billion – to identify and offer stones meeting the buyer’s specific desires. The linked system creates an experience focused on fulfilling the consumer’s most important needs, including guaranteed availability, comprehensive detailed information on the offered diamonds and, most importantly, best comparable prices. The result: rewarding eBay consumers with the highest-value diamond offerings available across the world at any point in time, and rewarding competitive suppliers with a powerful new channel.
  • Dinesh Lathi, VP of the Seller Experience at eBay said: “We are pleased to work with IDEX Online and Gem Stone King to bring even greater efficiency and transparency to the diamond marketplace while significantly increasing the selection of diamonds available on”
  • "Gem Stone King is a leading fine jewelry seller on eBay, with a terrific track record and very high levels of trust and satisfaction from eBay’s consumer community," added Nir Hollander, Chairman of Gem Stone King, Inc. "We are sure to maximize the value for consumers and suppliers alike.”
  • IDEX Online will lead its supplier community, providing details on how to participate in this channel. IDEX Online’s personnel will be available for questions during JCK Las Vegas, at Booth #L47. Mr. Hollander and Mr. Stern will also be available for pre-scheduled briefings during JCK.
  • About IDEX Online

  • IDEX Online is a leading provider of trading services and content for the diamond industry. IDEX Online's offering includes diamond trading services, objective wholesale pricing information, market trends, and up-to-date industry news and analysis. Founded in 2000 by experienced industry professionals, IDEX Online maintains offices in all major diamond centers worldwide, ensuring a secure, unbiased and user-friendly environment to meet the needs of thousands of traders anytime, anywhere.
  • About Gem Stone King

  • Led by Nir Hollander, Gem Stone King embodies four generations of experience in the global diamond market. Gem Stone King is today the leading online jewelry retailer on eBay with over 60,000 Internet sales since beginning eBay operations in 1999. Gem Stone King’s eBay consumer feedback metrics, a key indicator reflecting consumer satisfaction and trust, are unparalleled with a 99.9% buyer satisfaction rate from more than 40,000 customers. Gem Stone King has built a large repeat customer following, who have come to expect frequent product and marketing innovations from Gem Stone King.

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  • (May 27, '09, 2:00 IDEX Online)

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  • New York's diamond business is an insular world. Yet thanks to introductions from relatives in the business, anthropologist Shield (Uneasy Endings: Daily Life in an American Nursing Home) gained access to the industry's inner sanctum: West 47th Street in Manhattan.
  • Shield also pays particular attention to women's functions in the trade (Orthodox Jews and Hasidic sects are highly patriarchal cultures in which women have often been excluded from the marketplace), the vagaries of being part of a family business and the aspects of the business that allow many men to work well past typical retirement age.
  • Though perhaps too detailed and scholarly for a wide, popular audience, the book offers a window into an enigmatic sector of society that, as Shield ably portrays, balances on the cusp between the traditional and the modern.

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