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The Mystic color process enhances the surface of the gemstone to improve the optical properties of natural gemstones. Gemstones that have this enhancement are produced by utilizing a thin-film optical treatment.

The thin film treatment applied to gemstones is durable and hard. The treated layer is only microns in thickness. It is not deposited in thick layers. If the wearer utilizes care, the enhancement will last for the life of the jewelry setting.

The Mystic enhanced gemstone should not be exposed to any abrasives, acids or high heat. Ultrasonic cleaners may contain a pickling solution that would cause damage to the surface of the gemstone.

We recommend using cleaners that are safe for pearls or opals. A mild soap and water rinse also works well.

Heat Treatment

The color of heat treated gemstones will not be affected under normal wear and tear for the life of the jewelry. Do not expose to harsh chemicals or abrasive jewelry cleaners.


The color of irradiated yellow, blue, and green diamonds is permanent. The irradiated color of these diamonds will not change over the life of the diamond. You may use all popular cleaning methods such as steam cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning.

Not Treated

This stone has not been treated.