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Geoffrey’s Comics opened its doors in 1978. The same year that Annie Hall beat Star Wars for Best Picture, the Susan B Anthony dollar entered circulation, Chad Ocho Cinco, Ashton Kutcher, and Kobe Byrant were born, and Ed Wood died. Dallas, Taxi, and Battlestar Galactica premiered. Saturday Night Fever destroyed the pop charts. Space Invaders made its debut. Gas cost 89 cents a gallon. A new house cost $54,000. A new Ford Mustang cost $4,000. And most importantly, comics cost 40 cents. New books that month: X-Men 115, Fantastic Four 200, Amazing Spider-Man 186, Green Lantern 110, Batman 305, and Detective 480.

The store was opened by Geoffrey Patterson with little more than a dream. He wanted to stop working for “the man” and own his own business. And he only knew one thing – comics. Well, beer, too. So two things. The store opened inauspiciously in November of 1978. Many days Geoff Sr would make just a couple dollars being open all day. And a six pack was a couple bucks. You do the math.

The store’s first guest was about the best guest you could have – Jack Kirby. He brought his wife with him. Or should I say she brought him. The King couldn’t drive. His wife said that he got too distracted coming up with comic ideas and drawing images in his head to drive anywhere safely. He was as friendly as any guy could be. Signed everyone’s books. Shared some great stories. We’ve had a lot of guests over the years, but it is hard to top The King.

Being in business for 30 years, you go through a lot. But we’ve survived through the Death of Superman, The Rise and Fall of Valiant, Chromium glow-in-the-dark covers, the creation of Venom, The birth of Image, Groo, The Death of Captain America, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Pogs, Pokemon, and Magic The Gathering.

And now we're the tops in silver gold comics for Southern California. Check out all our stuff on eBay, and don't be afraid to send us your want list, because we've got 10,000 books in our store that we can't list on eBay. Don't forget to visit us at

Geoffrey's Comics then...

...and Geoffrey's Comics today.