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Vacuum Education Center


Having sold over 9000 high end vacuums online we know a lot about vacuum cleaners.  Our slogan for our company is "We know Vacuums" and its true.  I get tons of emails every day from people asking what the best vacuum would be for them or their family.  So we have decide to create a Vacuum Education Center to share some of our knowledge with them.  We hope to accomplish 3 things:

We want to educate people on what makes a good vacuum great.  Their is a lot of misinformation out their and sometimes it can be confusing.  We will be doing tests on several differnt models of vacuums in the future and posting our test results here.  At the bottom of this page you will see vacuum reviews that have been written to help you understand the best vacuum for you.

Most vacuum sellers and shops sell vacuums not based upon whats best for the customer but what they have for sale.  Most people dont know this but when somone sells new vacuums they are only allowed to sell certain vacuum lines.    So when a customer comes in and asks the "what is the best vacuum for me?"  the store owner thinks "what vacuums that I am allowed to sell would be best for them?".  Thats whats so great about GREAT-VACS.  We sell all the high end vacuums and we average the same profit on them.  We are independent and not bound by any rules on what we are allowed to sell.  So if you are not completly sure which vacuum would be best for you drop us an email.  Since we sell all the good models of vacuums we can suggest something that would be perfect for your family. 

A point to be made here is their is no best fit all vacuum.  From the elderly woman to the mom with 4 kids (including dad), 3 dogs and a cat :) we would suggest something different.  Every family has different needs and thats why we sell different vacuums.  If you are not sure on the vacuum that would be best for your family drop me a email at and let me know some of your needs.  Let me know things that are important for your needs like Allergies, hardwood floors, pets, stairs, and back problems.  Then based upon your needs I can suggest something.

Below are some of our reviews that we have written on ebay.    Be sure and check out are artilce about what makes a good vacuum great.  Its called PICKING THE RIGHT VACUUM The reviews we have written on vacuums are below.  Be sure to vote for them if you think they are helpful reviews.  The more votes they get the higher they are on the ebay rankings.  Their are ones ranked high right now that are not very good.

Vacuum Reviews and Guides on ebay


Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Review

Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Review

Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner Review

Vacuum Cleaner Guide buy the best one for you

Vacuum Cleaners Bagless vs. Bags – Which is best?

HEPA Filtration - Fact from Myth


As time permits I will also be adding more information and reviews here as well.  I hope this was helpful to you and if you have any vacuum questions please dont hesitate to ask me.

Thank You,

Dustin Chaffin

Great Vacs Manager