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How to purchase 2 or more patterns from the same seller:

1. Click on the first pattern you would like to purchase.

2. You will see sort of in the center of the page, the box that says BUY IT NOW. Underneath that, about 3 lines down, you will see: Shipping: the shipping price, US Postal Service First Class, then in small print under this it says See discounts | See all details


3. Hover your pointer over See Discounts. STOP!!

Don’t click on it, just put your pointer over it. A balloon will pop up and give you the discounts or combined shipping price. Now you will know what the combined shipping price is for the 2 items.

IF THERE ARE NO DISCOUNTS, try going down a little bit to the Description Tab on the far left of the page.

Click on the Shipping and payments tab. This will give you a more detailed description of the shipping policy.

I’m always hopeful that it will say that they actually do give a shipping discount, but I haven’t had that happen yet. But you never know…

4. Scroll down the page for more info that you may or may not want, the balloon will go away, but you can always get it again.

5. Now go up to the top again, go to where it says the price. This stuff is in the middle part of the top of the page, in a gray box, above where you hit shipping. Next to that on the right is a thing that says BUY IT NOW.

Click on Buy it now. This will take you to the Review and Commit to Buy.

The first thing you should notice is right under Review and Commit, where it says Hello and then your ebay name. That’s so they will be sure there has been no mistake and you are yourself, moonlightdream, and not someone else, lets say meanmax666 (I made up these names, I know you are not moonlightdream, I just needed a name).

Then it will show a picture of the item you are buying, the title, the price, shipping, all that stuff.


Under that, there is a little gray box that says COMMIT TO BUY. This is serious stuff, it’s a legal contract, so try to look serious. Wrinkle up your forehead and put on your glasses. Sit up straight. Then you may click on that.

7. This will take you to a page that says Contrats, you just bought this item. STOP!! This is where the important thing happens, and permits you to purchase 2 or more items at the same time and if this seller gives a shipping discount, they will do that. So pay attention, don’t screw up, AND DON‘T DO ANYTHING YET!! OK, take a deep breath and go on to the next box, #8.


9. Click on visit seller's store which is to the right of the pay now box.

Aha!! Another catastrophe avoided!

10. You did well. You are back at the beginning of the seller’s store. So, find the next item you wish to purchase. Do the whole thing again, what you just did, until you find yourself back at the SCARY page where you have to take deep breaths. Don’t do anything!!! Go to the next box, #11.

11. Follow the directions for buying the second item, just as the first, until you get to REVIEW AND COMMIT TO BUY.

12. Now you are at PAY NOW, just under the word that says Congrats. Click on PAY NOW. (Oh, you liked that, didn’t you. I know you’ve been in a fever to click on Pay Now, and now, you have!!

13. They might make you sign in again, or maybe not, I don’t know what the rules are, but I think it’s a time thing. Imagine how long it would take to do this, if you were buying ten items. You’d have to file your nails because of how much they grew while you were shopping.

So, if you have to sign in, sign in. You won’t get lost or anything, as soon as you sign in, it will take you to the next page. I Promise.

Now it says Review your Purchase. It gives you your shipping address, your order details, (This will show your 2 purchases and the prices.

Then it will show your shipping total. This is way, way down at the bottom of the page, past everything, so just keep going down. What you want will be on the right of the page, giving you the subtotal, the shipping total, and the grand total. It’s further to the bottom of the page where the stuff is, than Atlantis is under the ocean, so don’t loose heart, it’s down there.

14. Now, I’m sorry, but you must go even further down under the Grand Total. Ah! There it is! On the far right in a yellow thing that looks like an Ibuprofen Tablet. Click Continue with PayPal

15. Now you have Choose a Payment Method. It gives you your Payment options (as far as I know, there are no other methods of paying for eBay goodies, but I don’t get out much.) As the PayPal option is already clicked, you don’t really have to do anything except continue down a little and Log in to PayPal. Pretty simple stuff. After that, its rather straight-forward, your order will arrive in one package and you get your shipping discount, if the seller offers one. I do, I love shipping discounts. I’m not in the shipping business, I’m in the business of selling important stuff, and keeping the economy good. And making some extra cash for the household. I have all these cats to feed…

If you have problems with this, just email me on the eBay email system, and I’ll try to help. My ebay name is greykittie’s house ships worldwide.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting,