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 Welcome to my eBay store. We sell Biodiesel Equipment and Supplies to help you make your own Quality Biodiesel for home, farm, or buisness use. Save on the high costs of Fuel. Let Heartland Biodiesel LLC get you started today! We also provide consultation services for plant design and management.
Biodiesel Equipment
About the seller

The HBD80 allows the user to make up to 80 gallons of high quality biodiesel start to finish in under 24 hours.

  • The HBD80 Biodiesel processor is constructed with all Biodiesel compatible materials and will make fuel that conforms to ASTM D-6751 using the method of processing Waste Vegetable oil as outlined.
  • The HBD80's Hi-Corrosive pump is used to provide the correct mix of the oil and catalyst in the reactor tank. We do not use water pumps.
  • This system uses all steel pipe and stainless steel ball valves with Bio stem seals and seats.
  • The methoxide tanks catalyst mixing system provides safe effective mixing of Methanol and Base by use of an Air Diaphram Pump .
  • The HBD80 Systems specialized vapor control system contains hazardous methanol fumes without dangerous presure build up while maintainng air quality inside the work area.
  • System heat may be used to preheat oil in reactor and to dry fuel (Not During the Transesterification Process) Optional Stainless Steel water coils may be added at any time and work well with any 220Volt hot water heater, solar water, or waste oil heating system and can be used during the entire process. Reccomended for colder climates.
  • Teflon Vacuum rated hose makes short work of methoxide mixing. System must be grounded and bounded to avoid static discharge.
  • Steel Skid Design for ease of cleaning and movement.

System upgrades available are as follows:

  • Stainless Steel Water Coil System
  • Steel tanks carbon or stainless
  • Explosion proof Electrical Components
  • 220V single or 3 phase Operation
  • Explosion proof pumps
We will design any size system for your needs!

The HBDION Resin System has been designed with over 40 years of resin experience!

Simply the best Ion Exchange System on the market.

This Stainless Steel resin system is turnkey and ready to go. Just add any resin of your choice.

System is modular and more columns can be added inline for expansion.

  • Flow rate is 4 GPM!
  • Easy laoding and removal of resin.
  • Fitted and ready to back flush with the addition of our "CIP" clean in place system.
  • Treats approx 80,000 to 100,000 gallons of biodiesel depending on amount of soaps,glycerin present. 

Safe and easy to use this completely assembled system is ready to make fuel. All systems are assembled by skilled technicians and fully prior to leaving our plant. With the HBD150 system you can make batches of biodiesel fuel ranging in size from 60 gallons to 150 gallons. Our commercially proven method of making biodiesel guarantees you will make ASTM D-6571 quality biodiesel from waste vegetable oil in under 24 hours using our methods. Heartland Biodiesel LLC has modified Commercial Biodiesel techniques and simplified the process so anyone can make ASTM spec fuel at home. 


  •  ASTM testing: Proves our systems make commercial grade biodiesel compliant to ASTM D-6571 from waste veggie oil. Ask other company's for there testing, you will just get an excuse.
  • Heartland Biodiesel Tanks:  Rated to a working temperature of 160F and are 20% heavier than the competition.
  • The HBD150 system: Specialized Hi-Corrosive Chemical Pump and Mixing system constant duty rated (Meant to Run Continuously) 
  • The HBD150 design self-contains hazardous fumes: No dangerous pressure buildup while safely venting system to containment minimizing exposure risks.
  • Methoxide Mixing System: Dedicated Hi-corrosive Air diaphram pump to provide safe and effective mixing of your methanol and catalyst guaranteed. Compatible with Sodium Methylate, Sodium Hydroxide, or Pottasium Hydroxide.
  • Methanol Filling System: (Patent Pending) Safe, fast, & effective methanol filling system requires no hand pumps or additional pumping systems to handle methanol.  
  • Steel Pipe Construction: For durable leak free performance. "NO DANGEROUS PVC " 
  • Stainless Steel Valves: Rated at 1000PSI with bio-seals. Same valve used in commercial plants. (Brass valves are not to be used in biodiesel production)
  • Stainless Steel Fuel Filtration: System can be reused! Other filters are simply wasted and cost you more money. 
  • Filling Processor: Easy Lock n Load intake simply start pump and fill reactor tank.
  • Systems Wiring: We use all UL listed components and fully ground to eliminate dangerous static discharge.
  • Built in Temperature Gauge: For quick at a glance temperature readings. No heat guns or other devices to worry about.
  • Integrated and Adjustable 1500 Watt Stainless Heating System: Has in liquid sensor for preheating waste oil and drying fuel only. (No aquastats to malfunction). 
  • Heartland Biodiesel "Exclusive" S/S Coil System: 316 stainless steel heat transfer coils use hot water to heat the system during all stages of the process. Compatable with all solar, waste oil boiler, or electric hot water sources included. (optional self contained water heat system available)
  • Exclusive Water Washing System: Faster and more efficient than the competitions systems Guaranteed. The HBD80 will heat and dry your fuel using water washing no extra tanks or heaters needed. 
  • Steel Tube steel Skid: The HBD150 system can be moved with ease for expansion and cleaning.