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You are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST! This was my first buying experience on Ebay and in buying Fur. You provided EXCELLENT customer service, from the beginning of my purchases to the end when my furs were delivered to my home you were on point. Fabulous! I could not have asked for a better buying experience. I've bought a lot of beautiful things in my life but had not so nice people to deal with along the way. You prove in selling your furs, attention to detail, and replying to EVERY question in great detail, that you are the best and do endeavor to do great business. The photos that you had on the site do not do the furs justice at all. In person they are ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS! WORDS ESCAPED ME WHEN I OPENED EACH OF MY 3 FURS. I will ALWAYS be thankful for meeting you and will always seek you first when purchasing another fur. FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS.....DID I SAY FABULOUS!



Working with "HelloGoodBuy Furs" was one of the most pleasurable shopping experiences. I was unsure of sizing on two items and Kathleen worked tirelessly to re-measure the items, and make understandable references to help us both understand how the items would fit me without trying them on.

Because of Kathleens help, I decided to purchase. I then received the items promptly and viola! The fit was exceptional! Without Kathleens patience I would not have taken the leap. I alternate the vests everyday.

Thank you so much! I cant wait to work with you again.

- Heidi

Hello Kathleen,
my fiancee loves the mink fur stole that I got for the wedding. She's going to wear it with her wedding dress, as it will be in December. Thank you for sending it promptly. The quality and condition is superb, she absolutely loves it. And it will be something that she will use for a long time after the wedding as well. Thanks for the great service!

- wxmanwitt2

Hi Kathleen,
It Fits!! This indeed is a lovely jacket,so different from the standard mink jackets one sees! I've left you richly deserved positive feedback and am going to tell my friends about your Ebay store. This jakcet is the first item of clothing I have bought online so thanks again for putting up with numerous questions, you were most gracious.

- treasured-things

Hi Kathleen,
My Mink Jacket just arrived!!! I'm so thrilled, it's a perfect fit in every way and so Beautiful. Im wearing it around the house today. It's 90 outside. This jacket is everything you described and more. I'm very pleased. My sister in law is going to check your site. You get an Excellent from me. I'm so thrilled. I'm going to try all my boots and gloves with it. You have Quality Coats! Regards,
Barbara Rose

- babsrose561

Hi Kathleen... I cannot tell you how absolutely pleased I am with the jacket! It is beautiful and to be perfectly honest, it is much, much nicer than I expected. The best thing is that it fits me nearly perfectly. It is hard to believe that I paid so little for such a great fur jacket. I've added you to my favorite sellers so I can continue shopping with you. You truly made my day today. Thank you so much for your honesty, your great service, and your nice emails. You are the best! Sending a great big thank you to you!
Thanks again!


Dear Kathleen,
Thank you for being one of the most honest sellers on Ebay! The jacket arrived this morning...the most fast shipping I have ever experienced!! It was wrapped so carefully and was breathtaking! It fits like it was made for me. Your measurements are so exact..not an easy thing to do. Most importantly, your photos and description of the item was so accurate. I especially appreciated the rapid replies to my questions. I can't wait to buy another jacket from you in the future. Please share my thoughts and photo so others know that they can trust your products!
Thanks again!

Gail J.

OH MY GOD! Hello! Can't believe I got the coat already! Did you move closer to NY? This coat is PERFECT!!!! It fits like it was made for me and "KHN"! LOL! It is the perfect size and length and everything-I think if I won the lottery (fat chance!) and had a coat made, this is what it would look like, no kidding! Thank you again so much for all your help! You are the BEST!!! Again, thanks and have a great day!

Angela >^.^<

Thank you so much! You set the eBay standard for superior service, product description & accuracy. Wow! I just received the fur. I love the coat & can't wait to wear it!!

Thanks so much!


Well just like you've said " FABULOUS coat.... so CLASSY and GLAMOROUS" one thing I can add is that me and my wife LOVE IT. My wife was shaking when she was opening the box, she could not stop saying ?I?m shaking like little child, I am so exited?. She also added you to her favorite list seller. We love it and we hope to keep buying more product from you. You gave an honest description and very good quality photos. You are phenomenal. Also thank you for giving us good deal on this coat.


$229.00? i'm in love! thank you for giving me your best price. i've been making goo goo eyes at that coat for a few days now. i have looked at 1000's of pics under the fur coat section and kept a flame for this coat. infact thats what i will name it , FLAME . ( hey, guys name their cars ) this is my first ebay purchase and i'm so excited. I have always wanted a fur. pay pal is on the way. thank you again.


Hi Kathleen.
I just wanted to take a moment and personally thank you for your exceptional customer service and your cooperation with me on my recent ebay purchase of that fox stole. You were right! It is absolutely stunningly beautiful. Thanks so much. Because of you I am sure Christmas will be a huge hit! Thank you again.

Brian Klein

Kathleen, Exquisite in every way! The coat fits like a glove, the packaging, superb and your communication could not have been better! I so appreciate your great communication and attention to every detail!

Positive feedback has been left for you!


Hi Kathleen! I wish you could hear my squeals of excitement!! I just love it! My girls and I are going to take a picture of us, with mommy's new coat and send it to you! haha Thank-you so much for being a part of this with me! I can't wait to show all my friends/family, etc. my new christmas present I bought for myself! I wanted to wear it out this weekend, downtown (Minneapolis) and wouldn't you unusual heat wave here for this time of year! ha I guess I will have plenty of times to wear it in the near future! Thanks again Kathleen and you will be hearing from me again soon (sometime next week)! PS-I will leave feedback immediately

- gina11250_4

Hi Kathleen, And a Happy New Year to you! I can't wait to see my Grandaughters face next time she's out for the weekend and I offer her this fur to wear! After I received the Lovely black mink I wore it out shopping with her and she was full of sarcastic wit (eg. I'll just shlep around in my cloth coat while you zsa zsa it up!) She is a very tall (5'4") nine year old with killer wit! So you can imagine her face when I ask if she is also going to zsa zsa with Gramma! Cheers,Sue

- virgoqueen1959

Good monring Kathleen! Its bright and early on Friday 10th July and guess wot ? the fab-u-lous Oleg Cassini has arrived and its simply wonderful ! I don't think I shall ever take it off (no, not even to shower, well, ok, maybe) ha ha ha, how quick was that postage ah ? pretty good ! many thanks for packing it so beautifully, not crushed in the slightest and I little wee shake has got it looking just perfect ! Once again thank you so very much 1 another very happy happy customer - very best regards Lou Bell from Australia

- lbel2730