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 We carry a wide range of Car and track accessories from towing products, to OEM Style and performance style Lights, Car Spoilers, Mirrors, Grilles, and much more. If you don't see it, let us know and we can get you a price on it.



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How to Clean Rusted Nut Threads...

Q. What is Parcel Post Shipping?

A.    Parcel Post:

    Previously known as Fourth-Class Mail, Parcel Post is not a guaranteed service.

    Estimated delivery time:

    * The general time standard is typically 5 - 9 business days in the 48 contiguous states.
    * Estimated delivery time within Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico addresses normally take at least 10 business day (two weeks) or longer for delivery.

    Please note that Delivery Confirmation number is not a tracking number:

    All Customers will be provided the following information about items mailed with Delivery Confirmation:

    o If item was delivered: the date and time of delivery

    o If delivery was attempted but not successful: the date and time of the attempt

    Delivery Confirmation does not expedite delivery and does not provide a guaranteed delivery time.

Q.  How much is shipping to me?

A.  To get a shipping quote look at our listing above the description and you will see a tab that states "shipping and payment".

    Click on that tab. You will then see a set of boxes. One will be the quantity you are interested in and the other will be box to select your country. Select the quantity and your country and zip code if requested.

This will give you a couple different shipping quotes you can choose from with different prices. You may also have more options in our checkout after you actually purchase the item.

Q. Can you car spoilers be painted?

A.  Our spoilers can be painted to match any factory paint color. We have several factory matched painted spoilers already in stock and available. If you give us your paint code we can send you to that exact spoiler. If we do not have your paint code already painted there will be an additional $70 charge to have the spoiler painted. The process takes about 3-5 business days and then the item is shipped to you.

Q. Is there drilling required to install a spoiler?

A. There is drilling required for installation of the spoiler if the holes are not already there as it is attached by a very strong adhesive and/or bolts. The bolt pattern most of the time does not match up when installing on a vehicle that had a spoiler before, therefore re-drilling may be required

Q. Do you offer local Pick up's?

A. We do offer local pick up at our Grand Prairie Texas location. However, we have several locations that we stock our product so we need to make sure the item is in the correct warehouse. We schedule all customer pickup between 3:00 and 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. You must call your order in for local pick ups. It is possible that you may not be able to pickup your item on the same day as you order it depending on the availability in the requested warehouse.

Q. Do you have the instructions and template to install the spoiler?

A. There is no true "template" for drilling our spoilers. What we have are template strips or locator strips. Place the strips over the mounting holes on the spoiler and when applicable, LED brake light how. A small piece of masking tape is helpful in holding the strips into position. Align the spoiler to proper position. Using masking tape, secure the locator strips to the deck lid of the vehicle. Simply remove the spoiler by lifting straight up, leaving the strips still secured to the deck lid. You will then drill through the holes on the strips.

    Please see below for a URL link to see the full installation instructions for both drill and no drill spoiler applications.

    Drilling -

    No Drilling -

Q.     Can I weld my hitch to the frame?

A.     Never weld a hitch to the frame. This can weaken both the hitch and the frame of your vehicle.

Q.     What is the difference between a gooseneck and a fifth wheel trailer hitch?

A.     Both a Gooseneck Hitch and a Fifth Wheel hitch are designed for use in the bed of a pickup truck. The main difference is the type of attachment. Gooseneck towing uses a ball, which is in the bed of the pickup truck, and a coupler, which is attached to the trailer. Fifth wheel towing is just the reverse. The coupling device, the fifth wheel hitch, is in the bed of the pickup truck and attaches with a kingpin, attached to the trailer. Gooseneck hitches are most often found with horse and other agricultural-type stock trailers. Fifth wheel hitches are used primarily with travel-trailer style RVs

Q.     Will my class 1 hitch support a hitch mounted bike rack and bikes?

A.     Possibly. It is always best to check with the manufacturer of the bike rack you will be using. Some manufacturers do not recommend the use of their racks with class 1 hitches. Those that have bike racks to work with class 1 hitches typically have very specific weights, specifications, and may even limit the number of bikes allowable. Just remember, when calculating the weight of your load don’t forget to add in the weight of the bike rack itself.

Q.     Will drilling in my frame void my warranty?

A.     Each vehicle manufacturer has specifics regarding their warranty. To determine if drilling or modifying your frame voids your warranty, it is best to call your local dealer, or contact the vehicle manufacturer.

Q.     What is the purpose of a front mount hitch?

A.     Front mount receiver hitches provide a convenient mount for hitch accessories such as a step pad, license plate holder, spare tire mount, or a winch mount plate. It also provides an easy way to maneuver your boat at the launch or campground.

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