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F.A.Q. for 2.5” Portable Drives


Q: My item is not working what should I do?

A: 1) Please check to see that all connections are made and secured. The double-sided end of the USB cable must go into the computer and the single sided end must be plugged into the drive.

2) Check if the item is powering on. There are two ways to check if the item is receiving power. One, is the green light on the outside of the case and two, is to put your ear against the case. You should hear a faint buzz or whir from the disk drives spinning.


Q: I checked, the green light is on and I indeed hear a sound coming from the portable drive, is there something I am doing wrong?

A: If you are connecting the drive to a desktop computer, be sure to connect the drive to the USB ports on the rear of the computer. Most of the front USB ports on a desktop are not powered USB ports and are not able to supply enough power to a portable hard drive.


Q: What should I do if I don’t see a green light?

A: You should see a green light on the outside of the case, if you do not see a green light, please contact us via email to return the item.


Q: I see a green light but I don’t hear any noise coming from the case?

A: In this case, most likely the drive has become disconnected from the print circuit board on the inside of the case. Please open up the case by unscrewing the two screws on the side of the case and check to see that the hard drive is plugged in all the way into the (PCB). From there, plug the USB cable into the PCB and the computer to see if it works before inserting the drive back into the case.


Q: How can the drive become disconnected? Isn’t the item supposed to be in working condition when I receive it?

A: Sometimes the drive will become disconnected in shipment from the handling of the package carrier. These cases are made with a little gap so sometimes the drive can become disconnected.


Q: I see a green light, I can hear the drives spin up, and I have connected the portable drive to the back of my computer. What else can be the problem?

A: In this case, most likely the drive was not formatted and partitioned. You will want to go to Disk Management (PC) or Disk Utilities (Mac) to initialize/partition/format the drive.


Q: My drive was working fine, but now my computer is asking for drivers. What is wrong with item? Where can I get drivers?

A: This item is plug and play there are no drivers available as it uses legacy drivers. Under this circumstance, the drives were probably disconnected from the Print Circuit Board. Simply open up the case to make sure the hard drive is properly connected. If the hard drive is properly connected, it should come out with the front panel when you remove the front panel.


Q: The questions listed here do not address my problem or the question I have is not listed. What do I do now?

A: Please contact us via email for more help or return instructions. Thank you!