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Just Sell It also sells merchandise on consignment. We have been in business since 2003. Our customers hire us to assist them in selling their items with confidence and ease.

consignmentWe pick up local merchandise, photograph, create listings, and correspond with potential buyers. Once items are sold, we pack and ship them and then send you a check. If you are not local, please contact us for information on how to arrange getting your items to us. For more information, visit our website

We pride ourselves in top notch customer service and personalized attention. References can be provided upon request.
We have many clients that live in other cities that do send us their items to sell as well.

Just Sell It commission varies based on selling price of items. Our commission is 40% of the final selling price. 

We do all the work and then send you a check. For more information on our process, visit

What will you take for consignment?

The way it usually works is that you send us a list by email of what you have ready to sell. We will research each item and determine if we will be able to sell them for you. We pretty much will sell anything if we determine the end of auction value on eBay as being $50 or more. We will let you know via email which items we accept.

How does it work?

We will forward you a consignment agreement for you to fill out and return. Once received we will have auctions listed within 14 days of their arrival. We will let you know when your auctions are all up so that you can watch their progress. We send you a print out of list of items, the fees and final auction values and a check one week after the last of the items have been paid for and shipped. This gives 7 days to make sure that all packages have arrived safely

You are not responsible for any loss or damage to the items once you ship them and they are safely in my hands! We will be responsible once we receive items for their safekeeping.

How much do you charge?


** Deposit is $20 for furniture and hard to sell items.


Just Sell It FEES are as follows:

Just Sell It Commission

40% 0n any item that sells for $50 - $2500


36% on any item that sells for $2501 or more

eBay & PayPal FEES are included in our fee


eBay Final Value Fee

9% of first $25 ($2.18)
Plus 3.5% of next $975 ($34.12)
Plus 1.5% on anything over $1,000

PayPal Credit Card Processing

$0.30 per transaction and 2.9% of final selling price

How long does it take?

We will have your auction up within 14 days of its arrival. I find that 7-10 day auctions work the best in this market. We require payment within 7 days, but if we get a check or e-check, it can take 5 or more days for the payment to clear. We will mail your payment within 7 days of receiving a cleared payment. This means that it could take 4-6 weeks from the mailing of your item to get your payment.

Why should I sell with you rather than a local consignment shop?

We have a lot of experience and great feedback on eBay and are extremely knowledgeable and experienced selling on the web and eBay. Because of our established presence on eBay we can demand higher final values than an individual selling on their own.