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  We have lots of items up for auction as well as Buy it now in the store.  Any questions or comments just email them to us.  Our goal is to make you the customer happy.  Most items need a paypal payment, if you need other payment options contact us and we will let you know if we can take a different payment for that item.  For items that say only PayPal these items can only be paid that way with a confirmed address.   These items come from our suppliers and the only way to pay them is with your money from Paypal.  Most of our items come straight from our suppliers and will arrive at your door step shipped directly from the supplier.

   If you purchase an item and it gets put on back order we will let you know as soon as we find out.  You can choose to wait for the back order or we will refund your money back 100 % if you don't want to wait.  Most items are 80-90% in stock at any time. 

   If you have any questions on any items just ask us and we will respond back to you A.S.A.P.  Please keep in mind that our suppliers are generally not open on the weekends or at nights.  If your item ends on one of those please keep that in mind for the processing time.  We will order your item within 24 hours of receiving your payment and it clears. 

     We can not control how long it takes for our suppliers to process your order and then ship it out.  If only we could then you would get your items as fast as takes for us to ship our own items we sell on ebay to you.  We generally will pack your item and mail the next day after your payment has been received.  We will not send or order any item without payment first.  


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Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: What is your return policy?
  A: On most items we will take returns unless other wise stated in the item listing. There are some items that are sold as is. Please check each listing for qualifications. For all you must pay shipping it back to us. If it is a glass item you must buy insurance first to return then pay shipping back as well. Thank you
 Q: Do you combine shipping?
  A: With MOST items we will combine shipping. Check complete listing page for other info on this matter. Not all ITEMS can be combined for shipping. Please ask if you are unsure. Thank you. Please do not assume that ALL are combined because some are not combined shipping. Supplier items are not combined shipping.
 Q: When can I expect my order to arrive?
  A: As soon as your payment has cleared we will pack and ship your item usually within 2 days after your payment has cleared. On some bulkier items it may take longer due to having to take somewhere else to pack and ship. Also depends on what shipping method you pick, some take longer then others.
 Q: How much is the Shipping and Handling Charge?
  A: Shipping and Handling all depends on where you live. You can check and calculate each item to find out how much it will be. Handling cost is different for all items. All depends on how it has to be packed. More bubble wrap, etc will cost more in handling.
 Q: Do you ship internationally?
  A: On most items we do ship internationally. Usually for the bigger more awkward pieces we do not ship internationally due to what the shipping cost would be. However if you are interested in an item that does not say world wide and are willing to pay shipping cost we may be able to send it. Most supplier items we can not they only ship UPS,
 Q: Will we take other payment methods other then stated?
  A: On most items if you contact us with email first telling us what payment method you need to use we generally will allow another payment other then what is shown on the listing page. You must contact us first before bidding. On supplier items we can only take PayPal confirmed address's. Your order is paid with PayPal.
 Q: Supplier Items?
  A: So far on all supplier items we can only take PayPal confirmed address's. We send that payment to our supplier and then they will process the order. Please keep in mind Processing time. If you order on the weekend the Supplier is not open till Monday to receive your order. Processing time on most items is 2-3 days on top of UPS delivery.
 Q: More Info On Supplier Items?
  A: The processing time for most items is 2-3 days before the will then ship it out. Please keep in mind processing time and shipping time. We have no control over how fast the print out your order then go and pick that item, then pack and send it out. We will place your order upon your payment clearing PayPal. Thank you
 Q: More on When to expect your order to arrive?
  A: On regular items that we actually own it should be no more then 2-3 days for us to pack and send it to you. All depends on the volume of orders we have. The less orders the quicker you get it. Supplier items are different and will take 2-3 days processing time and then shipping time on top of that. When we get the tracking # we will send it to y
 Q: Items That Come From Our Suppliers?
  A: Some of our items come from our suppliers. The description for each is what the supplier gives us. For any additional information you can contact us, and then we will contact that supplier to find out. Please keep in mind this may take awhile. We contact the supplier as soon as you contact us, but then we have to wait for their email. More afte
 Q: More Supplier Info?
  A: If you contact us on a weekend day or late at night Please keep in mind the suppliers are not open for business for us to ask them your questions. We will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner provided we get the info in time. We have to wait for an email from the supplier as well it is not just a phone call.
 Q: Shipping For Items From Our Suppliers?
  A: Most items from our suppliers will only ship UPS. We know that for some items the shipping cost is high. We would love to lower that but then you would be getting the product for free and we can not do that sorry. For most items they can only ship within the US. We are not responsible for the supplier items if they get lost or damaged. Thank You
 Q: If You Live Outside Of the US And Still Want Supplier Product?
  A: Please contact us on this question with the item you are interested in. Thank You
 Q: If You Bid On Supplier Item Or Buy It Now Option With A Supplier Item And It Is Out Of Stock What Happens?
  A: All items from our suppliers can run out of stock from time to time. When we go to place your order and the item says Out Of Stock. We will then contact you and ask you if you would like to wait for the item to get restocked or if you would like a refund. Thank You
 Q: Out Of Stock Items, How Long For Restock?
  A: This is a Good question. Our suppliers all use one web site. On that website it says for restock that it can take 2-4 weeks ; However we have seen products get restocked within a week. Thank You