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June 25, 2014
Kristin's Great Finds
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Throw a Birthday Party for Your Child without Breaking the Bank

Mud Pie Birthday Wishes Collection Tutu Dress









Children enjoy their birthday parties almost as much as Christmas. They love to be the center of attention, play games, get presents, have a special cake just for them, and dress in a special birthday outfit that everyone loves. Therefore, when you throw a children's birthday party you want to make it memorable, but you don't want to break the bank while doing so.

While many people take their child on an outing for their birthday party at popular places such as the zoo or kid's restaurants, the best way to save money on the party, and still make it very memorable, is to throw the party at home where you can dress up your child and your house, and make it into a special birthday party venue just for them. Often times a child will feel even more special at home because the focus is not on the venue but rather on their party and everything that goes along with it.

How To Dress Your Child

Whether you have a boy or a girl, choosing a cute outfit and accessories is important. A special birthday outfit helps them to stand out from the rest of the children, as well as feel as though it is a very important day for them. Make sure it is an outfit that they wouldn't wear every day so that it really holds a special 'birthday' meaning for them.

Mud Pie Baby Party Time 1st Birthday Girl Set Cupcake Bib Cake Headband Set New






For example, a girl will love to be dressed in pink and to represent her girly side. Mud Pie has a bunch of cute, reasonably priced outfits for different ages, including Tutu sets that for the first, second, and third birthday party. Accessorize with a Pink Felt Cake Headband, and you will have a little girl ready to feel very special as everyone dotes over her cuteness.

The birthday boy will be so handsome in his special birthday suspender shorts set with a tie that announces how old he is today. Add a matching birthday hat and he's sure to feel like a king.



Mud Pie Baby Birthday Boy Collection Im Two Suspender Shorts Set









Decor Both You and Your Child Will Love

Decor is what really makes a party stand out from any other day. Banners, special serving trays, and balloons are the staple of any children's birthday party. When you shop at places like Mud Pie, you can find a deal on some really great birthday decor.

We all remember how an ordinary room can look like a completely different place to our young eyes when it is decorated. If you want to really get your child excited for their birthday party, put up the decorations the night before, after they go to sleep, so that they can wake up in the morning and get right into the birthday groove with a magically new decorated home.

Mud Pie Birthday Wishes Cupcake Candles Door Hanger Party Sign








For instance, you can hang on 21"x27" cupcake-styled door hanger from Mud Pie that says 'Happy Birthday' on your child's door to give them a fun surprise as they wake up in the morning. They also sell a banner that says 'Party', which can be hung in the area where the party is going to take place, just to make it feel more special than normal.

Mud Pie Baby Party Time 1st Birthday Wishes Hanging Penant Sign






Serving food on decorated plates and serving trays not only carries the theme of a birthday party with decor of candles, cakes or special sayings, but because they are usually brightly colored they add a lot of fun to the party as well.

One Thought About Making Your Child's Birthday Party More Memorable

After all the birthday balloons deflate and all the birthday party decorations have been taken down, the excitement from your child's birthday party will start to fade. Even presents don't carry the meaning of the birthday party after it is all said and done.

One way to make the party live on in your child's mind is to create a sort of autograph book that everyone who attends can sign. Your child will love looking at for a long time to come, and it will bring back memories of the party as he or she does. Consider getting an autograph frame. Guests can sign the frame, and a picture of the birthday boy or girl can be put inside with those guests to really help them relive their birthday moments.

In the end, staying home will help you save money on the birthday party and make it more memorable at the same time. Make sure you shop Kristin's Great Finds for outfits that make your child stand out, decor that screams 'Happy Birthday!', and create precious memories of your child's birthday each year.

Kristin's Great Finds
Bra Glossary

BALCONETTE Low, square neckline with wide shoulder straps. Cups have seams. The seams provide lift and support, much like a corset. Larger cup sizes generally have a higher neckline.
{search for balconettes}
BANDEAU One piece bra construction. Bra does not have defined cups. Shoulder straps may be included, but are generally not. Another name for this style bra is a halter bra due to the resemblance to a halter top.
{search for bandeaus}
BRALETTE Bra that generally has soft cups (no underwire) and no hooks or closures. Length of bralette may vary. Some fit right under the breast, while some may extend to the waist. Shoulder straps may or may not be adjustable.
{search for bralettes}
BISCUIT Elliptical shaped foam pads used in cups to give a look similar to a push up bra. Pads are removable. Allows multi use wear for the bra. Also, because they can be removed, the foam will not become disfigured.
{search for biscuits}
CONVERTIBLE Straps are designed to unhook from the band and be worn in multiple styles. Some configurations include a crisscross back, narrow for those sleeveless tops, or wide for those wider necklines. Some convertible bras are designed to convert to a strapless, while some are not.
{search for convertibles}
DEMI Cups designed to enhance the neckline. Found in several varieties. The half demi is designed to fall slightly above the nipple. A micro demi is designed to fall right at the nipple. A semi -demi cup is designed to fall slightly down from the roundness at the top of a breast. Cups can be found in a 2, 3, or 4 part construction. Wings and shoulder straps are usually more narrow.
{search for demis}
FRONT CLOSURE Bra closes in between cups with a slip and snap or hook style closing. Cups are generally contoured or rounded in shape. Offers plunge in front for low cut tops. May not be recommended for women with recent breast surgeries, as it may cause additional pressure on the chest bone.
{search for front closures}
FULL CUP Cups cover much of the breast tissue. Flattering look for women where breast tissue elasticity has been lost.
{search for full cups}
MINIMIZER Bands and cups provide full coverage and work to minimize the overall appearance for larger sized breasts. Bands provide maximum support for the total upper body, taking stress and strain off the shoulders.
{search for minimizers}
MOLDED CUPS Cups are designed from a 1 piece foam. No seams are used to construct. Cups retain their shape even when not being worn. Thickness of foam varies, but is generally .25”-.5” in thickness. Cups may or may not have underwire. This cup style can be found in may T-Shirt bras.
{search for molded cups}
PETITES Bras designed for smaller figures. Cup sizes are usually AA to C.
{search for pettites}
PLUNGE Cups that are sculpted to show off cleavage. Low center in between cups for those shirts and dresses with a low neckline. Cups may be padded to enhance the cleavage.
{search for plunges}
PUSH-UP Cups are designed to add or enhance cleavage. Cup style is similar to the Plunge or Balconette, expect their design is to add gradual lift from the underarm to the center of the breast. The lift can be provided by molded foam, gel, air, or a removable pad (known as a “biscuit”). Style is design to be a TIGHT fit. Those not familiar with this style should start with a size larger than their normal one.
{search for push-ups}
RACEBACK Designed for the straps to join or attach in the upper, middle back region. Perfect for T-Back tops with specialty designs requiring unconventional shoulder straps. Y-back.
{search for racebacks}
SLINGS An inner sewn fabric piece found inside the cups. Sewn to the outer edges of the cup. It is designed to provide additional lift without the padding of a push-up cup.
{search for slings}
SOFT CUP Cups with no underwire. May be padded. Found in lots of shapes and designs.
{search for soft cups}
SPORTS Overall design built to reduce breast movement and provide support to minimize impact strain during physical activity. Shoulder straps are wider and many provide padding. Cups are wire free. Some wings may have hooks, while most do not. Some manufacturers will rate the level of intensity the bra is designed to withstand during use.
{search for sports}
STRAPLESS Bras constructed to provide support from the wings and underband. Some bras have removable straps or ones that can be hooked in multiple styles. Because most support is provided with the band, a tight fit is necessary to prevent it riding down.
{search for strapless}
TABLE BRA The most micro of demi cups. It is also termed the micro demi bra. Cups fall right at the nipple. Designed more for show than comfort.
{search for table bras}
TRIANGLE Cups are triangular in shape. Wings and shoulder straps are usually very narrow. Cups are generally wirefree and they may or may not have padding. Some designers have used a string to construct the body of this bra.
{search for triangle bras}
T-SHIRT Designed to provide a sleek, smooth appearance under tops. Mainly seamless designs are found. Cups do not have a 2-4 part construction. Material used to construct is generally a smooth, satin style fabric. Cups may or may not have a foam or molded foam cup padding.
{search for t-shirt bras}
WINGS Fabric band that starts at the underarm area and wrap around the back.
{search for wings}
WIRE-FREE / NON-WIRED Cups designed to provide support without the use of underwire. Bands of elastic used to provide the needed support. Style preferred by many adolescents, pregnant women and larger band sized women.
{search for wire-free bras}

Last Updated: January 19, 2010

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