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Frequently Asked Questions
 Q: Why can't I just replace the one bad support and reuse the other
  A: Lift Supports loose pressure over time, and if you only installed 1 of the 2 supports it would have more pressure would be forced to compensate for the old unit. Also the hood or trunk could become warped or bent due to uneven pressure.
 Q: I am working on a project and need to order supports by size and pressure
  A: Please send us any information that you have on your project and needs and we will try to help you find something that is suitable. We stock over 2000 different types and can also build custom units.
 Q: We added a spoiler to the rear trunk, will these work
  A: Please read the description area of the ebay ad, if it does not list with a spoiler contact us and we'll tell you the correct listing to order.
 Q: The Hood has been replaced with an aftermarket version
  A: Many of the aftermarket hoods are much heavier then the stock ones and the origianl supports will not hold them. Send us the year, make and model of your vehicle and we'll point you to the correct ebay listing or build you the supports that you need at a reasonable price.
 Q: My New Supports are not lining up with the ball sockets.
  A: When your vehicle was built there was a left and right hand part number for the robotics to assemble the vehicle. The difference was that the ball socket holes pointed to the left and also the right. What you need to do is mount the one end of the support (the piston) side preferred and then turn the support in a clockwise position till it is on
 Q: My Toyota Celica Hatch Supports 2000 to 2005 are not working properly
  A: Please check to make sure you have them installed on the correct side of the car. on The Blue label on the support note an L and R. L= Left Drivers side, R= Right Pass Side. Also note that the brackets must be mounted in the proper position pointing down. Note there is a notch on the brackets, this should point towards the car not outwards.
 Q: Are your supports new or used
  A: All of our supports are brand new in the factory supplied package. Our inventory is current production (we do not handle closeout or discontinued job lots where the supports may have been sitting on the shelves for a long period.
 Q: Is all Hardware Included
  A: Hardware is provided only when the old hardware can not be reused. If an old ball socket is not reusable then new ones are provided. Contact us if you have any questions.
 Q: My international shipment has not arrived. Where is it !!
  A: We nornally ship all international orders within 24 hours of the first week day. All international shipments have to clear customs. The tracking information will change once it has cleared. Please allow up to 15 working days for your shipment, usually they will arrive sooner but to be safe plan for a longer period.
 Q: I made a mistake and need to CANCEL an order
  A: Everyone makes mistakes and we will work with you within ebays guidelines. Send us an e-mail with the details and we will work to cancel the order. BUT when we cancel the order you will be sent an e-mail in which you need to agree to cancel the order. If you do not agree to this the order stays in place and will eventually lead to a STRIKE.
 Q: How are multiple combined orders handled
  A: The first order ships as posted in the ebay ad (based on the highest rate). Orders after that are 50% less. Ebay does not calculate this automatically so you would need to place the combined order and do not pay for until we adjust the shipping rate. Orders must be combined as one order to get this rate.
 Q: What if you don't list the supports that I need?
  A: Send us the year, make and model of the vehicle you need the supports for and the postion. Front, Rear etc. If not for a vehicle we have those as well, any numbers, markings anything you can find on the old supports is helpful. We stock supports for RV, Campers, Marine, and home projects.
 Q: About Phone Orders or Questions
  A: Due to the hours that we work it is very hard for us to answer the phone right away. We strongly suggest that you send us your questions or remarks via e-mail. We do answer our e-mails as quickly as possible Monday Through Friday. Send us any details on your use and we will work to find the best units for your vehicle or project.
 Q: Confused by listings ???????
  A: The production dates and words used to describe a support can be confusing. If you can send us any details and if possible any and all numbers you can find on your old supports we can research that way. Thank You, Lou Fishman
 Q: We received the wrong ones how do we get them exchanged.
  A: Yes, problems do occur, and we will take care of you as quickly as possible. Please send us all of the part numbers or markings that are on your old supports as well as the new ones you received (not the number on the package) along with the exact year, make and model and any special details and we will work to take care of you.
 Q: I don't have Pay Pal, how can I pay
  A: We can accept your credit card information over the phone, or we can call you. Our number is 1-760-268-1975 please leave a message and we will call you back, or send your phone number and time zone and we can call you.
 Q: How is combined shipping handled
  A: When purchasing multiple items do so on ebay but not pay until we revise your total and adjust the shipping lower.
 Q: I used the wrong address
  A: Our orders are processed electronically and it is hard to stop them once you have paid and approved the order. If you realize that you have the wrong address call us at 1-760-744-2956 or contact us via eBays email system. Once the order has shipped there will be an $11.00 charge to change the address if it can be changed.
 Q: How many Lift Supports am I getting through this listing?
  A: Please review the "Description" section of the listing to determine the quantity of supports.