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Sizing & Engraving Tips



1.) - Medical Bracelet Sizing Help / Tips

2.) - Medical ID Engraving Help / Tips

3.) - Common Spelling & Abbreviation Archive

4.) - Abbreviations

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1.) - Medical ID Bracelet Sizing Help / Tips

How to Size

• 1 - Use a soft cloth piece of string & measuring tape, wrap string or soft cloth around the smallest part of the wrist. than measure the length to get “wrist size”

• 2 - Two things to remember when purchasing the right size.

Are you purchasing the ID & Chain together? "Medical ID Bracelet"
Are you purchasing the Chain to be added to a current ID? "Strand Size"

If you are purchasing ID & Chain (Medical ID Bracelet), simply measure your current wrist size at the smallest part of your wrist and send us this size. We will add extra room to make room for the ID plate. We need to add extra room as the ID plate does not flex like the chain will etc...

If you are purchasing the Chain to be added to a current ID. Simply measure your current bracelet size (with out ID) for your total "Strand Size"

• 3 - After you know your size browse my Medical IDs. You can either buy IDs with Bracelets "Medical ID Bracelet" or single strand bracelets "Strand Size".

TIP: It's typically easier to adjust down rather than up in-case you need the size adjusted

All Bracelets are custom sized by increments listed in my item specifics. It is common that some bracelets might be slightly off on measurements due to the conjunction of measurements of all materials used.

BEADED Bracelets are not recommended for children due to small parts to bracelet if broken.




2.) - Medical ID Engraving Help / Tips

What Should I Engrave

Your medical alert ID bracelet should be engraved with your most important medical information. I’m sure you have a general idea what you should have listed. Just keep it simple yet effective. In case of an emergency and you are unable to speak for yourself, you will need your ID to speak for you.

Our engravers will take care of your order and will place your safety in their highest priority. We will properly space all lines and lettering to help engraving stand out and read better. If necessary we will use additional lines to help engraving read better if available, even if you have not paid for them.

We will also engrave in all CAPS for all information, except for names IF we feel it will look better. Engraving in caps will make it easier to read and that is what it is all about.

"Engraved With Your Safety In Mind"

• Keep it short and specific
• The less text you have the larger our engravers will make the font
• Use abbreviations if possible and appropriate (see abbreviation definitions bellow)
• No need to use Parenthesis in area codes
• Again be clear and specific to avoid confusion
• When listing Allergies, be specific and say:
“Penicillin Allergy” or “Allergies: Peanuts, Sulfa, Penicillin”
Also list them after any kind of other medical information so it does not get confusing. For exp:

DO:"Asthma, On Coumadin, Allergies: Peanuts, Sulfa" - (Putting the Allergies last shows specifically what allergies there are)

DON'T: Allergies: Peanuts, Sulfa, Asthma, On Coumadin. (See how this could be confusing)

• When listing Medications, also be specific and use the words “ON” or “USING” so that it does not get mixed up with any allergies or other medical conditions. Same exampe for "Allergies" above can be used for medications.
• Double, triple check spelling as we will engrave exactly as you send it and can not correct it once it has been engraved. Our engravers will engrave exactly what is sent and don't attempt to correct any information. Orders can be processed as early as 24hrs

What should I Engrave?


ALLERGIES (Food, Drugs, Insects, Be specific, and state “Allergic, Allergy, Allergies”)
MEDICATIONS (Only list the ones that need to be known due to risk of complications, or other importance. Be specific and state “ON” or “USING” )
ICE (ICE is Emergency Contacts)
SEE WALLET CARD (As long as you have your wallet on you, additional information can be listed on your wallet card and your ID will instruct were it is located)

If you need help you can contact me for questions
If you are absolutely unsure what to engrave ask your doctor !



3.) - Common Spelling & Abbreviation Archive

Common Medical Condition Spellings

Adrenal Insufficiency • Alzheimer's • Allergies • Allergic • Allergy • Angina • Arthritis • Atrial Fibrillation • Asthma • Autism

Bee Sting Allergy • Breast Cancer • Blood Thinner Medication • Blood Clots

Cancer • CPAP/BiPAP/SLEEP • APNEA • Cataracts • Celiac Disease • Compazine Allergy • Coumadin • Congestive Heart Failure • Contact Lenses • COPD

Deep Vein Thrombosis • Dementia • Deaf • DBL • Demerol Allergy • Diabetes • Diabetic • Diabetic type 1 • Diabetic type 2 • Disorders

Epilepsy • Emphysema


Gastric Bypass • Glaucoma • Gluten Allergy

Hearing Impaired • Heart Angina • Heart Patient • Hemophilia • High Blood Pressure • High Cholesterol • Hypertension • Hypoglycemia

Joint Replacement • Juvenile Arthritis • Juvenile Diabetes • Juvenile Diabetic

Lap Band • Latex Allergy • Lupus • Lymphedema

Medication • Mitral Valve Prolapse • Multiple Sclerosis • Morphine Allergy

No NG Tube

Organ Donor

Pacemaker • Parkinson's • Peanut Allergy • Prednisone

Renal Failure

Seizure • Severer Allergy • Sleep Apnea • Sleeping Disorder • Stent Implant • Stroke Patient

Vicodin Allergy



Common Allergy Spellings

Aspirin • Adhesive Tape

Bee Stings

Cephalexin • Cephalosporin • Clindamycin • Codeine • Contrast Dye





Latex • Lidocaine

Morphine • Morphine Sulfate

Nitrous Oxide • Novocaine

Peanut/Tree Nut • Penicillin • Phenergan • Prinzide


Shellfish • Stadol • Succinylcholine • Sulfur • Sulfa



Wasp Stings


4.) - Abbreviations

ASAP: as soon as possible
AC: before eating
ACLS advanced cardiac life support
AODM adult onset diabetes mellitus
ASHD atherosclerotic heart disease

Bid: twice a day
BP: blood pressure

CA cancer

DI diabetes insipidus
DKA diabetic ketoacidosis
DM diabetes mellitus

ER: emergency room

HA: headache
HO: history of
HTN: hypertension

IDDM: insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
IRDM: insulin resistant diabetes mellitus
IV: intravenous
IM: intramuscular
ICE: Incase of Emergency

JODM juvenile onset diabetes mellitus

OD: right eye
OS: left eye
OU: both eyes

LOC loss of consciousness or level of consciousness

NIDDM non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus
NKA no known allergies
NKDA no known drug allergies
NRM no regular medications
NSAID non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs

PMH previous medical history
PRN as needed

sx: symptoms
s/s: signs and symptoms
stat: immediately
SOB: short of breath

tab: tablet
TB: tuberculosis
TPR: temperature, pulse, respiration

YOB year of birth


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