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NDJ Closets

NDJ Closets

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NDJ Closets A Lymie* Run Store - Supporting Lyme Disease more

NDJ Closets

NDJ Closets A Lymie* Run Store - Supporting Lyme Disease Awarenes I have been known to clean out family & friends "closets", consign or discover unwanted or unused items to bring to you your new treasure! I have been known to stumble upon close out or savings deals on new items that I can bring discounted to you. I have often a lot of different types of merchandising from Men/Women/Children Clothing, Accessories & Jewelry ranging from Luxury down to bargain. A bevy of other items such as Golf Clubs, Books, Crafts, Toys, Household Items and Collectibles. I am trying to provide the best quality of life for myself, my family and bring that and provide the best service I can for you! I am not a big business company and please consider the costs when you scam or steal! I am looking forward to your business, greatly appreciate it & look forward to having you come back again!

I apologize for any inconvenience. My store will be on vacation until Dec 1st due to a warehouse water damage. Please be sure to check back in December for close out deals and holiday specials!

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