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 NewFire Gaming

NewFire Gaming

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 NewFire Gaming is Your source for Video Games, Movies, CD's, Books and Much More. We not only sell, WE BUY TOO!!! Are you looking for a place to sell your old games, movies, etc.? Visit our Maryville, IL. location and turn your old games into Cash!
NewFire Gaming provides FREE Shipping Insurance!!!
See item descriptions for details.

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  • Terms and Conditions
Shipping Discount
Our current Shipping Discount is 50% off each additional item's shipping amount. Discount is good on all items bought in a 3 day period. The 3 day period begins as soon as the first item's auction has ended. Discount is only for items that are paid for all at once in one payment. Highest shipping amount will be charged in full, and each additional item's shipping will be 50% off. Once an item has been paid for it is no longer eligible to be combined for shipping discounts. Shipping discount is the same for both US and International buyers.
Local Customers

We are now offering local pick on orders of 50.00 or more. Local pick-up charges for all items bought on eBay are 50% off regular shipping and handling charges. This charge is per item with no additional discounts available. Customers planning to pick up their items must contact us for current Local Pick-Up Times. Local pick-ups must be paid at time of pick-up by way of cash, check, or credit. We do not accept Paypal for local pick-ups. Customers must have license matching name on file with eBay. Items must be picked up within 7 days unless otherwise arranged by NewFire Gaming. Tax to be paid on total price.


COMPLETE NewFire Gaming Terms and Conditions


PAYMENT METHODS:                                   

1)    PAYPAL

a.     Items are sent to the address on your PayPal account.

b.     All payments must be made within 7 days of purchase. **




a.    We offer 50% off each additional item's shipping amount! (The highest shipping amount will be charged in full and each additional item's shipping will be 50% off.)

b.    Discount good on all eligible items bought in a 7 day period. (Seven day period begins when the first item's auction has ended.)

c.    Discount is only for items paid in full in one payment. Once an item has been paid for it is no longer eligible for shipping discounts.

d.    Shipping discount is the same for both US and International buyers.


a.    Standard shipping dates are Tuesdays and Fridays. (Shipping dates may vary)

b.    We ship more frequently during the Christmas season.

C.    NewFire Gaming is not responsible for shipping delays caused by the US Post Office.

D.    Delivery Confirmation numbers provided to US customers ONLY.


Additional SHIPPING Information:

1.)    SHIPPING PRICE includes shipping and handling fees, so no other fees will be added! We do not believe in hidden charges!

2.)    DO NOT ASK FOR FURTHER DISCOUNTS: Our shipping prices are clearly stated in the listings and are non-negotiable.

3.)    SHIP-TO ADDRESS: The shipping address you provide to eBay and PayPal is your responsibility. MAKE SURE YOUR ADDRESS IS CORRECT! We are not responsible for any wrong or undeliverable addresses. Returned packages are subject to additional shipping and handling fees.




1)    6.85% Sales Tax must be added if you are an Illinois buyer.

2)    International customers are responsible for any duties/taxes that their country may charge.





Only listings with Free NewFire Shipping Insurance stated within the listing are eligible for our Free Shipping Insurance within the US. All other items and countries are subject to additional fees for shipping insurance at the request of the buyer. In addition, only items with “Guaranteed to Play” stated within the listing are covered by our guaranteed to play policy. All other items are sold as is.

ISSUES NOT COVERED: NewFire Insurance and Guaranteed to Play Policy DO NOT COVER nor are their exemptions limited to the following:

1)      Dead batteries;

2)      Broken cases;

3)      Torn wrappers;

4)      Crushed boxes;

5)      Item not working because the customer’s system is faulty or the wrong region; OR

6)      Condition of the item is not to the customer's liking.

Even though we always try to bring you the best possible items, we only insure/guarantee that the item will work correctly.


LOST OR BROKEN ITEMS: If an item is lost or broken in the mail, or arrives to you and does not play properly, we will provide one of the following solutions:

1)      A full refund of the price of the item; OR

2)      A replacement for FREE; OR

3)      Have the item fixed for FREE.

In all cases (except if the item is lost in transit) the item must be returned at buyers expense and be in the exact condition it was in when delivered. We will then inspect the item and provide the solution we believe best suits the situation. Shipping and handling is non-refundable.


NewFire Insurance Policies:

1)      ITEMS LOST IN MAIL: We DO cover against items lost in the mail (after 8 weeks), and items that are not playable in accordance with the policies above.

2)       ITEMS BROKEN BY CUSTOMER: We will NOT replace items that you scratch or break.

3)      NEW ITEMS are factory sealed and therefore NOT returnable for any reason.

4)      STOLEN ITEMS: We will NOT cover items stolen from your mailbox.

Our insurance only guarantees delivery to Confirmed US Addresses. International customers can purchase additional insurance upon request.


This is not a warranty.



Our items range in condition based on many factors including disc, manual, case, case art, etc. The rating systems used on games, movies, etc. vary widely, so our store uses the same system found at major retailers worldwide, which lists items as “New” OR “Pre-Played/Pre-Owned.” Our Pre-Played/Pre-Owned items range from mint condition, to never used, to ex-rentals, to great condition, to fair condition, to rough condition and may have stickers. Disc based items come into our store ranging in condition, so we use a professional grade disc repair machine to repair scratched discs before shipping. We are confident in the items we sell and we stand behind our items with our Guaranteed to Play Policy. If you are curious about specific items, you are welcome to ask before you buy.* As stated in the listing, most of our customers believe our items are great! We always try to bring customers the best items possible, but for mass listing purposes and because there are a variety of rating definitions, we only guarantee the playability and not the condition. Items are sold as is with no returns except as stated in our “Insurance and Guaranteed to Play” policies.


New/Factory Sealed:

Here at NewFire Gaming, we do not believe in selling resealed games as factory sealed. When we sell factory sealed items, they come from our distributors throughout the US and are verified by the distributors as 100% factory sealed. Factory sealed means that the item was sealed by the factory and has not been opened. Some games that are factory sealed have the standard folded wrapper and may or may not have a sticker seal. Some games are sealed in the softer hot seal wrapper and may or may not have a sticker seal. Some games (including some pc games) may be in a box without plastic wrap, but will be sealed with a clear sticker seal. Feel free to email us with any questions.* We will not issue any refunds under any circumstance based on condition disputes. In addition, if an item such as an article of clothing, toy, accessory, etc. is listed as new and did not originally come in a box or was not sealed, then “new” simply means it has not been used. Items are sold as is with no returns except as stated in our “Insurance and Guaranteed to Play” policies.

Toys/Action Figures/Boxed Items/Etc: New items that come in a box of any kind may have shelf wear. If an item is listed as "NEW" it is in fact brand new, however, in some cases a new item may show wear to its original container.


*If you would like to email us with further questions, please be patient in waiting for a response. We deal in very high volumes of orders and customers. Your questions are important to us! If you do not receive an immediate response, please understand that our first priority is to our customers who have placed an order with us and to get items shipped to our customers as quickly as possible.



What You Will Receive:

If any item is not listed in the "You will receive" section of the listing, then it is NOT included. (Example: Bonus discs, controllers, adapters, maps, manuals, inserts, posters, guns, dance pads, etc.)
Please note that in some listings, due to a glitch in the listing program that we use, TurboLister, the contents of the "You Will Receive" section appears at the bottom of the listing.


The photos used in our listings may be official or NewFire stock photos, unless specifically noted as the photo of the actual item. Stock photos are used for general reference purposes only. The actual item’s appearance may vary from that of the stock photo provided. We try to provide our customers with the most accurate information possible, but we do not guarantee stock photos to match that of the item you receive. We guarantee that you will receive the title stated! If you have any questions, please ask before you buy.*

Stock Information:

Many of our listings include stock information provided by eBay. Although it is normally correct, we do not stand behind or guarantee the stock information as correct. The item you receive will always be stated in the title of the listing. If you have any questions, please refer to the title and description we have provided. If you are looking for a specific release of a title (example: Greatest Hits, Non-Greatest Hits, etc.) please verify what version we have in stock before you buy. If you need further assistance, please feel free to email us with your questions.*

*If you would like to email us with further questions, please be patient in waiting for a response. We deal in very high volumes of orders and customers. Your questions are important to us! If you do not receive an immediate response, please understand that our first priority is to our customers who have placed an order with us and to get items shipped to our customers as quickly as possible.


PC Games:

We guarantee our PC games to play correctly, but we cannot guarantee a game to work on your PC. If you want to know what specs or operating system a PC game requires, please do so before making your purchase. We will not refund or exchange a game that does not work because your computer cannot play it.

 ** Not applicable to listings that require immediate payment.


In the case a return needs to be made based on our Guaranteed to Play or Shipping Insurance Policies or is not as described here is the info you will need to know. Please note that you must contact us prior to any return. We are not responsible for any returns made without authorization and will discard or return to sender any such returns at our discretion.

We stand behind all of our items that have the guaranteed to play policy listed in the description. We would never intentionally send a broken and/or not as described item to a customer. We have achieved Power Seller status and become trusted worldwide in online sales by taking care of our customers.
If your item is broken, it may have been broken in the mail and we will be happy to have our team inspect/repair it for you. If the item is broken and/or not as described, you are welcome to send it back and we will return to you a 100% working item free of charge. If we are unable to repair the item to 100% working status, or replace with the same item, we will review the transaction further and either provide a refund for the item or allow you the choice of a like value item for free. *

PLEASE NOTE: all emails, the listing, and all store policies are taken in to account when determining returns and refunds.  All returns must be post marked WITHIN 7 DAYS of receiving the item to be intelligible for a return and/or covered by our NewFire Insurance and Guaranteed to Play Policy.


*Once you are certain that the item is broken or not as described, you can return the item by following our instructions below.


1.) Review our trouble shooter guide below, the listing, our policies, etc.
2.) Make note of the item number, customer's eBay name, and a detailed reason for the return.
3.) Include a copy of any emails between you and NewFire Gaming pertaining to the return of the item.

4.) Include a copy of the original item page with any discrepancies clearly circled.
5.) Return all items that were received including the original packaging/mailers.
6.) Mail everything in a new secure package to assure the items are returned as they were received for a proper investigation.

NewFire Gaming
2915 N. Center St.
Maryville, IL. 62062


(If an item is returned and is found to be "as described", working properly, not NFG Verified**, damaged after shipment,  or the policies as stated above are not followed, etc. we will terminate any further
assistance, consider the items forfeited, and transaction closed. In some cases we will charge a return shipping and handling fee in addition to a service charge of 5.00 per item. These fees if incurred
are to be paid within 7 days of request/invoice or item(s) will be forfeited and transaction closed. Please take care when returning the item(s) as we are not responsible for items during return shipment to
NewFire Gaming. (example: lost, damaged, Incomplete, insufficient postage, or stolen)

** All of our items and cases are specially marked for NewFire Gaming Recognition so we will be able to verify it as a game sent from our facility.
If at any point a customer chooses to leave negative or neutral feedback the action signals that they have opted out of any further assistance and the transaction will at that point be considered closed. Our policies are stated at all times in the listings before items are purchased. We act in accordance to those policies as the seller and buyer both agreed upon at the time of sale.)


Trouble Shooters:

1.) BROKEN ITEMS: Make sure the item is actually broken and not interacting incorrectly with your machine. This is a very common problem. Some brands do not play certain items at the fault of the
system. All of our items are US Region 1 for play on US and Canadian systems only (unless otherwise clearly stated in the listing.) We do not guarantee that our items will play on modded systems or other
region's systems.
2.) NOT AS DESCRIBED ITEMS: Please review the item's listing in its entirety to confirm it is in fact "not as described." We will not return or refund items just because they did not meet your expectations. Our listings are very clear and all of the correct information is provided. (Review our reference to ebay stock photos\info and "pre-played" explanation in the item's listing. -You may need to click the  Additional Terms and Conditions link in the listing.)
3.) CARTRIDGE BASED GAMES: Cartridge based games might need a little bit of care every now and then. Here are a couple tricks that should have you gaming in no time at all:
1.      Blow on the contacts located at the bottom of the game, and also blow in the game console itself where you insert the game. This is to remove any dust that may have settled on the contacts that prevents cartridge based games from working properly.
2.      Get a Q-tip dipped in rubbing alcohol and clean off the contacts on
the game.
4.) GAME WON'T SAVE: If there is an issue regarding the save function, please make sure that it is not a dead battery. Batteries are replaceable and as stated we DO NOT replace dead batteries.
5.) PLAYSTATION GAMES:  If this is a PS1, PS2, or PS3 game, please make sure your Playstation system is compatible with the game in question, and/or fully functional. PS2 system are well known for not playing certain formats including (but not limited to) PS1, Blue Back PS2, Silver Back PS2, DVD, and CD. If the system has trouble playing any of these, the system is most likely faulty and further testing should be done before returning the item. (NOTE: Not all Playstation games are compatible with PS3 systems.)
6.) XBOX GAMES: Not all original Xbox games are compatible with the XBOX 360. We will not replace an XBOX game that will not play on your XBOX 360.

7.) Corrupt Game Files and Saves: Game saves, whether on a cartridge based game or a memory card, can become corrupt. This does not mean the game is broken. It is possible there is a glitch in the actual game, but not the game disc/cartridge. This is a gaming nightmare to have all your hard work corrupted, but another game will not fix the problem. Many times, the only solution is to start over.
8.) VHS: Make sure the tracking system on your VCR is working properly and that your heads are nice and clean. Some VCRs work better than others. We recommend trying a VHS on multiple VCR's before making your return.
9.) ETC, ETC, ETC.: Basically, check to make sure the item is faulty before you send it back. WE DO NOT COVER returned items that work properly when inspected on our systems and/or are as described in the