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 We have been in the lapidary field for over 35 years! We hand cut most of our own items. We carry stone slabs (polished and unpolished), eggs and spheres, animal carvings, rough rock, cabochons and more. U.S.A. dealer and unless otherwise stated you always get the exact item pictured!

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Please Note!

My items are One of a Kind. 

Due to the natural stone materials each piece is different - colors and patterns will vary.  Pieces may include natural fracture lines, pits, or inclusions.  I will always list any major flaws. 

Unless otherwise noted, I will always send you the item shown in the picture.

Legends, Lore, and Metaphysical Information

Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that investigates principles of reality transcending those of any particular science. It deals with defining “being”, such as why do we exist.

More recently, the term "metaphysics" has also been used more loosely to refer to "subjects that are beyond the physical world". A metaphysical book, for instance, may be about spirits, faith healing, healing properties or energies of stones and crystals, etc. Some people believe that certain rocks and crystals have “healing” abilities. The metaphysical system of treating disease is based on divine Science or Mind and affirmative prayer bringing health and harmony in every situation. The term “healing” is a holistic concept that extends beyond the body to encompass our minds, our emotions and our spirits. Some believe we can “heal” our relationships, we can “heal” our emotions, we can “heal” our self-esteem, and we can “heal” a sick financial situation.

The human need for beauty and self-adornment is as old as civilization itself. The belief in the magical properties of the stones used in adornment –attributes of peace, protection, and healing–is also ancient. Belief in the supernatural properties of precious stones-bringing peace, wellness and protection- goes back beyond recorded history. There are ancient legends and stories, which trace rocks, stones and crystals back to the creation of the Earth and Universe. An early cuneiform tablet gives a list of stones helping with conception and birth (don’t know if it’s true but when I was having trouble getting pregnant a friend gave me some Rose Quartz and Boom!).

History is rich with stories about the mystical and magical power of stones, including legends from Atlantis, Egypt, Sumeria, Babylonia, Hindu culture, Greece and Rome. Every culture has its own beliefs about specific stones, and those beliefs are often tied to that culture's history, geography, and spiritual practices. In prehistory, humans were extremely interested in rocks and stones. They sought out the best for tools and weapons. Copper, and its oxides, which are the earliest minerals used, began to show up in ancient jewelry in Sumeria, Pre-Columbian America and Egypt around 4000 BC, and played vital roles in the wars fought in those highly volatile regions. The earliest records of crystal healing come from ancient Egypt. The Ebers papyrus states the medicinal uses of many different gems. Healing with crystals is also recorded in India’s Ayurvedic records and in traditional Chinese medicine from around five thousand years ago. Several shamanistic cultures practice crystal healing, including the Inuit of Canada.

Stones have also played a key role in the development of most of the world's major religions. In Christianity, Jesus said to Peter (Peter meaning "rock"), that he was the rock unto which Christ would build his Church. Jasper is mentioned in the Bible as one of the stones in the breastplate of the ancient high priests. In Islam, the fundamental beliefs are based on what happened to Mohammed when stones talked to him. Australian Aborigines still use crystals for medicine. They mostly use rainbow crystals, as they believe that it holds the energy of the Rainbow Serpent, who acted as a bridge between the two worlds. Apache medicine men believed that they could induce visions or help find stolen ponies with the use of crystals.

Navajos believe history is told in the layered stone, Travertine.

According to the Hindu mystics it was very lucky to have a Turquoise at hand at the time of the new moon, for whoever, after first looking at the moon on the first day after the new moon, should cast his eyes upon a turquoise, was destined to enjoy immeasurable wealth. Turquoise is also sacred to many Native Americans and was often carved in the shape of animals and birds. These carvings were placed in the Indians tombs to attract beneficial spirits and to guard the dead. Turquoise was also used by medicine men for healing and by warriors who fixed turquoise to the end of their bows to insure accurate shots

No gem has afforded more interest to the Oriental people than those that exhibit a phenomenal quality, either as a moving line as in the cat's-eye, such as in Tiger Eye, or as a star as in a star-ruby. These are considered to bring good fortune to the wearer.

Quartz is believed by the Cherokee Indians to have great power to help in hunting. One owner of such a crystal kept his magic stone wrapped up in buckskin and hid it in a sacred cave; at stated intervals he would take it out of hiding and "feed" it by rubbing over it with the blood of a deer. The ancient Japanese, who revered Dragons as a major part of their creation myths, believed Quartz was formed from the breath of a White Dragon. To them, Quartz was representative of perfection, which, while unattainable, was worthy of pursuit. Since the Middle Ages, quartz crystal spheres (known as “crystal balls”) have been used to predict the future.

The ancient Greek and Roman cultures told the story that Pearls were born in oysters after a drop of rain or dew had penetrated the layers of its shell. Wearing pearls would promote marital bliss, and prevent newlywed women from crying (there were a lot of arranged marriages during those times, and brides were often as young as 13 when they got married).

Powdered Bloodstone was used as a remedy against tumors and to stop severe bleeding in the Middle Ages. Alchemists used it to cure blood poisons and to draw poison from venomous snakes. Still today, powdered Bloodstone is used in India as medicine and aphrodisiac.

In the 18th century Fluorite was powdered and mixed with water to make a popular remedy to relieve kidney disease.

Hematite is one of the most used gemstones of the ancient world. It was especially popular in Egypt, where it was carved into amulets of many sorts, placed in tombs and even served as inscription stone for some passages of the “Book of the Dead”. It was also used medicinally by this culture, to threat hysteria and reduce inflammation.

A sacred stone to the Chinese and Mayans, Jade has been widely used to carve sacred symbols, as it is said to “bless everything it touches”.

Garnet was used as bullets in the India rebellion of 1892, because of the belief of the severity of its effect on a victim.

Ancient Romans believed that Lapis Lazuli was a powerful aphrodisiac.

The Greeks held Sunstone in high regards. They believed that Sunstone held the sun on its right course and therefore kept the earth safe.

Agate was highly valued by ancient civilizations, as it was said to render the wearer invisible.


Most of my metaphysical information is taken from The Book of Stones-Who They Are and What They Teach, with permission from its co-author, Mr. Robert Simmons. I have known Mr. Simmons for many years and have found him to be an honest and intelligent man. He has been writing and teaching about the metaphysical properties of stones for twenty years.  The Book of Stones-Who They Are & What They Teach is available for purchase in my ebay store. It is the most in depth, definitive guide to the world of crystals, minerals, gemstones, and their metaphysical energies. 


Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nor am I a metaphysical healer. The information regarding the folklore, myth, legend, healing and other properties and purposes of minerals and stones are provided for entertainment purposes only. I have researched this information, but have no formal education or experience to offer. I do not endorse any single definitive power, symbolism, or quality for any type of stone.

In no way is the information presented intended for diagnosing illness, prescription, or advice and it should not replace proper medical attention.