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Are your speakers really waterproof?

Yes, in the sense that they can take rain, water splashes, etc. They will NOT take submersion or high pressure washing directly into the grill. Most marine grade speakers will last 5 to 10 years stored outdoors. Car speakers usually last about 1 year in the same conditions.

Many manufacturers use the terms "water-proof" and "water-resistant" interchangably, including our major supplier. Poly cones, better glues, all plastic integral grills, and sealing of the voice coil have damatically improved the durability of marine speakers over the last ten years or so.

Submersable speakers do exist for swimming pool and spa use. They are about $400 each.


How come other Ebay sellers, sell marine speakers cheaper than you do?

The truth is that they usually don't once you add the shipping costs. We try to keep our standard shipping cost as low as possible and we usually use the very fast US Priority Mail delievery (2-3 business days). Some others inflate their shipping costs and then use cheaper and slower delievery. We have consistantly met our goal of shipping every package within 24 hours (1 business day) of recieving payment. Check out how pleased our customers are on our evaluations page. 100% satisfaction!

There are currently a large number of surplus marine speakers from a company that no longer makes marine speakers on the internet. Most of these speakers have metal frames and many have no grills. We do not sell surplus and will not compete in that market.

We believe that each of our speakers is a class leader and represents very high quality and value.  We buy in high volume because we use many speakers in our own cabinets, ATV radios, PWC's, etc.


I see that several other marine speaker manfacturers sell speakers at close the same prices you do, but with much high power ratings. Why are your power ratings so low?

Because our speaker power ratings are accurate! Some manfacturers have descovered that bigger wattage numbers on the box sell more speakers. This is pure advertizing hype. They know that you will never apply a real 300 watts to their 6" speaker because car and marine radios (head units) only use two different basic amplifier designs. They either have what are called "single ended" or "bridged" output circuits. The single ended 12v power amplifier is good for about 5-6 watts RMS per channel without distortion, while the bridged output versions in more expensive radios are good for 20-25 watts RMS. You can tell which radio you have by looking at the fuse: 5 amp fuse = 60 watts input power, max output power about 30 watts total, 15 amp fuse =180 watts input power, max output power about 90 watts total.

Large, seperate booster amplifiers contain an expensive voltage "doubler" (and sometimes "tripler") power supply that allows up to 24 volts (36 volts) to be applied to the speakers, producing either 100 watts max RMS (or 225 watts max RMS) per channel. These amplifiers often draw 40 to 100 amps of power and need extra batteries to operate with the engine off. DO NOT use these with 6" speakers!!! Smoke will happen.

It's interesting that some of these manufactures supply 22 guage wire with their "300 watt" speakers. Not exactly the right wire size for 300 watts. We supply 18 guage wire with our speakers.

It's also noteable that many of the very expensive 6.5" marine speakers ($250 a pair) on the market are rated at an honest 55 watts RMS.

How much does custom painting of your ATV radio units cost?

Most custom paint jobs are about $100 depending on complexity, however we are still working on the most durable painting process. The poly plastics used in the box molding does not take standard paints well. We'll do our best for anyone wanting a custom paint job, but we can't garantee the finish will look or last like a car paint job. More info as it develops.

If you have additional questions, please send them to me via Ebay email.