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 Authorized Dealer Pelican Hardigg Storm & Armour Case. All cases come with an engraved nameplate you specify. Nobody else on the planet does that...NOBODY. Full manufacturing & CAD Facility to produce custom foam inserts. Special Electronics Applications panel & frames. Custom engraving...inquire
Pelican Cases with Engraved Nameplates. We Engrave Personalized Nameplates and Custom Signage for all Pelican Cases. Email us with your needs. No quantity too great. We also engrve TSA Locks. Sign up for our newsletter.
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Anyone can sell you a Pelican Case. Can they engrave it. Modify it. Do they know everything about them? Are they willing to give information and How to's for Free? (they can not give, what they do not have) Are they Competitive in cost and ship anywhere in the world?    probably not.   But we do...


 Listed below is a wealth of casual information. Do what you may with it. Its all on you. Do you have your own contributions to add to this Forum? Feel feel to send them in and share with the rest of the world. That is how we all advance.


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Beneficial advantages of Solid Foam … a practical discussion

  • Solid has much longer service life. Preferred for HD and reusable shippers
  • Cavity can be cut much more exact, yielding tighter fit
  • Cavity can be more complicated and intricate if required
  • We utilize CO2 Lasers
  • Enables very exact tolerances to be repeated on an unlimited basis. This service we offer to individuals and all manufacturers. Inquire

Tricks of the trade – working with solid foam

  • Cutting foam is very easy. Long razor knife or bread knife, 8 inch or longer, does well
  • Place item/items on first layer of foam to be cut. Trace item outline with sharpie marker/chalk Hint: templates for cutting can also be made from cardboard.
  • Toothpicks and pins are useful removable markers for reference points
  • Remove item, Trace second outline ¼ inch inside original outline, this will insure a proper amount of compression to secure your items in place.
  • Leave 1 inch on all side & between items, for proper cushion protection.
  • Remember items should fit snug. Goal is to hold items securely with an amount of compression, not loose. A great shortfall, of pick n pluck.
  • Cut foam on your inner outline. Your wife or mom’s bread knife is great. Do not get caught.
  • Use nice long smooth cut strokes for a clean edge. Sawing causes jagged edges.
  • Cut from middle of outline into corners. Do corners last. You will achieve a much better defined corner, with fewer overcuts.
  • Retain the cutout piece. You may well need it again, at later date.
  • Repeat if there is a 2nd or 3rd layer. Cardboard templates really come in handy here.

Advanced Foam Techniques

  • Layers can be glued together for superior protection and durability (use 3m Hi Strength 90 spray adhesive, hot glue gun, Quick Grip Adhesive, or clear rubber based cement)
  • Modifying/repair:  can be achieved by addition or subtraction of foam. Remember you kept your foam cutouts, right? That is you material to draw upon.

Types of case Foam Available …technical discussion

  • Pick N Pluck Foam: (Open cell)   Easy do it yourself system comprised of pres-cored, diced foam. It is also the softest, loosest fitting. Has the shortest life expectancy (several years depending on use) also ultimately gets brittle and crumbles. Also absorbs and depending can be a growth medium & harbour. Unacceptable for Medical EMS. Good for amateur or beginner perhaps.
  • Solid Foam: (open cell) offers much more support, is also available in stiffer heavier weights, vast advantages over pick n pluck. I f those are advantages you need. Most need these, realizing this later in the game.
  • Closed Cell Solid: Strongest, Easy to work with, Most sanitary and can actually be washed in the dishwasher. Best suited for EMS Medical and electronics (no static current) Longest life expectancy

Case Appearance restoration

  • Most scuffs and stains can be removed quickly with household cleaner and a soft sponge. Do not use any type of brush that will scratch the surface.
  • Hint: magic marker and glue residue usually can be removed using acetone. Caution wipe on with paper towel. Remove & rinse immediately. Seriously!!! Try small area first. This is drastic last resort.
  • Want your case to shine like it was new again? Clean the case, Maybe even light pressure wash. Dry, 3-4 coats of ArmorAll. Must dry between coats. Seals up the porous surfaces and restores smooth gloss, literally.
  • Install engraved nameplates & lid decals, perhaps other signage as necessary for the usage of the case. Contact us; we can make anything you need.

Advanced Case Modifications. Electronic Control Panels with mounting

  • We supply panel mounting frames and panels for the majority for the Pelican Product line of cases. We manufacture them ourselves. Inquire as to your needs and quantities required, customs colors, engraving and cutouts as well.  Smith5237@AOL.COM
  • How to glue quick mounts or fixtures to the actual case itself. Pelican is Polypropylene others are ABS plastic construction.
  • Use 3m product – Scotch Weld DP8005 or DP8010
  • Must be allowed to cure for 24 hours – mandatory.

Have a Case other than Pelican? ….  Perhaps we can help

  • Contact us with what you have, interior dimensions etc. Need Foam, What type? Need engraved Nameplates? Need lid organizers? TSA Locks? Can also be engraved….we may be able to help
  • Need Foam for Storm, Hardigg, Boyt, UnderWater Kinetics UK, Halliburton, Otterbox SKB, or Starlight?  Contact us.