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  • Buying Multiple House Numbers
Multiple Item Purchases

How to Buy Multiple House Numbers (or Other Items) on Ebay

Ebay has recently made it so that you are taken immediately to a "Pay For Item" screen as soon as you use "Buy it Now" to purchase an item. This has caused confusion on how to  order multiples of an item, such as House Numbers, with a single payment.

Here we will explain how easy it is to shop for a multiples of items and then pay with one payment.

First, you will need to determine if you have the eBay "Shopping Cart" available to you. The "Shopping Cart" is not currently available to all users (everyone will have it before the end of 2011 according to eBay).  Here is a link for eBays information page on the Shopping Cart and Buy it Now options.

How do you know if you have a shopping cart?

You will see an "Add to cart" button similar to one below (indicated by the purple arrow). If you only see a "Buy it Now" button you do not yet have access to the shopping cart.

Here are the steps to buying multiple items

  • Go to the first item you want to buy, in this case we are using house numbers as an example. The listing for our house numbers have the different digits/numbers (0-9) available as a drop down selection box in a single listing so there is no need to go to different listings for each number.


  • Where the red arrow is in the diagram is where you will select the digit/number you want to buy. You will see that Zero (0) through Nine (9) are the available selections. Select the number that you want to buy by clicking on the little black arrow at the end of where you see the number or the word "Selection".
  • Next you will need to enter the quantity you want of the digit/number (indicated by the orange arrow), the default is 1. If desired, change this to any quantity up to the available quantity shown.

Here is where the process changes depending on if you are using a "Shopping Cart" or "Buy it Now".

Instructions for a shopping Cart (Buy it Now instructions follow)

  • After you have selected your digit/number and entered the quantity, you will select the button that says "Add to Cart" (indicated by the green arrow).
  • Once you have done that you will see the screen below. This screen will change depending on how many items you have added to your shopping. Your shopping cart will show any item(s) that have not yet been paid for, even those items that are from multiple sellers.


  • Here you can change the quantity if needed (indicated by the red arrow).
  • If you want to purchase more numbers (or any other items other than numbers), click the button "Continue Shopping" (indicated by the purple arrow). eBay will then return you to the original search query. If you want more numbers of the same finish you would select the same listing again, or, do another search query to shop for other items. In the example we are using here you you would return to the listing with the numbers and repeat the previous steps until you have all the digits/numbers you want in your shopping cart.
  • If you are finished shopping, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button (indicated above by the green arrow). This will take you to a new screen where you can complete your transaction and pay for all the items in your shopping cart, even the items from multiple sellers. This allows you to log into your Pay Pal account only once.

Buying Multiples with a Buy it Now button

  • After you have selected the digit/number and the quantity of that digit/number you want, click the "Buy it Now" button (indicated by the purple arrow).


  • That action takes you to a screen that looks like this. Here you will select the button "Commit to Buy" (indicated by the red arrow).


  • That action will take you to a screen that looks like this.


  • If you want more digits/numbers in the same finish, select the button "Buy Another Variation" (indicated by the red arrow), this will take you back to the listing where you can repeat the numbers selection process until you finished.
  • If you wish to shop for items other than numbers, select "Visit seller's store" .
  • DO NOT select the "Pay Now" button if you want to continue shopping.
  • Once you have purchased all the items you want you can select the "Pay Now" button and eBay will take you to the payment screen where you can pay for all the items at once and finish your transaction.