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Making Hammonds Candy

Making Hammonds Cancy

Hammonds Hot Candy Most Hammond's hard candy starts out the same. What ever the end treat - candy canes, lollipops or ribbon candy - all are hand-made, in small, 70 pound batches, using old-fashioned copper pots. Small batches help keep the quality high, with control over flavor, color and texture.  When just right, the hot candy is poured onto a steel slab to cool. This is called “clear” and must be constantly mixed while cooling to maintain consistency. 
Hammonds Candy Pulling Once cooled, color is added, creating a separate "lump" for each color. Most lumps will be pulled, were flavor is added and the proper color is achieved. For instance, uncolored candy is not white until it is pulled. Pulling adds some air which turns the candy white - that's why many of our "white" candy stripes have a slight ivory cast to them.  
Hammonds Candy The different colors are “blocked” in stripes with a flavored center. These blocks of color either create the bold stripes of our lollipops and candy canes or the intricate designs inside are candy
This massive roll of candy is placed onto a heated “batch roller” and is gently and quickly pulled by hand, into a smaller and smaller diameter, until it resembles a long rope. This rope is, then, cut to the appropriate length, and hand formed. Pulling and shaping happens quickly - the candy hardens in just 30 seconds to a minute! 

At this point the candy is either formed into candy canes, lollipops, ornaments, ribbon candy, art candy or any number of other shapes

Hammonds Candy Canes  Hammonds Candy Ornaments  Hammonds Ribbon Candy  Hammonds Art Candy