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Medieval Uniforms
Ye Olde Medieval Conflicts
This collection provides artwork prints and battle maps of various eras of warfare in the Middle Ages. While the stories and images would have you believe the battles of this age were filled with glory and honor, they most certainly were not. This collection provides a new look at old images, and fantastically detailed maps of several battles that occurred during Medieval times.
Red Cross
Red Cross
This collection of Red Cross advertisements gives a unique look at the early days of the organization. Included are not only war recruitment ads, but also home front peacetime calls for citizens to contribute to the betterment of others. The Red Cross has been a welcome sight to wounded soldiers and war torn areas of the world for around a century; the organization’s kindness and mission to lessen the suffering of the unfortunate has made them a universally known positive force.

Howard Brodie
Sketches of
WWII & the Korean War
Howard Brodie (1915-2010) was a renowned artist known for his combat sketches and courtroom scenes. Brodie enlisted in the Army in 1942, and recorded the end of the Guadalcanal campaign, as well as the Central Europe and Rhineland campaigns. He never carried a weapon during this time, but was found under fire on various occasions, where he dropped his sketchpad and worked as a medic; for this, he was awarded the Bronze Star of Valor. This brilliant collection highlights his work throughout his experiences on the front lines of World War II and the Korean War.

Cold War Era Firearms
This collection includes dozens of weapons from all major world powers from the 1950s. Images such as these were used to train CIA and FBI agents in the field to be able to use any number of weapons they would find around the world in the field. A large number of the weapons include interior details, giving a very comprehensive look at the inside of many of the world’s most popular Cold War weapons.
WWI Propaganda
WWI Propaganda Posters
World War II saw staggering amounts of propaganda. For one of the first times in history, governments began churning out advertisements and articles specifically to put certain images and ideas into their citizen's heads. The imagery used was intended to scare, intimidate, anger, or shame the viewer into a certain mindset. No longer were wars simple squabbles over small sections of disputed territory or the result of some insult to a member of the royal family; the 20th century saw the birth of Total War, the use of all the nation's resources to feed the conflict. Propaganda kept the war real in people's minds, gave direction on how to help the war effort, and scared citizens into action. This collection provides fantastic examples of propaganda through Europe, from almost all the major belligerents.
D-Day Images
D-Day Images
Perhaps one of the most famous battles in World War II, the attack of the Allied troops on the German held Normandy coast, was one of the most decisive acts contributing to the defeat of the Third Reich in Europe. This collection provides a fresh look at the beginning of Operation Overlord, and the weeks after the beachhead was secured.

Over the course of warfare, the necessity of naval superiority has remained of utmost importance. As tactics and technology change, so does the method and strategies behind controlling waterways in a combat area. This collection of images shows not only the progression and differences in the ships of war, but also gives a fascinating glimpse into life onboard these vessels.

Chromolithograph Uniforms
One of the most unique things about any era of warfare is what soldiers wore on the battlefield. As the years have passed, uniforms have evolved from nonexistent, to extremely ornate, to completely practical, adapting to the tactics and eras they were created for. This extremely rare collection of beautifully created chromolithographs shows military dress and equipment for numerous nations over the ages, all in shocking detail and color.